Discovery Set, 6 x 2ml

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Discover the icons of the Eight and Bob range: The Original, Egypt, Cap d'Antibes, Mémoires de Mustique, Nuit de Megève, Champs de Provence

A scent for all tastes, seasons, and occasions, all six fragrances within the Eight and Bob portfolio are eminently wearable, offering an appealing range of fragrances with decisively modern quality. Highly quality compositions first and foremost, the range is marked by a generous freshness even amongst woods, spices, and resins.



The Original EDP, 2ml
Egypt EDP, 2ml
Cap d'Antibes EDP, 2ml
Mémoires de Mustique EDP, 2ml
Nuit de Megève EDP, 2ml
Champs de Provence EDP, 2ml

Made in France



At a glance:

The Original: A sophisticated, well-structured, and undemanding woody aquatic enlivened with a mature vanilla note in the heart.

Egypt: A fantasy barbershop with sandstone and sun in the background, this is a classic lavender enriched with spices and resins.

Cap d'Antibes: A rich azure blue, an intense fresh breeze is wrapped in a salty and herbal melange of mint and violet leaf.

Mémoires de Mustique: Crystalline and crisp, Mémoires is a citrus that rests on a generously pure heart of orange blossom. Musk gives longevity and body to the scent.

Nuit de Megève: A fantasy of hot snow, this warm and plush fragrance champions the roasted notes of vetiver, tobacco, tonka, coffee, and praline. A touch of grapefruit gives a counterpoint to the scent.

Champs de Provence: Complexity in green, Champs is a study that balances the bitter and piquant qualities of green: bergamot, mate, and a note reminiscent of kumquat. With a floral top and a sizzling ambery heart, this is a complex citrus fragrance.