Synthetic Shave Brush: Ebony Wood

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The DOVO Synthetic Ebony Shave Brush is certain to please even the most discerning wet shaver. It is made with cruelty-free bristles that mimic the performance and quality of silvertip badger hair, and a genuine ebony wood handle. A perfect partner to the DOVO Ebony Wood Straight Razor or the DOVO Ebony Bismarck Oxidised Straight Razor.



Model Number:
918218 / 33004081

Synthetic Fibre

Ebony Wood

Handle height: 49mm
Bristle height (loft): 60mm
Overall brush height: 109mm
Knot diameter: 24mm.


Made in Germany



To ensure that your shaving brush remains in great condition for years to come, the following points should be observed: Never press the brush onto the skin - it is better to stroke the brush sideways like a painter's brush in order to avoid breaking the hairs.

After use, the brush should be rinsed out throughly, shaken to remove excess water and hung up in a well ventilated place to dry (we strongly recommend using a shave brush stand). Never clean the brush with disinfectants. Never use boiling water when rinsing the brush - lukewarm water will suffice.



Handle Material:
Ebony is one of the most valuable woods on earth. It is extremely hard and heavy. Therefore, it is perfect for the production of a high-quality handle. Its structure allows the wood to retain its shape even in humid environments and prevents swelling of the material. Several grind cycles are necessary to create the silky smooth surface.

Care Instructions:
Always hang your shaving brush on a stand to dry so that the bristles can dry down and not up to the handle. This helps promote the longevity of the bristles and is best hygienically.

Warranty Information:
Covered by a 10 Year Australian Warranty.