Horsehide Strop

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Ezra Arthur's Horsehide Strop is handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality Russet horsehide from Horween Leather Tannery, renowned for its luster and strength.

It is assembled with solid brass Chicago screws that allow for easy disassembly to replace worn leather or canvas pieces. On the reverse side, the leather material is matched with a 100% cotton-linen canvas strop for removing light honing and moisture post shave. The attached loop allows the strop to be hanged, and made taut, ready to use.



3-inch cotton-linen strop, tanned Russet horsehide leather, brass screws.

Approx. Dimensions:
520mm X 76.2mm

Made in the USA



With the canvas side, you first prepare your straight razor for the leather. You also can use this side to condition the blade with a fine abrasive paste. Then work your straight razor as usual on the leather side.