Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (100)

Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor Blades (100)

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Feather New Hi-Stainless Blades are renowned for being the sharpest double edge razor blades on the market. These blades feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort and will fit all traditional double edge razors. You get 10 packs of 10 blades, which is a total of 100 blades. Also available in smaller 5 blade packs, which is a great way to try before you buy. Made in Japan.

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Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.


Regular Price: $60.00

Sale Price $37.95

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The only choice of blade Review by: Dave 14/12/2019
So I started off like most here trying the sampler pack of various blades. One try with the feathers and there was no going back to any other blade. As some others have said, with more aggressive razors these blades can be a little harsh so i've got my favourite combo of my Merkur 34C and the feather blade which works extremely well. I get around 3-4 shaves from a blade and the 100 pack lasts me a couple of years as I don't shave every day. Great choice of blade for anyone either starting out or experienced, just ensure match your razor accordingly.
Sharpest blades I've used Review by: J 7/11/2018
They are probably the sharpest blades I've used thus far. Not for the feint of heart. My safety razor is usually audible when shaving. When using feather blades I can barely hear anything. The blades are so sharp, it resulted in the shaving being very quiet and smooth for some reason. Great quality. Should get a few shaves out of each blade. The packs they come in are pretty ingenious. Used blades can be stowed away in the reverse side of the pack. Highly recommend.
Good but.. Review by: PW 13/06/2018
Obviously a quality razor super sharp, personally found these too aggressive for me and my skin found it really hard to get a right balance on these.
A very sharp blade Review by: Graham 8/05/2018
These blades are extremely sharp, in fact they are the sharpest blades that I have in my rotation. My first 2 shaves are not so good when used in my more aggressive razors and I always end up with a little irritation and occasional nick or cut. After this they tone down a bit and give much better shaves and I can get at least 4 shaves before I toss it into my blade bank.
When used in my more milder razors they are allowing the razor to step up a couple of notches and give a very efficient shave with little to no irritation. I have a love hate relationship with these blades but find with the less aggressive razors always more smoother and very sharp. They just cut the hair so easily. A top performing soap and cream is recommended to use with these blades.
Strongly recommend them and in the 200 pack offer the best value for money.
Best blades there are (for me) Review by: Chris 27/04/2018
Feathers are the best blade I’ve ever used. I’ve tried many and no other brand of blades even come close. I get closer, cleaner shaves and more from each blade with feathers than any other brand. Even on the 6th and 7th shave of one blade I get better shaves than other brands with a new blade.

I’ve honestly never had an issue in terms of safety, if you’re shaving properly (not too much pressure) and being careful you shouldn’t have a problem. As some others have said be aware of using correct pre/post shave prep, take your time and enjoy your shave.
a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife Review by: Wally 11/03/2018
Yeah !.... never a truer word has been spoken.
I've been using Astra blades for a couple of years now... coupled with my Merkur Solingen 33C, this combination has always given a great shave and at a great price as well.
After reading the many reviews on "Feather" blades, i thought I'd give it a go.
With all the hype about how super sharp and dangerous these blades are, I armed myself with a styptic pencil and a wad of gauze pads before I commenced my first shave. I was truly expecting this to be a bloody and traumatic event.
Bugger.... what a disappointment !
It turned out to be the most boring and uneventful shave I've ever had !
No nicks, not tugging or dragging.... just a simple smooth shave. I was thinking that maybe these "Feathers" weren't all they were cracked up to be..... until I rinsed my face and became aware that I had a baby-bum-smooth finish. The best part was that there was no razor burn which is something that I've had over the years when shaving with too many passes.
Yes... I'm converted now and Feathers are my new weapon of choice
I can best compare this experience to stepping out of a 1960s Datsun 120Y and getting into 2018 Toyota Camry....LOL,
so guys, as Molly would say, "do yourself a favour".
I'd like to also thank Mens Biz for not only having the absolute best prices, but also super quick delivery for free.... just 23 hours from ordering to delivery at my door.
I for one, would like to contribute a voluntary five or ten bucks flat fee per order to assist these guys to help defray their shipping costs.
Whadya reckon ?

Great blades Review by: Groomed man 12/02/2018
Razors are meant to be sharp and these are the sharpest. As for people claiming these are dangerous or whatever, I don't know what they're doing, but my first time using a double edge I loaded one of these in and shaved my nuts without a single nick or a single problem (but that was with a feather brand safety razor). Don't forget your pre-shave preparation and your post-shave moisturising and read up on what you're doing though
Haven't found better Review by: Dave 19/12/2017
Don't agree with a lot of reviews saying not for beginners. Forget about the rest and just buy these. Yes they are sharp and you can cut yourself but it's the same with every other blade. These are just by far the smoothest cutting by far so.
Literally cutting edge stuff Review by: Leigh 19/12/2017
"With great power comes great responsibility". If you want sharp, and I think we all do, buy these. But in all honesty, these are sufficiently sharp that you have to have a good shaving game. They are so sharp it's easy to over-shave with them, and then the nicks and rashes start. Good pre-shave, good technique, good post-shave, etc are a must.
The best blades on the Market - no discussion required Review by: James 19/12/2017
The are simply the best blades on the market, smoothest closest shave irrespective of the type or brand of razor you use.

Be warned, they are sharp. Razors that expose a little to much edge can make them prone to cut, but that just encourages more care.

These are a continuous repeat order for me.

I tried several other brands this week and after using feathers for 6 months, all other brands feel inferior.
There can be only one. Review by: Seb 17/12/2017
After trying all the blades in the sample pack, these came out on top. Smoothest cleanest shave, just take care not to rush things as they can bite you.
Awesome Review by: Apples 26/09/2017
Delivery time and product both superb. If u want the best shave ever, this blade is what u need.

These are the best Blades! Review by: Tysonic 20/09/2017
I've only recently purchased these after having shaved quite some time with another brand (bought in bulk and nearly lasted 2 years) but these blades are hands down the best blades I've used (never going to use another brand again). I shave everyday and can get an extremely close, smooth shave from just one pass, one blade will last me 2 weeks so it's very economical.
Very sharp Review by: Peter 1/09/2017
These are the sharpest blades I've come across, out of dozens of brands I've tried. Their sharpness allows you to use less effort and repeat fewer strokes - much easier on the skin. Recommended.
Sharp and long lasting Review by: Rob 31/07/2017
The Feather double edge razors are very sharp (be careful) and I get two weeks out of them. I can nearly shave every other day.
Brilliant Review by: MATTHEW 10/07/2017
I was concerned because they have a reputation for being sharp and causing cuts. But after two weeks all I've had is close shaves and no cuts and in a newbie. Highly recommended for coarse beards.
Very Sharp! Review by: Steve 19/06/2017
The best DE blades you can get.

Bought these after getting the sample pack, easily the best of the bunch.
Best blades for your money! Review by: Blair 3/04/2017
Simply the best shave you can get wit a DE razor. After running out of Feather blades and using another brand of highly rated blade I had - I had to order the 100 pack to make sure it didn't happen again! Great value for money in the bulk pack, and a shave you can't beat!
The sharpest blades I have ever used Review by: Graham 1/03/2017
The Feather blades are just the best blades I have used,I need to take a little care but get a fantastic shave. I will continue to order these blades and the bulk pack is really great value.
These are simply the best blades I have found to date Review by: James 19/02/2017
These blades are SHARP, they require a little care when using, but when combined with my slant razor provide the best shave to date, will continue to order these.
Best Blades Review by: Max 29/10/2016
After getting a sampler pack last year, I've decided to go for this brand. I find the save to be nice & close, and leave me with a nice, smooth finish.
Thoroughly recommend
My only choice Review by: Greg 19/09/2016
These are the one and only blades I use. They are simply superb. That first shave with a new razor.....so good!
no other brand required Review by: supes 7/08/2016
after having tried several brands I can't go past feather. My local shaver shop was out so I had to revert to another brand. No way am I doing that again. Feather cuts growth with ease. Do not look any further.
Fantastic blade Review by: Glen 7/07/2016
A long time Astra user (which are great), I made the shift to Feathers and haven't looked back. Better shave for me and no problems with nicks or cuts. Great product, price and service from MensBiz
Best To Date Review by: Mal 25/04/2016
I have tried many brands but Feather I find are consistently the best. They go through a 5 day growth like it wasn't there. Great for the daily shave. Handy dispenser as well.
Great blades Review by: Neil 17/03/2016
It's a good size pack, that lasts me about a year. Top quality and great price. Super sharp, even for my hard beard. I also have sensative skin too and get almost no razer burn either. They shave so well that i can go a few days most of the time. With others it's usually about 12 hours earlier that I need a shave again. I always get a very fast reliable delivery and service from men's biz too.
The best I have used Review by: Ian 26/01/2016
Simply put these blades are the best I have used. Super sharp gives a very close shave. I wouldn't use anything else.
Wonderful product and service. Review by: Denise 25/01/2016
My husband is a devotee of this brand, and we were highly impressed with the quality of service in our first order. It certainly won't be the last! We also have three sons..........! Great work!
Excellent Blade, Good Value Review by: jrad 31/12/2015
What makes this blade stand out from the rest is its sharpness. It doesn't pull like other blades. Let the blade do the work and you will be rewarded with the smoothest most comfortable shave you can get with a DE blade.
Best Blades in the Sampler Pack Review by: Paul 20/12/2015
Tried them all in the sampler. was going to order the Gillette 7OC, then tried the Feather. By far the best shave in my 34C. No pulling, no irritation, no weepers. Just a smooth shave every day. Give them a try - let the blade do the work and you will get a great shave.
Excellent value Review by: John 8/12/2015
The best blades value for money. Each blade can last up to five days making the 100 pack last a pretty long time!
Top Notch Blades Review by: Gregory 17/11/2015
You can't go wrong with Feathers, really.
I originally bought a trial pack of several different blade types. Having heard that feather blades were very sharp, I saved them for last. I liked astras. I loved feathers.
I don't think I'll be swapping to anything else any time soon. Feather blades work a charm. The only gripe I had was that I didn't get the 200 pack instead!
Simply the Best! Review by: Andrew 3/04/2015
I've been using DE blades for more than 30 years so I am no newbie. I have primarily used Wilkinson Sword but found they dropped in standard for quite some time now, enough for me to look for an alternative. I tried Gillette but were inferior. I then tried a variety of blades from the sampler pack which I fully recommend. I followed the instructions and used the order as recommended. Found Feather to be hands down the best quality. The blades themselves felt less flexible and slightly better made. The blades were wrapped in slightly superior paper to the other blades. I also like the cartridge themselves which allows a compartment for used blade disposal which quite a few of the brands aren't using.
I found shaving with these blades to be quite simple, no extra caution was required. I received a closer shave and found I could reuse these blades several times. The fact I have order another 100 blades is proof to my testament. I had another try with my old Wilkinson blades and it did not compare.
So it looks like Feather Forever!
The feather blade is my choice everytime Review by: Glen 19/07/2014
The feather blade is the blade to use for that smooth as a BB finish. The secret is, let the blade do the work. Don't force the shave. You just need to guide the razor. The blade will do the rest. Awesome
These just may be the sharpest thing in our universe Review by: James 27/01/2014
After trying several other blades I now only use the feathers. I'm glad these weren't the first blades i used though as they are amazingly sharp. I think they're best for people who have at least had a good six months practice of DE shaving. I highly recommend them.
Super sharp, but smooth Review by: EB 24/12/2013
These blades do what they say on the label - they are the sharpest DEs you will find anywhere.

This said, they are very well made, and provide a smooth, consistent shave with only a little practice.
Should have started years ago Review by: David 13/12/2013
Have always used cartridge shavers for their convenience, but decided to try shaving with a safety razor when I heard it may be better for my skin.
I was not disappointed. These blades are fantastic and significantly better value for money over cartridge razors. They literally pay for themselves within half a year, on top of a more pleasant shave. Cannot recommend more highly.
best for my beard Review by: Adam 9/11/2013
These are sharp, and can get through my rough beard like nothing else. they can be rough on my sensitive neck area, but that is better than the tuggng from the other blades. if i didn't use these, i'd use the Astra blades. Buying in bulk makes everything a good deal!
Sharper can be safer Review by: J 31/10/2013
As everyone before me has said, these blades are extremely sharp and should be treated with a lot of care when using. With that said though, I have found I get less irritation and have fewer weepers with these blades as they are less likely to pull resulting in smoother shaving strokes.

If you have coarse facial hair and you feel Astra Superior Platinum blades are tugging, it's worth considering Feather blades. I am certainly thankful that I tried them (carefully) as I noticed the quality of my shave improved significantly on my first try.
Super sharp excellent Review by: Carl 29/09/2013
I've used these blades and found that as sharp as they are you will get a very close shave. They seem to grab more than other blades due to their sharpness which means slower going.
I would recommend these if you want super close shave and as many people say ninjas should only use them I agree with comments below saying that you should still give it a go, just take your time. They left a razor burn more than the Merkurs but that could be due to the heavy head on the Futur. These will stay in my rotation.
A must for any DE shaver Review by: Tim 4/09/2013
I bought the sampler pack with my new DE razor and worked my way through them all. Feather was the stand out winner for me. They are the sharpest, stay sharp the longest and provide a great shave.
Japanese Perfection Review by: Gary 3/12/2012
Guys who are told not to try Feathers too sharp,
wrong These blades are rolls royce use them like this Buy a Mekur Futur Safety Razor set on 2.5 for a week then 3 and stay there.My skin is fine and fragile never had a nick or scrape. This is my routine for life.
Love the blades. Review by: Mark 1/11/2012
I tried the blade trial pack to see what blades I preferred - couldn't find much difference between the feathers and the Merkur blades that I also liked.
The Feathers are sharper and provide a closer shave.
I find using a shaving oil opposed to soap makes a better shave.
Best Safety Razor Blades Available Review by: Dave 18/07/2012
I started using feather blades immediately when I first tried using my safety razor -- that was three years ago although I did not realise at the time that these were the sharpest blades. It wasn't until I purchased a different kind of blade that I realised just how superior the feathers are! These blades are extremely sharp. They will slice easily through tough, coarse hair. You do not need to press down (and you shouldn't ever apply pressure anyway). You can get many shaves comfortably out of just one blade. The blades are super sharp on the first one or two shaves so care must be taken to not press down at all -- make sure the angle with which you hold your razor is right and gently let the razor glide swiftly over the skin without really pulling if that makes sense, and no matter how tough your beard is, the feathers are guaranteed to slice easily through the hair with no dragging at all.
Best blade I've used Review by: Raag 3/07/2012
Sharpest and for me, best blade I've used. Will be sticking with these for a lifetime.
My Fave Blade: but YMMV Review by: Paul 26/03/2012
The sharpest, smoothest blades available. If Beatrix Kiddo can request "Japanese Steel" you can too - and for the same reasons.
They get the job done with minimum tugging, pulling and irritation; not sure how some folks only get 2-3 good shaves per blade - I get a full 5 shaves every week and my beard is like wire. Get some samurai steel in your razor - today!
Best DE razor blades money can buy! Review by: Tristen 7/03/2012
I first tried these blades as part of the Mens Biz sampler pack, and paid attention to trying each blade in their recommended order. The Feather blades were the last to try and the most impressive. They are as name suggests, feather-thin and ultra sharp. I use them both in my Merkur Barber Pole and Classic DE Open Comb variants respectively, and taking the normal amounts of care and precision (as really a person should with any blades failing being Edward Scissor-Hands)they are not to be feared, even by those with faces like me who might not resemble an old sailor. Sharper blades mean cleaner shaving and less irritation especially if you avoid excessive re-shaving and keep it to minimal strokes. Hence these blades remain the very best I believe when it comes to DE shaving. If in doubt, try the 5-pack first and do some practice!
Great Blade Review by: Matt 14/02/2012
One of the best DE blade, up there with Personna Medical Prep blades. Compared to cheaper blades, the quality of a Feather is simply astounding. The only comment I would make is that the price per 100 on Mensbiz is certianly on the higher end of the scale.
Back Yourself In Review by: David 22/12/2011
Give these blades a try. You can believe the hype, these babies are sharp, but with a positive attitude and a little care, I doubt you will ever use anything else. Nothing else I have tried even comes close to the quality of shave with these blades. If you don't rush, you have nothing to fear.
Give them a try, you know you want to......
Ninja sharp blade that can bite back if not careful Review by: Gautam 14/12/2011
This is the best, most recommended blade to use for good reasons. Each blade is extremely sharp, lasts for at least 5-7 shaves and jas minimal pull due to its coating. Made with high standard, you can't go wrong with these. Just make sure your shaving method is down pat, else these blades can cause some nasty bleeders! I would recommend you use the Red Personnas until you are comfortable with your method, then switch to these. After some practice with these, you will not be using any other blades!


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