Remarkable People EDP Spray, 50ml

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For every epoch, for every era, there are remarkable people.

New heroes are born every day. There is an element, or an event, or a circumstance, or maybe just a quirk in their personalities that changes them, empowers them, enables them to transcend the ordinary. They believe in something different, something better. They want to change the rules, break the rules, alter the status quo, in whatever grand or small way they find meaningful. They are on a journey, and maybe it’s the effort alone that makes them remarkable.

For some, their efforts bring fame and glory. Many others remain unknown. But they cannot — they should not — be ignored. These are our people — the remarkable citizens of Etat Libre d'Orange, the Orange Free State. The "un" people — uncompromising, unexpected, unconventional, unpredictable. We salute them, we honor them, by offering the extraordinary fragrance they deserve.

Remarkable People. You know who you are.



Fragrance Family:
Woody Oriental

Main Note:
Champagne Accord

Eau de Parfum

Fresh and enlivening, Remarkable People is the perfect everyday daytime scent.

Made in France



Remarkable People begins with an extraordinary tartness, where the beguiling bitterness of grapefruit sizzles alongside excellent dry champagne, refined with undertones of spices and fruit, reminiscent of a zesty cocktail with the convivial energy of a toast. This is swiftly entailed by a flash of black pepper leading into cardamom, as a cool green sweetness sweeps the composition giving dynamism to the fragrance. Much of this top accord remains throughout the development of this scent, becoming increasingly spicy and nuanced as it develops, resting on a base of ambery woods.



Grapefruit, Champagne Accord, Cardamom, Jasmine, Curry Neo Jungle Essence™, Black Pepper, Labdanum, Sandalwood, Lorenox™.