Feather Safety Razor Co AS-D2 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Feather Safety Razor Co AS-D2 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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The Feather AS-D2 'All Stainless' Safety Razor is a precision built tool of the highest quality. The AS-D2 is just as comfortable as the previous generation AS-D1, but it delivers a closer and slightly more aggressive shave. This 3-piece razor is made entirely out of satin finished stainless steel. While it will hold any blade, it has been specifically engineered for use with the extremely sharp Feather blades. The long 90mm handle feels solid and well balanced and provides a secure grip for wet hands. Comes in a gift box and includes five free Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum Blades to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately. Also available in a kit with matching stand. Made in Japan.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Sensitive Skin, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Wet Shaving.


If you're new to wetshaving or you're contemplating buying you're first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.

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Excellent razor Review by: Eric 14/11/2018
I have both the Feather AS-D2 and the WS-D2S razors. The wood handle one for home and this one, the AS-D2 for travel. I use the Dovo Solingen leather travel case to house this one in. I like the wooden handle one better as it has a much better feel in the hand. Having said that, once you shave with either you have to take it with you or as I did get the stainless steel handle one for you trips away.

The ultimate is the wood handle one though, spoil yourself and get an Aqua Di Parma shaving brush as well!
Ultimate razor Review by: JT 4/11/2018
Expensive but worth it. Exceptional design, precision engineered, the highest quality stainless steel and finish you could wish for. Feels great in use, and also rinses in bowl or under the tap far more easily than other razor heads. With the feather blades gives an easier very smooth shave.
Great feel and great shave Review by: Richard 17/07/2018
Purchased this as my travel razor due to having to do plenty of travel through the year. Awesome razor overall. very well made, feels great in the hand and gives me a great shave with the Feather blades. if you are looking for something a little upmarket and nice to use, don't go past this one. Highly recommended.
All round great razor Review by: Andy 27/06/2018
Tired a few razors but this gets to all parts of the face especial under the nose and reduced nicks
Best consistent shave ever Review by: David 25/05/2018
At the ripe old age of 75 I packed up my two electric razors and bought the Feather AS-D2. Have used electric razors all my shaving life. Not any more - unable to get a decent shave these days. I tried a number of brands of DE safety blades and have settled on the Feather and Gillette 7 o'clock Super Stainless. The AS-D2 gives me the best shave with these two blades which I alternate. Virtually no nicks and wonderfully smooth on my skin. Wish I had changed over years ago.
Outstanding Razor Review by: Paul 18/09/2017
Okay, I've had my feather AS-D2 now for 8 months so I think I can pass judgement.

I'm am mightily impressed with this razor. I'm 48 years old I've been shaving since I was 17. I have a coarse and dense beard that grows quickly. I was in the military for 12 years after school and had to shave daily. In the years since leaving I've always been in jobs that required a shave every day. Over the years I've tried disposables, a couple of expensive electrics but mostly the cartridge razors (like the fusion).

Nothing ever seemed to do the job especially well and I have sensitive skin on my neck. I always seemed to have some irritation and over the years was getting plenty of ingrown whiskers that are both uncomfortable and unsightly. Like most guys I always thought the DE razor was old technology and that all the modern alternatives must be better. How wrong was I!

Since switching to this Feather razor I have completely turned my shaving experience around. The razor is a very precise instrument and has outstanding manufacturing quality. Paired with the Feather blades it produces a truly excellent result. After a little familiarisation I have found that this razor produces an outstanding shave every time without irritation (I should say that I use proraso 'red' shaving cream and pre-shave cream). Red skin, cuts and constant ingrown hairs on my chin and neck are a thing of the past.

The AS-D2 is designed to be held at 45 degrees (which may take some getting used to) but when you use it as intended the razore glides smoothly across your face and removes all growth very efficiently without cuts or irritation. I think some users may be used to feeling more drag as an indicator that their razor is working. I would suggest that this razor is simply designed better. It works perfectly without the feeling that it is dragging or scraping your face. I find that when I'm using it correctly I can feel plenty of the 'back' of the razor against my face.

I have absolutely nothing but praise for the Feather AS-D2. If I could justify a second one as a travel razor I would buy another. It is superbly made and will last a dozen lifetimes. I will be using this razor until I'm gone and then I'll leave it to my son.
best razor I've used.. Review by: Naej 14/08/2017
I just had my first shave with this razor, after using lots of others for about 40 years. This for me anyway, is the best razor i've had. I love your shop in the Strand arcade, and the friendliness of all the staff there.
I will be back.
long time face scrapper Review by: geoffrey 9/08/2017
Been shaving for half a century now with de razors and straight blade. Just purchased the Feather AS-D2 been shaving for a week now with it also got the feather blades to suit, well all I have to say is I should have got it a lot sooner apart from a flash looking razor it is a good bit of kit to use and well worth the money, after all I hope to be scrapping the face for another 40 years so I may as well enjoy the journey thanks again for your quick service and delivery
Perfection Review by: canookoz 19/06/2017
I own over a dozen highly acclaimed razors - both modern and antique. After I started using this razor, they have sat unloved on the shelf. Hard to believe but this razor really is worth the money and the hype. I will never use another.
Is your face worth it .. YES! Review by: Philip 28/02/2017
At first I balked at the price. It is a lot of money for a razor. But then I calculated the total cost of this and blades versus how much I would have spent on the old cartridges I used before. It really was a no brainer.

On arriving it was beautifully packaged, and felt good in the hand. I also bought a 200 pack of feather blades as I had read that this combination was a pretty good one (I expect it would be after all they are made by the same company).

I didn't really think I would get anything more than an aesthetic razor, but I was so so wrong. I have not shaved with a lot of DE razors, but this one almost sings to you when you get the angle right. Keep your touch light and let the blades do what they were made for.

I have had a couple of minor mishaps, but generally this is much more forgiving than my Merkur 34C.

Still in the early stages but loving it so far!
Re-invigorated shaving experience Review by: Darren 27/02/2017
Wonderful Razor. Having to shave daily, the Feather Safety razor has actually re-invigorated my shaving experience. Beautifully made, the weight in hand helps the razor glide across your face. I purchased the Feather blades also and the combination is excellent.
Well worth the cost. Review by: Serge 19/01/2017
After having read so many rave reviews I thought it was time to take the plunge. I was reluctant for some time because of the above average price of this razor, but being a DE shave enthusiast I thought, why not, I'm so glade I did. Have only used it twice so far, but already can tell the superior difference of shave it provides. It's smoother and more comfortable than my Merkur HD 34C and a Muhle R41 that I use to own. The Feathers blades are such a perfect match to this razor. In other razors the Feathers blades can be a touch aggressive, but not with this, it comes beautifully packaged so you know it's special. Will be using nothing else from now on.
Well worth the cost if you can.
Shout out to Matt and staff for their great service.
Brilliant Review by: Nos 13/12/2016
Second DE razor I've used, after 4 years I wouldn't go back to previous razors. A well crafted and weighted item that is simply Brilliant
One of the greats Review by: Leo Georges 26/08/2016
One of the best DE available; butter smooth shave which is very, very close.I prefer Feather blades with it. The stand works beautifully with it. Highly recommended.
Fantastic Review by: CB 5/02/2016
Having used this razor for the past 3 years I can attest to it's superior quality. Best DE razor I have ever used.
Purrfect Review by: Vince 29/01/2016
Ordered yesterday,arrived today,staying forever.

It is an pensive piece of kit, so like others, I hesitated in buying it. After one shave I am convinced I finally made the right decision. Perfect BBS with two passes. No nicks, no irritation, no alum burn. No need to look further.
A great razor. Review by: Joe 6/12/2015
After reading a lot of reviews about the Feather Razor, I decided to purchase one to try.
From the very first shave, I knew that the Feather was as good if not better than everyone has claimed.
A very high quality made razor. The long handle feels solid and very well balanced in your hand.
I am very happy with the razor, and would recommend it to anyone.
Happy customer Review by: Glenn 30/06/2015
I started safety razor shaving 12 months ago with a parker 96R. I was happy with the results however nicks continued to come even as I was getting better with technique. I started to question razor design and blade angles. Does it really make that much of a difference? Well, yes it does I now know from purchasing a feather. A lot of money for a razor? But you get what you pay for I have always believed and the difference in shaving was noticeable even with the first shave with this razor. Completely different to before, very smooth, and I disagree with the product info, I don't feel it is aggressive but we all have different opinions. I am very happy with my purchase and amazed at the difference between this razor and my starting razor. A must try.
Great razor Review by: Pjrib 6/02/2015
Extremely smooth razor and a perfect match for the feather blades. Very high quality item with a price to match. I can only recommend it to enthusiasts (you can have a great shave with razors almost $200 cheaper)
If you can afford it by all means spoil yourself you will not regret it .
Possibly the best razor ever Review by: Daz 17/07/2014
It's the best razor ever.

Feels brilliant in the hand. Glides along the face. Equipped with a Feather blade, it shaves as close as you want - I only go two passes, where the Weber took three.

I have NEVER cut myself with it. I get zero irritation. The difference in feel with a pass of the alum block is huge. I have no irritation apr├Ęs shave, even though my technique is not the greatest. I'm happy to give one spot a couple of passes, because I know it won't bite. Two passes, and it's done.

I had read so much about how it is just too mild, and maybe, for some, it is.

But it is head and shoulders the best, easiest, smoothest and most comfortable shave I have ever had. Ironically, it is the easiest to use of the razors I have tried - because it is the most forgiving of multiple passes.

Anyway, this is just my opinion. I've read how it is too mild for many, and wanted to share that maybe it is just not challenging enough. Not everyone has the discipline and time for an aggressive razor. The Feather makes shaving as easy as shaving in the shower with a cartridge razor, but as close and enjoyable as wet shaving can be.
Specifically suited for tender skin Review by: ABP 15/02/2014
I have tender skin and often with shaving am a bit of a bleeder. My background is mostly Celtic and I have often heard that Celtic boxers (Irish/Scots) are prone to cuts. I have tried all the preps available and they do assist. However none of them assist as much as this razor. This razor is well suited to those with tender skin who are prone to cuts and grazers. My over all cutting and grazing have been reduced by at least 70% or more by the use of this razor. This has greatly improved my over all complexion as well. The only draw back is that since the razor is subtle one may require a few more passes in order to attain a clean shave. I think we are talking just a few more minutes in the mirror.
The long handle also assists in rinse out between strokes and prevents the hands from becoming wet and slippery. The roughened grip is also effective in preventing slips. If you have teflon skin this razor may not suit. But for bleeders this is a Godsend.
Great razor when used with Feather blades Review by: Tim 30/12/2013
I have a coarse beard, and have been using DE razors on and off for about 50 years. I had to go back to DE on the advice of a skin-specialist who advised me that using an old style Philishave electric had probably caused my ingrown hairs, and using a multi blade cartridge razor had probably made it worse. I used a cheapish Timor razor with various blades including Feather. I then tried a better razor and the Feather blades gave the best shave but still tended to cause nicks.
I found that changing to the Feather razor with these blades still gave a really good shave, but with fewer nicks. After a couple of weeks when i realised that the best blade angle is only about 30 degrees instead of the normal 45, I stopped getting nicks.
All up a great razor, expensive, but with the feather blades much cheaper than cartridges.
beautiful but hard to use Review by: Adam 9/11/2013
I found this so much harder to use than my cheap Weishi razor. it took me weeks to get a good shave without nicks. now it is ok, but i really don't think it is worth the price. the matte finish feels good, it is heavy (which i like) and it is amazingly well made. people say this gives a mild shave, and i agree, although i think it is better suited to a soft beard, not a thick and dense one like mine.

honestly, if you are looking for your first razor, go get something else. if you are looking for an identical shave every time, and have a soft light beard, buy this.


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