Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (5)

Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (5)

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Feather New Hi-Stainless Blades are renowned for being the sharpest double edge razor blades on the market. These blades feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort and will fit all traditional double edge razors. Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped blades. Also available in larger 100 or 200 blade packs, which work out much cheaper. Made in Japan.

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Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

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The solution Review by: Peter 18/01/2019
These babies have been the solution to my most unfortunate combination of a nearly irrepressible beard and sensitive skin.

I don't shave daily (sensitive skin), but on the odd occasion that I have to do so, I get the feather blades out and there are no worries. They do it right.
I'm a feather guy.
A cut above Review by: Christopher 5/11/2018
Feathers are the supreme of super sharp blades. I have a very curly beard/stubble with thick follicles, and feathers are the only edge (apart from a straight razor) that seems up to the task of effectively cutting through the black wires on my face.

My favorite, although blades are a very personal thing, so I would recommend trying a range to see which is best for you, your shaving style, and your face.
Very sharp Review by: Michael 23/10/2018
Tried these and found them too sharp, but considering having another go. Currently find Astra to be foolproof, but maybe my skills are ready for the Feather again.
Highly recommended / Highly respected Review by: Brandon 18/10/2018
DE shaving for 5 months now:
Weapon of choice - Merkur Futur
Brush - Merkur Solingen Silver Tip
Cream - Geo F Trumper LIME
Prep - Proraso Wood and Spice pre shave
1. Astra Superior Platinum - Average result after 3 passes, bit of blood but likely due to poor technique.
2. Personna Platinum - Appeared to be slightly better result than the Astra, but still drawing blood around the chin in the course stubble.
3. Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge - put in the blade, glanced sideways at the new pack of Feather blades, took out the Gillette and berated myself for going to the Feather.....very nervous.
4. The Feather - best shave I have ever had. Great result after second pass but went a third just because it was so enjoyable. I did slow down considerably out of respect to the "sharpest blade on the market", but now that I know the result, it will be my blade of choice to match my weapon of choice.
Routine: Hot face washer, Proraso pre shave and let it sit for a few mins while I lather up. Add some pre shave oil, lather and shave. Warm rinse, oil and re-lather between passes, 3 in total going with the grain, across and against the grain for the baby smooth results.
If you have a good technique and your pre-shave routine is locked in, take the next step and try the Feather!
Swish swish bish Review by: Jordan 15/02/2018
Wanted to try a five pack of these before buying in bulk. They work a charm! Easily (but slowly) get a close shave with these high quality Japanese blades. At $5.60 they're definitely worth the buy.
Best available blade Review by: Rob 7/12/2017
Just ordered another hundred of these because when they are new nothing is better. They don't last long for me but are still much better than whatever is second best, particularly in the Feather razor.
Brilliant - But handle with care Review by: Geoff 7/06/2017
If you are in a rush these blades are not for you. However if you value a close, smooth shave then the Feather blade is brilliant. I have been using these blades since 2012 coupled with the Merkur Solingen "Slant Bar". Don't be in a hurry and the result will really please both you and your partner.
Sharp and aggressive Review by: Cam 15/04/2017
Good blade, but can be aggressive for those with sensitive skin. Not as smooth as a Polsilver but worth a try as it's reputation for being the sharpest blade on the market deserves it.
Great Change Review by: David 20/10/2016
I've been using the Astras for about 12 months now and like the blade. I was looking for something different so picked up the Feathers. I am pleased I did, these blades give an amazing shave. A box of 200 is in the cart.
These blades are too agressive for my skin Review by: James 15/08/2016
These blades are extremely sharp, and cut through coarse hair very easily, however no matter how cautious I am, they seem to irritate my skin, as always YMMV. I have found the Astra's to be better suited to my hair/skin type.
Miyagiiii! Review by: Milchek 9/08/2016
There was a time when 'Made in Japan' meant it was pretty much shit-house. It was probably during the 80s.

Now however, the people of the land of the rising sun can stand tall and proud knowing that they are the best (around!) at something. That thing - is making really sharp blades.

Every time I shave with these bad boys I imagine a Miyagi-like old man, in some old Japanese country town, working tirelessly, day and night, crafting each blade until it's perfect. He toils endlessly, shunned from society to a hermit like existence, where his only goal is the pursuit of shaving perfection.
How is this possible? Review by: Scott 27/07/2016
My face doesn't hurt and is smooth as a BB! Don't listen to the girly men who talk about cutting your face. If you are like me and have a beard like razor wire and a face like old leather these are the blades for you. Yes be careful. But you can say be careful about any razor on here.
Best shave of my life. Wish I had known about these 20 years ago.
Man, what did your facial hair ever do to you, anyway? Review by: Chris 9/07/2016
Are you tired of razor blades that are merely terrifyingly sharp? Do you want a blade so sharp that waving it around causes an irritating high pitch whistle as the very air molecules themselves are rent asunder? Do you need a facial hair cutting device so sharp that actually using it to shave is technically classed as a suicide attempt? Then you need a pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades.

Feather blades are made in Japan, which as we all know is the central repository for all things efficient and violently over the top. I don't actually think these things are manufactured as such - Instead, they're twisted flesh-hungry objects from another dimension that are torn screaming and cursing into our world on the night of a full moon by crazed Japanese blood witches.

I don't know whether this last story is actually true, because every time I try to visit the factory to confirm this I inevitably lose an eight hour block of memory and suddenly wake up safely in bed at home, albeit completely naked and covered in dung beetle larvae.

Um, anyway, where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Feather razor blades are the absolute best for shaving when you're a bit more confident with how to handle a safety razor. If you let the weight of the razor do the work, you'll be fine. If you try and push down even a little, you'll probably cut yourself pretty badly. And then you'll get blood on your Feather razor blade. Considering the pestilent blood-drenched Hellscape that these things are summoned from, you PROBABLY don't want to do that.
An accurate reputation Review by: Matthew 17/05/2016
Known as the best blades on the market for a good reason. A tight, clean shave no matter whether you're staying clean or neatening up the edges of your beard.
Extremely sharp, extremely good. Review by: Peter 1/03/2016
These are consistently the sharpest blades out there. It feels like they slide over the face like silk and then you notice that all the hair is gone. I occasionally nick myself with these when I'm not being careful, and I don't with other blades, but this is not a criticism - it just means I need to be more careful. These are perhaps the best blades available.
Great for coarse, dark, scratchy beards Review by: Jason 4/01/2016
If you have dark, coarse, thick facial hair like mine then it can be difficult to shave with other brands of razor. This one is very very sharp (and a little unforgiving if you happen to slip) but once you have mastered your shaving technique this should be your tool of choice. Sharp enough for a single pass (although I go over twice), cheap, and each blade lasts 2-3 shaves with my hair. What's not to love?
Excellent blades Review by: Matthew 9/12/2015
I have been wet shaving for a few years. These are the only blades I use. I only cut myself when I am rushing so as long as you are careful you have nothing to worry about.
Best blades for me Review by: Richard 18/11/2015
My go-to DE blades. Definitely worth a try, I use them with a Merkur 34c with great results and no irritation
Great for thick hair Review by: Blair 5/11/2015
Great blades that give a good cut every time. Super sharp and they last a while too. They will cut you if you aren't careful but if you have good technique you should be able to stop yourself from getting cut.
Just OK Review by: PJ 24/03/2015
Have tried these a few times now and to be honest I'm not sure what the fuss is all about. Sure, they are fairly sharp but for me personally not the best razors I've used and I have been using a safety razor for some time.
Very smooth Review by: John 22/03/2015
I bought the sampler pack in early January and only used the feather blades for the first time this morning. I wanted to get my technique right before trying them due to their reputation. Up until today the Astra's and Personna Reds were my favourites, and are good blades. Fistly I noticed the amount of glue when unwrapping the blade, a lot more than other brands and my first thought was that it might gunk up the inside of my razor. The blades are certainly sharp, after approx 3 mths of wet shaving I had the closest shave yet, by a long way...baby bum smooth and without irritation which I sometimes get on my neck with other blades. I did nick myself slightly in 3 places, all on the 3rd pass ATG...so will have to be careful although this blade my not need 3 passes. Used eShave sandalwood aftershave soother afterwards and La Toja shave stick (a great product I picked up in Europe ... Men's Biz please add to your stock if possible) . Because the shave was so close and irritation free these benefits mean I will continue to use the Feathers, hopefully without the nicks in the future!!
Winner! Review by: Craig 14/01/2015
As soon as you feel confident with your razor, use these.

Sharp and consistent. I have a very tough and coarse beard and these are the best bet. I can also guarantee three shaves, sometimes four, from each blade, which for me is more than any other blade as they are usually one or two shaves before chucking them out.

Those with a light beard probably don't need these as others will do the job, but these are considered the best and sharpest by many for a good reason.
Not my Fave, but it's all personal Review by: Chris 23/11/2014
Having been on the shavette for about 11 months, i'm still feeling around different blades to find the ones i prefer.

I found that these ones tended to drag a little more than other brands, so i nicked myself a bit more often. I prefer the Astra stuff, but... that's me.
Finally can get on woth these Review by: Roger 5/08/2014
Feathers have been the bane of my shaving for years. Easily the sharpest on the market, but I must have tried them in every razor I've had, and they always irritated me really badly. Which was a shame, as they shaved like nothing else.

Things changed when I finally tried them in my 30C, which has tamed any other sharp blades I use. It tamed these too, so now I can add these to my kit. Feathers are smooth, super sharp, and you can get brilliant results with them, but they're not for everyone. Also, not the best value, they noticeably drop in performance after a third shave for me. Most blades I use I can get min 4-8 shaves from.
The Sharpest of the Set Review by: Mitche 21/07/2014
I was given practically every blade on this side as I ordered a deluxe kit and separate razor. This is the sharpest (and most easy to nick) of all of them.

I cannot yet use them on my neck (which is very, very sensitive, and I'm still new to this), but on the face it's really pretty amazing. They work as advertised; an impossibly close shave, best used on really flat areas of the face. Consequently, I'll use these on my face then swap to a Merkur or Derby for the neck.

If you want the sharpest, closest shave, and aren't afraid of nicking yourself, then this is the blade for you.

Oh, and Mensbiz has the best customer service I've had anywhere, ever.
Best blade by far Review by: Damian 9/07/2014
Started with the sample pack and skipped ahead to these being impatient. Definitely reduced my irritation. Significantly fewer passes means less skin lost per shave and less irritation. I'm pretty sure these will be my blade going forward.
Keep going back to feather Review by: Adam 30/04/2014
I won't use anything else I find others drag compared and don't cut through my thick hair. I recommend these with Taylor's of old bond st shaving soap, proraso menthol preshave and then geo f trumpers skinfood limes to get the perfect shave with no cuts and bumps.
A fine blade, well recommended Review by: Greg 27/04/2014
Like the other reviewers here, I can say without hesitation that this is a damned good double edged razor blade. It cuts close, which is why some might be afraid of it, but this is just a matter of shaving technique. I`ve gotten six shaves out of one blade so far, and it`s still going strong.
Excellent blades even for the newbie Review by: Moran 14/04/2014
I've only been shaving with a DE razor for a few months but have tried a selection of blades.
I was hesitant to try the Feathers as they have such a reputation when you read the online forums.
However they are nothing like everyone seems to say.
They are a good sharp blade that shaves nice and smooth without any grabbing.
They are now my favourite blade.
Don't be afraid.
Give them a go.
amazing Review by: p 20/02/2014
1st shave with the feather last night. i'm pretty clean shaven 24 hrs later. amazing stuff. instant favourite.
Favourite blade Review by: RAL 16/08/2013
Hands down these are the best blades I have used. Easily getting 5 double pass shaves out of each blade, highly recommend to give these a try.
My choice of blades Review by: Hugh 17/05/2013
For me, sharper blades mean I need fewer passes and a lighter touch, which in turn means less irritation and less chance of razor bumps.

Having now tried about eight different brands of blades, I have found Feather to be the sharpest and smoothest by a considerable margin. I will continue to try others, but I think it will be hard to find better blades than Feather.

Great once off your L plates Review by: Glen 8/05/2013
Take the time to get technique down FIRST before trying these blades. I started out using Astra platinum DE blades to get use to getting my angles and positions righ and after a year figured i would give these a go and it felt like i was learning again. Your razor will only go as fast as you do but these are super sharp, gives a great close shave but slow down a little and get use to them.
You pay for what you get Review by: Sam 24/04/2013
They're the best, blah blah blah but you get what you pay for.
You pay a premium for a very very good product.
I prefer the Sharp Edge Blues. Cheaper, but not quite as good.
In the end it's what works for you.
Take your time Review by: Chad 17/04/2013
It's funny but Feather's are the only blade I have never cut myself with. Maybe I take more care when using these because they are very sharp. But take you time and you will be rewarded with a perfect shave
Sharp!!! can you handle it? Review by: Jonathan 2/04/2013
I have quite a light beard, and personally this blade is a bit too sharp, im just getting into wet shaving and boy are these blades unforgiving! move in the slightest wrong direction and you could have a serious cut, but if you're a pro these probably would give you a BBS. Right now im really happy with astra blades, they give me the closest shave, and are a bit more forgiving!
Not given the opportunity to gum up my shaver with the copious amount of glue Review by: Kai 18/03/2013
Only tried as part of the DE blade sampler. Didn't get to to the point of actually using the blade - the first blade I opened had enough glue to use it as flypaper, and right smack bang in the middle of the cutouts in the middle. I would worry about gumming up a shaver that cost me $20 with the amount of glue on the blade, let alone one that's part of a set that cost a couple of hundred bucks. Admittedly, I'm probably a little more pedantic about the glue on blades (I despise any glue, although I can live with a small amount) than most guys.
Extremely sharp - the best razor Review by: Attila 1/03/2013
Extremely sharp and unforgiving - will remove skin in a blink if not careful. Useful to have an alum block as an accessory. Having said that, they do give an extremely close shave leaving your skin smooth and clear of hair. A hot tip is to use in conjunction with a high quality shaving cream. They easily last a week and quality is excellent. There is no pulling of hair. I like to rotate the brands of the blades I use but if I want a really close shave and I'm not in a rush, then this is the blade I use in preference to all the others. Perhaps I need more practice in the use of them - I guess time will tell. They are neither the cheapest or the most expensive but if you just want one brand in your cabinet then this would be it.
Your girly skin will not handle the samurai edge of these razors Review by: Travis 5/02/2013
Easily the sharpest razor commercially available, but if you have poor technique and/or sensitive skin, expect scratches and cuts a plenty. Be like the Samurai and have patience when using these.
Very sharp blades Review by: SlickNick 21/11/2012
These blades a sharp, but produce an excellent shave if you are dilligent and patient. Out of all the blades I have tried, feathers are definitely my favourite.
Quality. Review by: J 10/04/2012
I have previously used Merkur, Derby, Personna Red and Astra blades, and I suspect that Feather might be the last blade I try.

It is delicately sharp, and delivers consistent results each time. If you have a strong beard i.e. not necessarily a lot of hair, but thick strands, this might work well for you.
The Best Review by: Ben 29/02/2012
Came across the feathers after trying various other blades. Im a feather man now. Great blades that give an awsome shave!
Sharp, but not so durable Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
Definitely sharp initially, but I felt that the edge went off them a little too quickly. I used them about seven times apiece (light beard only) before they felt blunt. Nowhere near as good value as Derby or Astra in my opinion.
Sharp, smooth blades. Review by: Luke 18/10/2011
As everyone says, these blades are definitely very sharp. They give a smooth, clean shave and I do prefer them over the Merkurs. I have even been able to get a couple of extra shaves more than usual out of these blades.
If you have a serious beard then you need a serious blade. Review by: Matt 14/10/2011
Everyone seems a little scared of these baldes like they're going to jump out of the razor and nick you. Not so. They are a super sharp blade, sharper than anything I've used from Astras, Derby's and the Gillette 7oClock yellow.

I recommend these highly.

I'm sure there's a reason they're called "Feather" - the whole shave you should be reminding yourself "LIght as a feather, light as a feather" and it will help your technique and you'll get a great shave from these.

I use the blade twice, then flip it in the razor and use it twice again and then put in a fresh one. If you buy in bulk it's less than .50ยข a blade so a bit over 11 cents a shave. People get more out of them, but that's plenty for me.
these blades are sharp and give a very sharp shave Review by: chris.y 13/10/2011
im set on these for life... well until i get good at using a straight razor :P

i have tried a number of blades, these r sharp and i would not recommend them to a beginner.

note* i only cut my self once in a blue moon, basically because im rushing and get lazy
The Number One blade. Review by: Stonie 3/10/2011
At first I found these to be too sharp and left me with nicks, cuts and razor burn. Turns out it nothing to do with the blade it was my naive technique.
When I was staring out I found that Astra and Red Personas to be the best, still very sharp but not to the point of being overly aggressive.
Now that I have be DE shaving for a while and have my technique down... I am convinced feathers are the best blades, by far the best results once you know learn how to shave with them (Although I do still keep Astras in my regular rotation).
If you have been DE shaving for a while, grab a pack and try them out, you wont be disappointed. If you a bit worried about cuts try Astras or red personas first. (all used with badger brush and Merkur slant bar).
I keep coming back for more... Review by: zedaveo 2/10/2011
Well, having worked through a sample pack (with no preconceptions or research), I would have to say that these are by far the best blades I've tried. Now I've seen all the marketing, the reviews and the forum commenting, and it matches perfectly with my oblivious testing in front of the mirror - they give a fantastic shave.
Good blades, but with a caution Review by: Anthony 30/09/2011
I received these in the sampler pack. Very sharp blades - easily the sharpest brand in the sampler, and they keep their edge. You do, however, have to be careful with them as you can very easily nick yourslf - that's the price you pay for mega-sharp blades! Recommended but not my favourite brand.
Sharp but not durable Review by: DEgary 13/09/2011
No question, these are sharp.
But I find that the extra fine edge just doesn't last as as I progress into the shave (my beard is coarse) - these blades lose their sharpness and start to dull relatively quickly.
It's this that causes the nasty nicks as the edge becomes tatty and also as you adjust pressure to compensate.
Having said that, I do shave 2/3 more surface area than most, as I'm a head shaver. Yes, I use a DE to shave my head!!
I've used these in my Merkur Barber Pole and 1960s Gillette Aristocrat (gold adjustable).
Sharpness is important, but so is comfort. Astras for me, definitely my favourite.
Derby's close second if you can put up with the occasional dud.


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