Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Cream Tube, 75g

Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Cream Tube, 75g

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Geo. F. Trumper's famous glycerine-based soft shaving cream lathers up effortlessly with or without a brush, producing a luxuriously thick and protective lather and providing the finest cushioning and moisturising properties to the hair and skin underneath, preventing dryness. Scented with the undeniably masculine scent of Eucris, a mixture of moss and spices. Notable as James Bond's signature scent, as referenced in 'Diamonds Are Forever'. Only a small amount is required for each shave to produce a luxurious lather.

  • Vegetable-based Shaving Cream.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Spicy moss fragrance.
  • Vegan.
  • Also available in a smaller 75g tube which is great for travel.
  • Made in the UK.

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Squeeze out an almond sized amount and use a shaving brush to work up a lather. Apply to beard and wait 2 minutes to allow hair to soften. Cream may also be applied directly to the face and worked into a lather using your fingers. Shave in the same direction as hair growth. Rinse with cool water. Try some Trumper's Skin Food before and after the shave. It will improve your shave and nourish the skin.


Aqua (water), Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Acid, Glycerin, Parfum (fragrance), Triethanolamine, Sodium Hydroxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Coumarin, Evernia Furfuracea (Oakmoss) Extract.

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Best Shave Cream on Men'z Biz Review by: Ken 16/07/2018
Forget shave soaps, this shave cream is superior in terms of smoothness, thick lather and the aroma is unique; it lingers and is truly memorable. A must try product, gents!
Great! Review by: Steven 29/11/2016
Top shaving cream, super easy to lather. Would have given it 5 stars, but I prefer the scent of sandalwood better for shaving.
Excellent Review by: Stephen 18/03/2016
Great fragrance, excellent shaving cream and only a small amount is required for a great shave. Well worth the money.
Decent, but dry Review by: James 17/01/2016
I tried this cream recently and found that it would make my face very dry mid-shave, something which I have never had happen before with other creams (mainly Taylor of Bond Street).

If the cream doesn't dry out your face at least the fragrence is nice and has subtle scent to it.
Great Stuff Review by: Deano70 22/06/2015
Great lather, apply small amount to moistened brush lather in a small bowl. Magnificent smooth shave, subtle scent. Love it.
Impressed Review by: Craig 4/12/2014
Really impressive. Gave a wonderful shave. Better for someone with a little experience in telling how much water to use to make a good lather, but really not that hard as I haven't been doing this style of shaving too long anyway.

The scent really envelopes your face nicely as you shave, but not in an overpowering way. It gave me a kind of 'happy bubble' while I was working. Love the smell, but can't even try to describe it by characteristic or individual smells. Definitely more 'old school' smell, but with just enough sweetness to move it in to the current modern world. Love it.

I like the plastic tube. It feels solid and looks pretty good.

For such a decent price just do what I did - jump in and get it so you find out what it smells like!!! It shaves good too :-)
Very good Review by: Murray 5/11/2013
I alternate between this and the Limes. Can't make up my mind which I prefer both very good for what it's worth I prefer Eucris fragrance but it seems as though the Limes gives a slightly better lather and I do prefer the metal tube over the plastic of the Eucris, but it is excellent and I will keep using it as my main one or at least till I want to try Limes again.
WoW! I love this stuff! Great Performer! Review by: Anthony 29/09/2013
Ok, so this is my first time using Eucris shave cream, and I have to say I'm hooked!

The performance, shave wise, was really nice. I got nice lather and great Eucris scent!!

If you're on the fence between this cream and the Eucris soap, go for the cream! I have the soap and its a nightmare trying to lather! The lather doesn't hang around long either!

The cream is hands down better performer in my opinion, and I will definitely be buying another one! I love this stuff!

Thanks Mensbiz!
simply the best Review by: Bruto 16/05/2013
I now use Eucris exclusively. I order more than one at a time so i don't ever run out.

last time i bought Eucris and limes and limes was "okay" but this is the good stuff

prior to that i bought DR harris stuff and found it quite shocking, as bad or worse than the can stuff

try Eucris once you wont be disappointed.
Unfortunatley disapointed Review by: Cantab 19/03/2013
After starting out with GFT’s Sandalwood Cream I thought I would give this ago thinking it would be the same, the only difference being the fragrance.

I was very wrong!

First thing I noticed was the packaging the Sandalwood is supplied boxed in a sealed metal tube overall it looks classy. Despite being a few dollars more the Eucris looks like a second tier product in its plastic tube with nasty screen printing, the tube was not sealed and the flip lid did not engage correctly. I’m all for waste minimization and cutting costs on surplus extras provided quality and integrity is maintained. But I have problems using the Eucris and I wonder if the packaging has contributed in some way to it.

The plastic tube was not sealed (airtight) and the contents exposed to atmospheric conditions this could dry the product out or allow it to absorb moisture ultimately affecting the products performance or shelf life and secondly there is no way to determine if the tube is in original condition or tampered with. (Really I should have returned the tube, but I desperately wanted to try it)

If the product works the packing doesn’t matter. Well the product doesn’t work for me. The lather dries out very quickly once applied to my beard. By the time I am two thirds through my shave the lather has disappeared and I am left with white flaky soap flakes that break and float off. The ingredient listing between the Eucris and Sandalwood creams is essentially the same so I’m unsure why I have this issue. I went back to the Sandalwood and no problem. The Eucris is definitely reacting differently to my beard/skin.

To stop the lather drying up I’ve tried more/less lathering with the brush, adding a little cold/hot water, heating my bowl, cooling my bowl. The only sure way is to apply in stages. There is no way I could leave this product on my beard for a couple of minutes to allow it to work in. My face would resemble a plaster cast.

For my latest effort I applied GFT Skin Food this did not prevent the cream from drying out. But the Skin Food was terrific.

After use I have to rinse many times or my skin feels very tight and dry. A condition I didn’t experience with the Sandalwood.

I’m disappointed with this and I so wanted it to work well due to the fragrance.
Unusual Review by: Shayne 17/12/2012
I tried this cream after receiving it as a sample in one of my orders. The fragrance is very "old school" musty and sweet. A friend of mine described it as "smelling like an old man, but in a good way" after smelling this I am instantly reminded of sophisticated men in tuxedos smoking cigars and drinking expensive liquor . I like it. Very masculine.

A little harder to get a good lather with this one. It is very thick compared to other shaving creams

Despite the "old school" smell this is something I would by for myself (I'm 28) or my dad/granddad/uncle. Probably not my younger brother though.
Love it or hate it Review by: Chris 12/12/2012
It's definitely one of those love or hate relationships. I personally love it. It's hard to explain the scent but it's delicate, manly, old school, barber shop type stuff. I've let others sample it and it's 50/50 for them. Your not out of pocket much so grab some and try it. Lathers up slightly thicker than other Trumper creams.
Big step up over my Proraso soap Review by: Raag 3/07/2012
The lather is really protective and a big step up over my Proraso soap, is generated easy with barely any cream and smells amazing. I get complimented on the scent all the time which makes me a happy shaver.
Great product! would reccomend to anyone! Review by: Jamie 1/06/2012
An awesome product by Trumper. I have been using American Crew shave cream, and was after something different to try. Having spoken to the guys at Mensbiz, they reccomended this product, and so glad they did! You only need a small amount to create a rich, even lather. A little goes a long way. Great, close shave. 5 stars.


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