Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap in Bowl, 80g

Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap in Bowl, 80g

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Geo. F. Trumper's famous Eucris Shaving Soap is distinctive with a discreet but memorable fragrance. Notable as James Bond's signature scent, as referenced in 'Diamonds Are Forever'. The warm, sensual beauty of sandalwood, musk and moss is enhanced by a heart of rich, honey-like jasmine and exquisite muguet. Rousing, peppery top notes of cumin and coriander radiate with the fullness of plump blackcurrants. Designed to be used with a Shaving Brush. Comes in a special edition refillable hand turned and polished black wooden bowl with lid. 80g soap refill sold separately. Made in the UK.



Suitable for all skin types.


Use a damp shaving brush to work up a rich, protective lather. Use brush to apply to face. Shave and rinse. Allow soap to dry before replacing the lid.


Sodium Palmate, Potassium Stearate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Stearate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Fragrance, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Isopropyl Myristate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Evernia Furfuracea, BHT, Coumarin, Cl 77891.


Wet Shaving, Traditional Shaving.


Ideally shave straight after a shower or hold a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes to soften the hairs.

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Gift for hubby Review by: Laura 8/01/2018
Smells good. Doesn't lather up the wooden bowl.
Doesnt lather - smells good though Review by: Patrick 22/10/2014
I've seen a few reviews on other forums that are coming to same conclusion. Theres an indication they changed their formula, maybe a year or more ago, but who knows. Sydney waters pretty soft, so it should have had no problems.

No lather at all. Dissipates on your face in seconds.

Cream version in a tube works just fine. I've gone with that.
One of my best soaps! Review by: Anthony 29/11/2013
I know I have already reviewed this soap, but if this re-review is allowed, I'd like to share my experiences with others.

If you look at my original reivew, you will see that I commented about the lather quality. I since switched this soap from Bowl lathering to directly lathering on my face.

Maybe it was down to my bowl lathering technique, but since swapping to face lathering this soap has just gotten a whole heap better!

I can now produce a nice thick creamy lather (as I would with MWF or any other soap). I used to prefer the Eucris Shaving Cream over the soap, but I would say they are both on par.

For those struggling to get good lather out of this soap, try face lathering, or loading the brush with more soap than what you normally would!

Definatly worth the money! So much so, I bought a spare and will buy more soon as I run out!
I Love This Stuff! Review by: Anthony 26/09/2013
Where to begin, I LOVE the Eucris scent! So much so, I have ordered the Deodorant and already have the shaving cream and body wash.

Like all the above, the packaging is "Black" and the wooden bowl also follows suit, which is nice considering they all match.

The scent is divine. From what I've read you either love it, or hate it! Me personally, I cant get enough of it.

When I first got the soap, I added some water to the bowl and allowed the soap to re-hydrate (left it for about 5 mins). I shaved with it for the first time tonight.

Although I wouldn't rate the lather quality up there like I would Mitchells Wool Fat, I was still able to produce a nice lather, but not one of the best. Like another reviewer, I found that it faded away.

However, that being said, I used a Simpsons Wee Scot to whip this up in a bowl, and had enough for 3 passes + touch ups! So its still up there as one of my favourites.

Overall I would buy this again. If you like Eucris scent, and dont mind having to work a bit more to get that lather perfect this ones for you!

Thanks Mensbiz!
Fantastic soap Review by: Benjamin 13/09/2013
Takes a little bit to get going but once you get it right it provides the most luxurious, brilliantly scented lather imaginable, certainly one to keep.
Great Smelling Shaving Soap Review by: persistanceofloss 25/08/2013
Eucris, you either love it or hate it. The smell is literally impossible to describe and it is a love or hate reaction to all who I have shown this to.

Aside from that, it is an excellent soap to shave with, it does lather up thick and white, however, and this is why I'm giving it four out of five.... it will fade away to nothing quite quickly. Mind you, I'm sure it will still protect your skin, but I am constantly re-lathering in order to see where I'm shaving. For me this is only a slight annoyance, yet worse for others I can see (based on previous reviews). Keep it in mind that you may encounter this problem. Otherwise, I will be using this for a long time.
Smells great, Looks great, Fails to deliver. Review by: Jon 22/03/2013
Well, I generally love GFT shaving gear, but this is just a total let down. Unlike other reviewers I have put up with a week of crummy shaves and I'm about ready to throw this into the bin.

First off, the scent is great: Eurcris is a brilliant smelling product no doubt, and that is the sole redeeming feature of this soap.

The lather whips up light and frothy, and within seconds it dissolves away to nothing. I've varied the water, the temperature, completely shook up my routine and I get the same problem every morning. If you lather up one cheek at a time you might get through, but don't hope to lather up your whole face at once.

It could be a problem with my water sure, but I've never had to worry about it in the past. Sorry GFT, this one is a bust.
Fabulous scent Review by: Gus 13/02/2012
This was one of my first purchases through Men's Biz and has been a welcomed addition to my shaving kit.I had some concerns regarding the latherability of this soap after having read reviews on other sites but I have experienced no difficulty at all with this product.I have a variety of brushes but my favourite is the Simpson's Wee Scot.If I am able to generate a decent lather with this soap using the Wee Scot then I deem it to have passed the test of latherability with flying colours.One piece of advice that I did follow with this soap was to prime the soap as soon as I'd received it by adding some warm water and letting the soap absorb this.The scent of this soap is absolutely stunning.I can only describe the scent as being very classy and masculine.This soap has quickly become one of my favourites.I use this soap on a regular basis and by the looks of the container it is going to last a long time.Great value for a higher end product that lives up to it's reputaion of quality.
One of the best. Review by: Gusby 18/01/2012
This product provides a very lush shaving experience in every possible way.My introduction came through a friend who has some in his collection.Comes well presented in a black wooden bowl.Lathers easily and provides an excellent medium for a very comfortable shaving experience.The scent is manly and speaks of sophistication and quality.Adds a wonderful dimension to your shaving routine.One of the best.
WOW Review by: MitchM 8/03/2011
Eucris... bought this soap as a treat to myself and having never smelt it was a little hesitant as to how i would like it but i am glad that i did.

this being my first soap from Geo.F. Trumper i was amazed by the lather, both the ease and consistency. went on like a dream and made for a nice cushion for shaving which in turn made for a much better shave. fragrance wise id say that its not too strong in any one particular way, overall its strong but thats from smelling the soap. if there is one thing that i have learned is that the smell after shaving vs the smell of the soap itself is markedly different.

for a first experience with Geo im giving it 5 stars and would urge others to give it a shot.


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