Dovo Solingen Shavette Straight Razor: Stainless Steel

Dovo Solingen Shavette Straight Razor: Stainless Steel

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The Dovo Solingen Shavette Straight Razor uses disposable blades, so there's no need to purchase a hone, strop or any of the other gear. Because it's virtually maintenance free, it's well suited to those who are just starting out, travel regularly or don't want the difficulty and expense usually involved in caring for a traditional straight razor. When the blade gets dull, just remove it and insert a new one. Features a satin stainless steel handle and polished stainless steel shank for lightweight durability. Includes a spare Clear Sleeve and one Double Edge Blade to get you started. Made in Germany by Dovo Solingen and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

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Carefully slide the sleeve out of the aluminium shank by pulling gently on the far end. Snap your blade in half, open the sleeve and position the blade so that the holes line up with the notches in the sleeve (if positioned correctly, the blade should protrude slightly). Squeeze the sleeve closed making sure the blade does not move out of position. Carefully slide the sleeve back into the shank of the razor. Use the clear sleeve for standard (short) double edge blades and the black sleeve for the long blades.

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Great beginner straight-razor Review by: Mark 15/06/2018
I purchased this as a trial before buying a more expensive straight razor.
Works very well. Just a tip for beginners the smaller blades brake in two parts and slot into the clear insert. Took me a few Youtube searches to figure this out. I've had five shaves now and love it! Thanks for the quality goods Men's Biz!
Good Product Review by: Jonas 2/09/2017
Does everything as advertised..great shaves can be achieved with this razor. Im using mine with the Dovo long blades & am very happy with it for the price.
Happy Review by: Mikayla 1/12/2016
Shopping of this product was fantastic, getting to New Zealand in only a few days. The razor is lightweight and compact, and came brilliantly packaged. For a beginners razor it is A great quality and was a great gift for my partner who is absolutely In love with it. I would say not only does he like shaving now, he looks forward to it!
Great All Rounder Review by: Greg 21/09/2016
This is an excellent beginners blade. It has a good design and handles really well. Being able to swap between short and long blades is a huge plus for me! I was surprised at how light it was at this price point (hence 4 not 5 star) but a minor point that does not detract from the overall quality of this blade.
I like it! Review by: Cameron 9/03/2016
I've never used a straight razor before, so I have nothing to compare it to.

My first problem was figuring out how to put the blade in. The instructions aren't as clear as they could be, but once I figured it out it was obvious... until the next time I had to change it. After a few goes I figured it out properly and I'm guessing it's easier and quicker than stropping and honing. I could be wrong.

It took me a bit to figure out how to use the thing, although that would be a problem with straight shaving in general. Once I got the general knack of it I was getting relatively blood free shaves.

The big thing for me is that I now enjoy shaving and don't mind getting out of bed a few minutes earlier so I can go through my new routine. I like using this piece of kit, and even though I'm probably missing out by not using a real straight razor, I'm not going back to the disposable hell from which I came!
Nice Review by: brendan 21/10/2015
I read some negative reviews on this, but I have really liked it. Having used DE razors, I wanted to try something different. There was a learning curve, but I can get an even closer shave than with my DEs. Would recommend to anyone used to DE razors but wanting to try something new.
GREAT TRAVEL PARTNER Review by: Justin 15/11/2014
OK, let's get to the point. This razor costs $50. And it uses disposable blades.
For the price, the quality is fantastic. If you want champagne on a beer budget, well, I got news for you....

I bought the Dovo blades and use Mitchell's Wool Fat to lather up with a badger brush.

I only shave immediately after a shower,and back it up with a double shave after a quick re-lathering.

I think if put in competent hands, and the blades are only used for TWO shaving occasions, with a DECENT shave soap, you WILL find that this razor is exceptional. You will have a baby smooth finish.

Definitely well worth it for a travel razor or a beginner. If you have experience, don't be cheap and spend up and purchase a really nice 5/8 - why wouldn't you?
Positive ..BUT Review by: Ali 6/09/2013
First of all i want to thank to Emma from customer service for her smooth and professional way of dealing with things. Cargo company lost my parcel but Mensbiz issued me a new package in the same day with a different company and i have received the product very next day. Great service.

As per product; you wont have a perfectly close shaving experience. I can still feel the a layer of short hairs in my face after shaving. Additionally this product needs to be used with soap but NOT shaving oil beacuse oil fills the gaps between the sleeve and blade and makes it very hard to shave.
great overall product Review by: Tris 18/12/2012
This is my first straight razor, I really wanted to take the plunge and buy all the equipment for a 'proper' straight razor but decided on this based on positive reviews online.

I'm glad I bought this, it's really awesome. I really like the fact that I don't have to be experienced at stropping, honing etc to always have a decent sharp blade. I used the full length blade that came with it and also a feather blade as comparison.

I find the shorter blade actually easier to manoeuvre around my face and throat. I feel like I get a better shave with this than my merkur HD 34c, even with only a few goes. It feels very nice to shave with and I really like the sound as it effortlessly cuts the hair with no irritation (which is something I was not expecting!)

My only very minor gripe is the weight, it isn't like the HD that 'falls' down your face, you have to be careful with pressure and make an effort to get a smoother stroke but it's easy after a few strokes.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get into straight razor shaving as a 'dipping your toe in the water' option. It's cheap and does a great job before investing in the full gamut of straight razor equipment. Even if you upgrade afterwards, this makes a great travel backup razor.

Two thumbs up!

Also kudos to mensbiz for the free sample of geo f trumper skin food! I'll definitely be purchasing some of this!
Not my best spend Review by: Badger 28/02/2012
I'll be hard on this one. If you're a noob on a budget then this may be for you, however my money would have been better spent on buying an $80 or so straight blade and forking out extra for a strop. Not that this is an utterly regretful purchase the shavette does what its supposed to do, but it feels neither here nor there to me. $60 is certainly too pricey once recieved and held in the hand; the weight and length and type of blade just make my shaves feel unfamiliar and...well...impotent. As for travel I'm more inclined to simply use a disposable 5 bladed razor or a double edge razor. This one is trying to be something it's not.
best 60$ ever spent Review by: Callum 24/02/2012
This was the best 60$ i have ever spent, it is amazing for a beginners straight razor, cuts amazingly smooth, i can't find anything wrong with it. Also it is a great addition that it comes with two blades and a free sample of shaving cream. an excellent buy, 10/10
good entry level Review by: GLEN 19/11/2011
First off this is my first straight razor so from a total novice i quite liked it.
Being light i found it allowed me to get the angles a bit more accurate and maintain control.
Down side is being light you will use a bit more pressure to cut through the growth. Once your use to the weight and shaving angles switch from the supplied Dovo blade to a sharper blade.
Baby Razor Review by: TechFet 8/03/2011
Ahh the Dovo Shavette. I'll get the fact that I can't compare this to a real straight, but I can compare to the Feather Artist Club. I've had this razor sitting in my kit for a couple months now and its just entered regular rotation in preparation for some travel.

The first thing that struck me about it in comparison to the Artist Club is its weight. It's very very light and small. Not necessarily a bad thing but I had to adjust how I held the thing. Adding a blade is a relatively simple affair if you're careful. Pull out red sleeve, snap blade, put half in place, slide back in. Simple, unless you somehow manage to cut yourself snapping a blade.

Onto the shave. The first shave with this thing was terrible. Had it loaded with 1/2 a Red Persona and it just grabbed and didn't cut smoothly. Tried again and this time loaded up 1/2 a feather blade, and tried again. This time it gave a smooth shave.

Using the sharper blade helped a lot as there is not much weight in this razor. The shorter blade length means a couple more passes than with a longer straight, but no different to a DE.

It's not a razor for everyone, and I don't know if it'd be the razor I'd recommend to someone looking for a disposable blade straight. But it's definitely fulfilling its purchased goal of a small travel razor admirably.


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