Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor

Feather Safety Razor Co Double Edge Razor

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The Feather 'Popular' Double Edge Razor offers the ultimate in double edged affordability. Lightweight construction and an extra long non-slip handle makes maneuvering a breeze. Features a metal 'silo' or 'butterfly' style head through which blades are loaded. Comes in a handy clamshell case which is great for travel.

Includes two FREE Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Sensitive Skin, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Wet Shaving.


If you're new to wetshaving or you're contemplating buying you're first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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As a beginner I love it! Review by: Patrick 26/06/2018
Sure, it might not be the most fancy razor out there. It doesn't have all the glits and glam of ther other razors but if you are a safety razor novice then this is a great first buy, get the fancy stuff later. This is a great first buy because it's priced so cheaply that it's not a huge hit to the wallet if shaving with a double edge razor isn't for you, but it's quality is well worth it that if you do decide to stick with it it'll give you a lot of mileage.
Free yourself from the marketing con that is multiblade disposables and cartridges, men and women alike Review by: Groomed man 11/01/2018
Do your shaving friends a favour and get them something like this. Forget all the garbage you can buy in the supermarkets or certain shaver chains and forget the expensive replacement cartridges; this kind of thing outdoes them all, and this entry level product is as good as any.

I even use this for personal shaving in about the most difficult areas on the body (if you know what I mean) and it does superbly; gets close, no irritation and no nicks, and if it's delicate enough for *that* skin it's delicate enough for anything.

Recommend getting the disposal tin as well, to ensure safe disposal of the blades.
I Didn't Die, But... Review by: Jacob 26/12/2016
It takes a lot of effort to use. Feels cheap, flimsy, and imprecise. Very disappointing from an otherwise remarkable company.
Damn fine quality and value Review by: Maverick 20/09/2016
I started wet shaving again after a long break. Decided to go with this baby. This piece of fine engineering is value and quality. Do not let the plastic handle put you off. It is well balanced, gentle, and a pleasure to handle. True piece of good value and quality utilitarian tool that may not have the swanky "gloryboy" pizazz but it is a beautiful thing in itself. I would pass this on as an heirloom to celebrate the common hardworking middle class man. S
Excellent value Review by: David 16/08/2016
Started shavin with a safety razor about 6 weeks ago after watching many YouTube clips on how to do so. Firstly - if you don't apply too much pressure don't let anyone fool you the first shave can't be excellent. I got this puppy and was so excited to try it I did so after a few drinks out and it went just fine! Great razor. Have since purchased the Merkur 38C but this makes for an excellent travel kit (which I do about every second week) due to the weight. Don't let the price or plastic fool you - this is an excellent first razor to see if DE is for you!
So much better than disposables! Review by: Scott 8/08/2016
such a huge change from nasty disposables. Blade is angled nicely and very responsive! A great cheap option.
Minimizes cuts Review by: Esben 22/06/2016
Bought this to replace an old double edge razor that I'd been using feather blades with. Unlike my old razor, I have had no issues with cuts from Feather's own razor. The only downside is that the shave doesn't seem to be quite as close as with my old one, but that is outweighed by the safer shave. Overall a great buy for the price.
Very safe Review by: Peter 1/03/2016
This is a nicely put together razor. Quite mild and safe feeling, while still cutting efficiently. The metal and the plastic both feel of good quality, and the blade aligns perfectly. I love this razor.
Brilliant! Review by: Grant 30/10/2014
First up, I am not new to double edge razors and wet shaving. This little oriental beauty may be amazingly priced and it may feature a lot of plastic, but don't be fooled. It's name gives some serious clues as to how you need to treat this well-made razor; hold it like you would a feather.
My first shave produced nicks and cuts due to me applying too much pressure on my strokes. I soon learnt that it requires the absolute minimum of pressure; almost unbelievably so. The result - an amazingly smooth shave.
The razor appears made to use Feather blades, two of which come with it in the handy travel container. But any double edge blades will do, of course.

I am delighted with my purchase and can recommend this razor to beginners and experienced wet shavers alike.
Awesome! Review by: Lukess 11/11/2013
Just bought this razor as I was wanting to get into DE shaving. Just had my first shave with it and I'm mighty impressed. Thrown away the cartridge razor and the electric shaver is in the cupboard.

Only downfall is its a bit light, but that didn't seem to hinder the quality of shave.

Great razor to start off with!
Inexpensive entry-level DE Review by: John 14/08/2013
An inexpensive introductory DE razor with a bonus of two free Feather blades. If you want to try DE shaving but baulk at the cost of a dearer piece of cutlery, try this one first (with a packet each of Astras & red Personnas), as a transition from your cartridge razor to the full DE experience. The price is right: I spent $200 on a Dovo straight razor and didn't like it (who wants duelling scars?). Still have it, but it's the most expensive pencil sharpener I'm ever likely to own! If you decide DE isn't for you, at least you can throw this razor away without the pain in your pocket.
Great travel razor Review by: johanth 4/08/2013
I bought the Feather Popular as an inexpensive option, to see how it compared to my vintage Gillette SuperSpeed or my modern Edwin Jagger.
The Feather is featherlight indeed, and is a mild shaver. It's probably a nice step-up from a modern cartridge razor, but the shave experience (for me) is less satisfying than a vintage Gillette or heavier Edwin Jagger. Too mild, and too light.
Still, it makes a nice travel razor, also because of the fine box that is delivered with the Feather razor.
I would recommend this as a first, inexpensive razor. But do yourself a pleasure if you like the DE experience, and buy a good vintage SuperSpeed as well.
Great starter double edge razor Review by: James 25/03/2013
First double edge razor I've used. Came from your standard Gillette cartridge razor. Double edge razors definitely have a bit of a learning curve, and you will cut yourself occasionally while learning, but it doesn't take long to get used to. The blade has a nice weight to it.

Definitely recommend getting the double edge blade sampler pack to find which razor works the best for you (this razor comes with two of some of the sharpest).

Good blade if you're just starting out with double edge razors (like myself), and as the description says, it's the cheapest double edge razor available here.
Suprised how easy it is to use Review by: Dominic 14/12/2012
Going from a standard shick quattro has been interesting, I have used this razor three or four times now and each time I cut myself less!

A very good entry level double edged razor for those making the transition. Highly recommend.

mild shave for light beards only Review by: Matteo 3/12/2012
Got this as my first double edge razor. Too mild for a coarse beard to get an easy comfortable shave. Acceptable results after 2 passes obtained (with the grain, lather up again then across the grain). I felt I had to compensate for the light weight with a little bit of pressure resulting in neck irritation in some areas. I felt out of the sample I could only get a comfortable shave with feathers or personna red packs. Personnas are more forgiving but I feel Feather really designed it for their own blades. Recommend this razor to those new to trying DE shaving, it is far superior to cartridges. Big thanks to Mensbiz for outstanding service and shipping interstate received just over 24 hours later! Now its Time to try my Merkur HD and delux wet shave pack I received today
Fantastic beginner's razor for anyone looking to try DE shaving Review by: David 8/03/2011
This was my first double edge safety razor experience. I have happily thrown away the Mach 3 and Fusions and am shaving with much less irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Thoroughly recommended
Good travel razor Review by: Tom 8/03/2011
I have a Feather razor which I generally take with me when I travel - the durable plastic case keeps razor and blades together neatly. However, whilst Feather make Ninja-sharp blades, I'd prefer a Merkur razor for daily shaving.
Like a feather gliding over your face Review by: Jason 8/03/2011
The Japanese have never made a wrong move when it comes to manufacturing products, and this baby, manufactured in Osaka, is no exception. The unit has a sturdy feel, with a generous sized handle and weighty feel. Slide in one of the feather razors and you know you're in for one amazing shaving experiences. Couple this razor with Proraso Shave Cream and let me assure you it's a match made in heaven. The razor will glide over the thickest of stubble without pressure. Let gravity do the work, this thing slices through hair like a hot knife through butter. Thanks to the Japanese, and as they say in the land of the rising sun, ARIGATO GOZAIMASHITA!
best for masochists Review by: paul 8/03/2011
Persevered for a week with this. Now I see why they're uncommon, too much hard work, best left in a museum.
Buy the blades, not the razor Review by: Richard 8/03/2011
I have used several different razor handles, this is the worst. On the positive, Feather make, by far, the sharpest blades. Try the Merkur Slant Bar.
New Feather razor & blade. Review by: ALAN 8/03/2011
This just arrived this morning so I've only just finished my first shave with it.
I shaved one side of my face with a new Gillette Mach 3 Turbo and the other with the Feather. The Feather did with one blade what the Mach 3 took three to do ! No nicks or cuts, mighty sharp blade (Feather), it could do with a little more weight in the handle but apart from that an excellent razor. Recommended.


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