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  1. Gel

    Modern hair gels, opposed to the suspicious goop of a bygone era, are nowadays enriched with ingredients that keep moisture locked in, and keep the hair looking healthy and clean. Gels impart all the benefits without unsightly weight - including strong hold, control, and shine. With precise application, hair gels sculpt with unparalleled precision.

  2. Tenax

    Hair Gel: Extra Strong Hold & High Shine, 100ml

  3. Redken Brews

    Grip Tight Holding Gel, 150ml

  4. American Crew

    Medium Hold Spray Gel, 250ml

    Special Price $20.95 Regular Price $26.95
  5. Jack Black

    Body-Building Flexible Hair Gel, 96g

  6. Baxter of California

    Thickening Style Gel, 120ml

    Special Price $31.95 Regular Price $37.00

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