Geo. F. Trumper Limes Skin Food, 100ml

Geo. F. Trumper Limes Skin Food, 100ml

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A cult favourite, Geo. F. Trumper's West Indian Extract of Limes Skin Food is lightly scented with a subtle but zesty fragrance of tropical limes and is ideal before or after the shave. As a pre-shave for sensitive skin, massaging Trumper's skin food against the growth of the beard lifts and softens the bristles in preparation. Its light non-oily glycerine based formula adds additional nourishment and protection to the skin, allowing the razor to glide with ease. By smoothing on Trumper's skin food after a shave, the new tender skin is soothed, sealed and offered nourishing relief.

  • Pre/Post Shave Balm.
  • Lightweight gel consistency.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Ideally used as a pre-shave and a post shave to prevent and soothe any burns or irritation.
  • Zesty and energising lime aroma.
  • Vegan.
  • Made in the UK.

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Apply immediately before a shave to prepare the skin and soften growth, and/or after shaving to soothe and hydrate the skin.


Aqua, Alcohol Denatured, Glycerin, Astragalus Gummifer Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose Otto) Flower Oil, Menthol, Limonene, Citronellol, Citral, Geraniol, CI 19140 (Yellow 5).

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After Shave Bliss Review by: Mick 1/08/2018
Using the Limes Skin Food after shaving is just sensational. For the perfect shave its the way to go!
Great product Review by: Andy 27/06/2018
Makes the skin feel great & good cooling affect after a shave
Just use a little Review by: Derek 23/10/2017
I use this product as a pre-shave lubricant to protect my skin and then again post shave to moisturise. You only need a tiny amount for the whole face, so this bottle lasts for ages. It also compliments the Limes shaving creme.
excellent product Review by: Richard 11/04/2017
first time purchase leaves skin feeling smooth and invigorated very little product required
Love it. Review by: Joshua 21/04/2016
My favourite skin food. The scent makes my mouth water, and the consistency is a little thinner than Sandalwood or Coral making it perfect for the warmer months when you want something light on your face. Other proper aftershave balms do more for my skin if I've had a rough shave, but this is the perfect touch after a good shave in Summer. Plus it lasts forever, so don't let the price discourage you.
Lovely lime scent, solid performance Review by: Yee Ming 23/02/2016
Great lime scent to it, love how versatile it is, being a Pre-shave and after shave. Small amount is needed, and 1-2 minutes on your beard is all that it needs to fatten it up for the blade.

As an after shave, it's gel based, so it's great for those with slightly oilier skin. I mainly use it as a pre-shave.
A Nice Touch Review by: Glen 15/02/2016
I'm a big fan of Trumper's cream so I thought I'd give this a try.
It has a nice scent for a few moments but doesn't last. A very small amount is all that's needed for the whole face and neck so this small bottle will last a long time.
No burning as it goes on, and leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh.
For me, it won't replace a good balm, but it's a nice citrus bonus now and then.
Limey goodness Review by: Ben 7/11/2015
I highly recommend. The liquid if thinner than some of the the other skin food range and a little bit does go along way. I use as an after shave balm as I have found that it is not the best pre-shave treatment that Men's Biz offer.
My Favourite Review by: Peter 27/10/2015
Love this after shave balm. Smells great initially but doesn't linger. Goes on easy and dries quick. Not greasy or oily. No alcohol so doesn't sting.
A must have shaving lotion. Review by: Keith 2/02/2014
This product is a must for me.
I like to use it as a pre shave oil, and then a post shave balm in conjunction with an after shave moisturiser.
It absorbs into the skin quickly leaving it feel refreshed.
The smell of lime is refreshing first thing in the morning and the feel on my skin is great.
I have tried all the Trumpers skin food range, and like them all, but probably prefer the lime just for the fresh feeling the smell provides.
Nice smell but like Sandalwood better Review by: simon 7/07/2013
I found the smell pleasant but prefer the sandal wood sampler.

The skin food absorbs well and does not leave a greasy feel.

Although for my skin I would have liked a little more moisturising action.
try it Review by: Adam 8/03/2013
I received a sample of this with an order [who doesn't like free stuff?] and had a crack. I was quite pleased with the scent and feeling it left on my face after a shave. It does seem to cut down on post shave irritation, which I used to suffer quite badly.
Necessary for post-shave soothing Review by: Travis 5/02/2013
Prepares the skin for a shave, makes you smell great, calms the skin after a shave, and you still smell great! A definite must buy. Doesn't sting like Trumper's Coral skin food, which is a definite plus for me.
Feels great on the skin, non-oily and great moisturiser Review by: Jesse 29/01/2013
I got a review sampler of this in one of my previous orders. I have pretty dry skin, especially around my nose and upper lip. It gets very dry and flakey if I don't moisturise the area well. Most cremes I've tried don't work, and so I've been using a Jojoba oil mix up until now which has worked well, but is oil based. I tried using the sampler of this instead and found it moisturised just as much and didn't leave my skin with that oil slick feeling afterwards. The smell of the limes is great - though unlike others here I'd prefer if it stuck around for a bit longer as I love that smell. After seeing how well this worked I've gone ahead and bought a larger bottle and love it.
Ok but Coral is better Review by: Mark 13/12/2012
After getting a small sample of the Coral (pink) version of this and being amazed how good it was i elected to purchase a full bottle. I picked this as i like lime better then the Rose coral smelling one, the smell is better but this doesn't seem as thick as the sample coral and as such not quite as good.

It is still effective but i seem to use a little more then the coral and in future i would probably buy the coral version even though i prefer the scent of this one.
Awesome product Review by: Dan 9/08/2012
Love this product. Tried smmples of all GFT Skin Foods and while they are all nice, this was definitely top of the list for me. Have not used this pre shave, but will give it a go like others have here. 100ml will last for ages too.
Better than I could have imagined! Review by: Bob M. 28/06/2012
After reading various reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy this. Mensbiz then kindly provided a sample with my order so I haven't yet started using my purchased bottle - I'm still on the sample which looks like it will last for quite a while.
As there are absolutely no instructions about how to use it you need to use trial an error to find what suits you. I run a very small amount into my face and allow it to absorb before lathering up with my usual shaving cream. The result is fantastic a silky smooth shave with absolutely no drag or irritation. It seems to work very well with all the shaving creams I've tried - makes even a less than great cream work very well.
I have also found that rubbing a small amount into the face after shaving and rinsing gives a very pleasant soothing effect. It quickly absorbs with no greasiness and leaves the skin feeling great.
It has now replaced my much loved Truefit & Hill Ultimate PreShave Oil in my regular shaving routine.
The Best pre shave oil in the world Review by: Matthew Whittingham 25/05/2011
I've tried four pre shave oils now - Gentleman's Refinery, Trufitt & Hill pre-shave oil, Geo F Trumper Limes and Dr Harris. This beats all of them hands down, just pipping Truffit & Hills oil in terms of feel and performance. Outstanding cushioning, sophisticated but subtle fragrance, easy to use pump dispenser. It makes shaving a joy, and a DE razor will glide across your skin like never before with this as a base layer
Very good Review by: Dave 8/03/2011
This is an excellent product that gets a wholehearted 5 stars from me. It absorbs quickly, soothes irritation and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy like a few of the other reviews mention. Excellent work, Mr Trumper.
Seriously great Review by: Jesse 8/03/2011
This is a wonderful product. Don't hesitate to get this one. it smells great when applied and the scent doesn't hang around for long which suits me. It leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and hydrated, not oily. You need only use a tiny bit of this one. About the size of a pinky fingernail. It spreads easily enough. I think some of the other users were using too much of this if they felt oily etc. use very very sparingly.
Works well Review by: Hugh 8/03/2011
I received a sample of this and it works well as both a pre or post shave. Tightens and nourishes the skin well. The smell is nice, with subtle lime base notes. The fragrance doesn't linger though and its gone almost immediately which is unfortunate as I quite like it.
It works! Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
I apply this straight out of a hot shower, rubbing against the grain to get the hairs to stand up, followed by lathering. My first pass WTG feels noticeably smoother and cuts closer, so it works. Like the previous reviewer said, love the scent but it fades very quickly. This product isn't oily. In fact it leaves your skin moist and slightly tacky. You only need to use a tiny bit (size of a 5 cent piece) each time. Great stuff!
Not as effective as the sandalwood Review by: Aussie 8/03/2011
I didnt find this product as effective as the sandalwood on my skin. As others have said, it left my skin a little greasy.
Very effective. Review by: Mike 8/03/2011
I have had some issues with a lot of aftershave balms reacting poorly with my sensitive skin. This is not one of those products, which is very welcome.

By the time the scent has faded, the Skin Food has done it's job and my face is left refreshed.
Not Nice Review by: Roger 8/03/2011
I tried the sample size of this, which is enough for a good few uses to get an idea of what it's like. Not for me. Maybe it doesn't suit my skin, but no matter how little I use, it leaves me feeling greasy, even though it absorbs well. Shame, nice lime scent otherwise. I'll stick to moisturisers.


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