Experimentum Crucis EDP Spray, 100ml

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Newton, Excuse us! This scent: A Chypre! Like something that falls on you, sudden and direct. A trail of scent that holds on. Legend has it that an apple from a tree fell on Newton's head – and thus, the theory of universal gravitation was born. But then let’s imagine a different scene – Newton, asleep under a rose bush. And instead of an apple, a flower falls, an enormous rose, a fully scented, fleshy rose. Would he have felt it? Would he have plunged his face into the heart of the flower? And what would this mean for his theory?

As Newton's theory has changed our vision of the world, we have tried to create a fragrance that will change the world. Release the poetry of rainbows and gravity, and reach for a deeper understanding of the relationships between things.



Fragrance Family:
Mossy Woods

Main Note:

Eau de Parfum

Supremely versatile, this is a softly spiced fragrance.

Made in France



When Newton projected white light into a glass prism in his crucial experiment, it scattered into a rainbow. When an apple from a tree fell on Newton’s head – the theory of universal gravitation was born. This fragrance is precisely cut like glass. Its champion note of rose is technicolour; in rainbows: spiced, fleshy, honied, fruity, musky – as if the rose itself were shot through a prism, dispersing into its many varieties.

Up top, there’s the tart and sour note of green apple fused with the exotic fruity character of lychee. Cumin pairs nicely against the fruit notes, and retaining this scientific theme there is the addition of the novel and newly synthesised molecule 'Akigalawood', which has a prominent patchouli note bolstered with pepper and oud facets.



Apple, Lychee, Cumin, Honey, Jasmin, Rose, Akigalawood, Musk, Patchouli