Feather Safety Razor Co Blade Disposal Case

Feather Safety Razor Co Blade Disposal Case

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The Feather Razor Blade Disposal Case is a safe and sanitary way to dispose of used Double Edge Blades.

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Length: 75mm. Width: 55mm. Height: 40mm.


Dispose of your double edge blades after use. Don't dispose of anything other than blades. Discard the entire case once full.


Double Edge Razor Blade Disposal.

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Har har. Review by: Jake 2/09/2019
It's a good little case, plenty of room and a wide opening so you don't have to jam your blades through. Sturdy construction.
What would Jesus do? He'd buy this. Review by: J 7/11/2018
If there is one thing you buy off Men’s Biz, make it this case. Even if you use an electric razor like a filthy casual. Buy this case. It may be the very seed that helps you grow into a man among men or a woman among women.
Think of all those people that sort through the rubbish at the dump. Think of them. They are the salt of the Earth. For a small amount of money you are given peace of mind that your blades are less likely to hurt one of those workers or some random sorting through your rubbish at 3am.
You don't realise you need this Review by: Patrick 26/06/2018
You might be thinking to yourself, do I really need this? The answer is yes. Looks nice, is cheap and actually super helpful. Great item for a first time shaving haul.
RETURN TO YOUR TOMB, FEATHER RAZOR. Review by: Chris 19/11/2017
If you know what 'Feather' means in terms of razor blades, then you probably don't need to read a review to know that this is a good purchase. You are also possibly missing a good portion of your jaw.

If you don't know what a 'Feather' Safety Razor is, then don't panic - the ever-widening tide of facial blood and deafening screams of the careless shaver will educate you extremely quickly.

I am not entirely sure what the mad scientists at Feather have forged this tin out of. It sort of feels like metal, but I've never encountered a metal that sweats and attracts cockroaches before. The leaf patterns drawn on the outside of the tin perform a dual function. Number One: It both reassures and calms onlookers. Number Two: the tiny green Japanese writing cleverly disguised as drawings of leaves form the body a powerful binding and containment incantation. (Note: Do not smudge or attempt to read this writing.)

The tin itself is compact, attractive and is completely sealed - it cannot be pried open by curious little fingers. This last point is particularly pertinent, because once the blood-crazed demons that inhabit your average 'Feather' razorblade work out that they've been entombed in a sunless prison of uncaring metal, you are most definitely going to have a bad day if they subsequently ever escape.

I suppose you could also dispose of other brand razor blades in here, but it seems like a little bit of overkill to me.
Must have Review by: Chris 23/10/2017
Simplest and easiest way to dispose blades.
Does what it say on the tin Review by: Blair 3/04/2017
What to say, it does it's job. Safe disposal of blades - for 8 bucks you can't go past the peace of mind this provides.
Safe, Easy, Does Its Job Review by: Fin 19/03/2017
Does exactly what it says on the tin, lets you dispose of blades. Has space for plenty so great value for your safety.
ESSENTIAL Review by: Chris 15/02/2017
Great disposal case. A must have.
A Must have for DE Blades Review by: James 28/10/2016
A simple must have for feather blades, all blade manufacturers should make neat, ornate blade banks like this. Well done Feather :)
Essential Piece of Kit Review by: Graham 21/09/2016
Makes blade disposal so much easier and safer.
A must if you have kids Review by: David 9/09/2016
It is great knowing that my blades are safe. Will last for years highly recommended. Thanks mens biz
worth the money Review by: HarroCane 18/06/2016
I have a 5 yo so this is a must. $8 gives me the sense of security that my boy won't accidentally slice off any important parts of his anatomy. You will definitely get your moneys worth as it probably can store a few hundred blades. As always with Men's Biz the item arrives super quick.
Safe blade disposal Review by: Matthew 28/05/2016
A compact, safe and good-looking blade disposal case.
Neat Product Review by: Gerald 11/03/2016
Be nice to think that when full it could go into the recycling bin.
Great for blade disposal Review by: Benjamin 9/02/2016
My preferred blades don't come with any way of disposing under the case, so with 3 kids around , this was essential. Safe and convenient.
Does a job Review by: Jest 5/01/2016
Does what it was intended for, and does it well. Blades slot in easily and don't seem like they would fall out without a lot of effort. Its sturdy as well, so no fear of accidental crushing.
What more do you want? Review by: Blair 5/11/2015
Is metal, holds metal, doesnt seem to be rust at all, easy to use and when I do eventually fill it up, should be easy to dispose of.
Fantastic idea. Review by: Stevles 21/08/2014
I was sceptical at first. But after ordering and receiving it, I see it's value.
I needed a way of getting rid of my blades, this is my new Must Have for my bathroom draw. Can't wait until I move to a new house, I need an en suite for all my goodies. This will be permanent located next to my razor, first and foremost.
Say NO to open wounds caused by improperly dispensed blades.
Great product Review by: Adam 30/04/2014
Excellent sharps container, no more razor blades to cut me in the bin
Pleasant looking tin that does the job Review by: Moran 22/04/2014
One of the few disposal tin available for de blades. Is pleasant enough to look at and will do the job just fine.
does the job Review by: p 20/02/2014
it does what it says on the tin and i'll prolly get another one when my one fills up. a wee bit small imho.
Does the Job! Review by: Anthony 13/10/2013
If you have young children like me, the last thing you want to have is blades lying around or in the bin.

This little tin is small, compact and does the job. Now I don't have to stress about used blades!! Looks like it can store a lot, so will last a while.

This is meant to be disposed of once filled, do you can't just open it and empty it out!

Nice handy product!
Worthwhile and safety first Review by: Iceman 29/09/2013
Stop keeping your wax paper and spent blades in the back of your new blade box.

You won't have to worry about blades sliding out of your new blade cartridge/holder and anyone cutting themselves.

This thing is small enough to place in the cupboard or neatly on the bench and will hold plenty of blades.
Good size Review by: David 3/09/2013
An excellent idea for disposal of the blades, as i have kids keeps them safe....
Convenient & Safe Review by: Huw 27/08/2013
Great solution to safe storage and disposal of blades. Neat unit that is well designed and looks good.
Not bad at all. Review by: Paul 25/06/2013
A lot smaller that I expected but keeps my used blades out of reach from my children.
Purpose built and a little nicer that a slot cut in an old plastic container. A nice feature that the unit is sealed, this means even if the kids got a hold of it, they would be hard pressed to get a blade out and hurt themselves.
does the job Review by: Daniel 19/06/2013
It's small, safe and will certainly last a long time. The slot is wide enough to put your blades in any orientation you want and the packaging, while not being the most fantastic looking pattern is certainly not unattractive.

It does what it was designed to do and keeps a low profile in my bathroom drawer.
A practical addition to the benchtop Review by: Eric 22/02/2013
This is a useful addition to the shaver’s cabinet. It is not particularly attractive but is undoubtedly very practical. It has a reasonable capacity whilst remaining small enough to be discreetly placed on the counter or under it.
Surprisingly useful Review by: Michael 13/12/2012
At first I thought it was wasteful - once it's full you have to throw it out. But then I realised that it would take years to fill and there's no risk of it getting knocked over and spewing razors all over my bathroom. Which is a plus.
Top shelf stuff! Review by: Chris 12/12/2012
What can I say, it's a tin that holds spent blades. I would have preferred the tin to be a little taller so the blades drop in easier and safer but it's acceptable. If I'd have to guess the capacity of this tin, I'd say it would hold approx 1000 blades. Certainly better than cutting a slot in the wall in your bathroom cabinet like the old days.
Stylish & Affordable Review by: Ben 7/11/2012
This blade disposal case comes in a contemporary pressed metal design with an attractive white spray paint with green leaf pattern that would fit in in any modern bathroom.

I was pleased to find the ample sized slot for blades will comfortable accept and DE razor and safely store the used blades until filled and disposed of.

This is an essential buy for the responsible shaver who doesn't wish to harm people with the improper disposal of used blades


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