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  1. Woods

    In this family, wood notes take center stage. Refined and long-lasting notes such as sandalwood, cedar wood, and vetiver dominate the composition, accented with other notes that give new form to these highly versatile ingredients. For instance, the instantly likeable Eight and Bob takes all three of these wood notes and injects a beguiling salt water effect reminding us of the sea.

    For a fragrance family with a dark and serious side, Dry Woods privilege the assertive, multi-faceted, and unsweetened notes of tobacco and leather. If gentle trails of cigar smoke and old leather jackets sound appealing, then this is the appropriate category. Egypt imagines how a barbershop might smell in Egypt, and Bois d'Ascese by Naomi Goodsir makes use of the aroma of peat smoke that one would often find in a smoky Scotch whisky.

  2. Naomi Goodsir

    Cuir Velours EDP Spray, 50ml

  3. Naomi Goodsir

    Bois d'Ascese EDP Spray, 50ml

  4. Amouage

    Journey Man EDP Spray, 100ml

  5. Eight & Bob

    The Original EDP Spray, 100ml

    Special Price $264.95 Regular Price $275.00
  6. Nasomatto

    Blamage Parfum Spray, 30ml

  7. Nasomatto

    Pardon Parfum Spray, 30ml

  8. Nasomatto

    China White Parfum Spray, 30ml

  9. Nasomatto

    Absinth Parfum Spray, 30ml

  10. Nasomatto

    Duro Parfum Spray, 30ml

  11. P Frapin & Cie

    Speakeasy EDP Spray, 100ml

  12. P Frapin & Cie

    Nevermore EDP Spray, 100ml

  13. P Frapin & Cie

    1270 EDP Spray, 100ml

  14. D. R. Harris

    Windsor EDT Spray, 50ml

  15. Penhaligon's

    Opus 1870 EDT Spray, 100ml

  16. D. R. Harris

    Marlborough Cologne Spray, 50ml

  17. Acqua di Parma

    Colonia Intensa EDC Spray, 100ml

  18. Acqua di Parma

    Colonia Intensa EDC Spray, 50ml

  19. Geo. F. Trumper

    Wild Fern Cologne Spray, 50ml

  20. Geo. F. Trumper

    Spanish Leather Cologne Spray, 100ml

  21. Taylor of Old Bond Street

    Sandalwood Cologne Splash, 100ml

  22. Penhaligon's

    Portraits Terrible Teddy EDP Spray, 75ml

  23. Penhaligon's

    Portraits The Impudent Cousin Matthew EDP Spray, 75ml

  24. Orto Parisi

    Megamare Parfum Spray, 50ml

  25. Eight & Bob

    The Original EDP Spray, 150ml

  26. Etat Libre d'Orange

    Archives 69 EDP Spray, 50ml

  27. Geo. F. Trumper

    Eucris EDT Splash, 100ml


Items 51-76 of 76

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