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  1. The Handyman

    With a dynamic can-do attitude, the handyman is the first one to jump into the action. Fascinated with function, this individual likes to get their hands dirty, and so heavy duty products won’t go amiss, and a tool like a straight razor will keep them entertained for hours. Whether this individual is a DIY bricoleur or a true artisan, a problem solver or a budding enthusiast who dabbles in virtually anything and everything, this kit is perfect for those with busy hands and bodies.

  2. Men's Biz

    The Handy Man: Tradesman Grooming Kit

  3. Juniper Ridge

    Redwood Mist Solid Cologne, 15ml

  4. Captain Fawcett's

    Private Stock Beard Balm, 60ml

    Special Price $33.95 Regular Price $34.00
  5. Etat Libre d'Orange

    Fat Electrician EDP Spray, 50ml

  6. Triumph & Disaster

    Coltrane Clay, 95g

  7. Captain Fawcett's

    Booze & Baccy Beard Oil by Ricki Hall, 50ml

    Special Price $67.95 Regular Price $76.00
  8. Jack Black

    Industrial Strength Hand Healer, 473ml

  9. Triumph & Disaster

    Shearer's Soap, 130g

  10. Lucky Tiger

    Face Wash, 240ml

    Special Price $29.95 Regular Price $31.00
  11. Dovo Solingen

    Straight Razor Set in Leather Case (2PC)

    Special Price $799.99 Regular Price $835.00
  12. Jack Black

    Pit Boss Deodorant, 78g

  13. Geo. F. Trumper

    Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl, 200g

  14. Dovo Solingen

    Two-Sided Razor Strop Leather & Canvas

  15. Geo. F. Trumper

    Spanish Leather Shaving Cream Bowl, 200g

  16. Merkur Solingen

    Progress Safety Razor

    Special Price $79.00 Regular Price $114.95

15 Items

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