Derby Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (5)

Derby Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (5)

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Derby Extra Double Edge Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors. Made in Turkey, these blades come individually wrapped and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Each pack contains a total of 5 blades. Also available in larger 100 blade packs, which work out much cheaper. Made in Turkey.

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Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.


The average user gets 4 shaves per blade.

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Did not work for me Review by: Matthew 27/04/2019
I have particularly thick and coarse beard hair and have found Derby blades just don't do the job for me. As mentioned in other reviews, I too find that it takes multiple passes to achieve even a satisfactory shave. I do not mean to sound biased, I have tried these in four different razors to little avail.
Give the Derby’s another go... Review by: John 13/04/2018
Like most people I started on Derby’s as part of a sampler pack. At first, hated them. Moved onto Astras, then Gillette 7’oclock Yellows then Feather. Always assumed they were a beginner/average blade till I started using a shavette and needed a “duller” blade to hone in my skills to prevent getting cut. Or so I thought.
Tried the Derby’s again in my regular DE razors (adjustables, slants and regular) and found the results to be really really surprising - very smooth result, no tugging (even on my coarse beard) and I felt they were still very sharp, but left me with less micro bumps that I would sometimes get with the Gillette’s and Feathers. No rash or burn with the Derby’s at all, and still sharp enough to give me very smooth results after a 2 pass shave.
I’m really happy to have given the Derby’s another go, plus they’re cheap enough to change every couple of shaves (and I need to shave daily for work).
Smooth Review by: Graham 21/09/2016
These blades are smooth but not sharp enough for me. They are a blade I could see someone new to DE shaving gaining confidence with and the price point is good.
Great blades Review by: Peter 1/03/2016
These ones are forgiving and sharp enough to do the job well. I like these and would buy them again.
Maybe when I was 13 Review by: TOM 1/04/2015
There are far better blades available, if you have thick stubble and I have steel cable like stubble these wont do the job. Required 4 passes and left me looking like I only did half the job. came in the sample pack so im not complaining but when compared to others on here they are disappointing.
Good to use while you gain confidence. Review by: Craig 14/01/2015
Initially I thought these were the best blades around. I had a couple of amazing shaves with them and ordered more, but over time it pretty much averages out to be mediocre. Were wonderful to use while I was learning as they were sharper than the Mekur blades you get with the razor, but weren't so sharp you felt like you were going to hurt yourself.

I have a very think and coarse beard so one or two shaves is enough for each blade. Also on a slightly longer beard, these struggle and pull.

Not a bad blade - better than the Mekur and Astra for me by a decent margin, but there are definitely better and sharper blades out there.
Dull. Will not use again. Review by: Matthew 31/03/2014
I'm surprised to see reviews from 1 star to 5 stars. May be suitable if there is only 1 days growth or a light beard with fine hair otherwise I would not recommend.
Useless Review by: hg 29/01/2014
Received these blades as part of a sample pack. For me they are a complete joke. I used one blade and it hardly cut the hair ( I have a thick growth). I turfed the rest out and will never buy them. They may well be good if you have a light growth.
Overall Dull blade Review by: Iceman 29/09/2013
For those with a thick beard and lots of growth I wouldn't recommend these. They feel dull and really do an average job. I prefer my disposable bic razor over these. For learners though I would recommend these as they provide enough safety for beginners.
Great place to start Review by: Paul 25/06/2013
A good starters blade, not a likely to give you a nick or cut as a feather or an Astra green.
Will last up to 5 shaves but not as sharp as I like them.
Good for us old blokes Review by: Mike 4/05/2013
I went through the sampler pack and the Derby's suited me, I bought a bulk pack about a year ago so don't know what the current quality is as I see a few negative reviews here. I have reasonably tough greasy skin with a fairly tough beard so I guess it suits my face.
Not sharp Review by: Nathan 17/04/2013
Just used one of these blades that came with the sampler pack. May as well have been shaving with a dessert spoon; could feel the hairs being pulled from my face. Neck feels like it is on fire. Never again.
Good to work your way up to a sharper blade Review by: Kai 18/03/2013
Going through the blades in the order suggested in the sampler, I thought that I'd found the perfect blade for me with the Derby. Ready to order a heap, and figured I'd keep on going with the sampler. Went through the rest (as it turns out, the Personna are my ideal), and ran out of the rest so went back to the Derby until I could restock. Granted, I've gotten used to using the Personna, but the Derby this time around felt like I was shaving with a blunt pair of scissors. Drag, nicks, and more than just the odd hair or 5 left behind afterwards. The remaining Derbys will be going in the bin.
No for me. Review by: Zzar 31/10/2012
Tried these blades in the sampler pack I got, and honestly don't understand why they are put second in the suggested order. I found these blades way blunter and rougher than the Merkur blades. The Merkur blades were "OK" but these Derby's just left my skin a raw mess. I know blade choice is an individual thing, but if you have anything more than light growth, I'd suggest staying away from these blades.
Never Again Review by: Ben 29/02/2012
Used only a couple of these blades and they left me with terrible shaving rash. They just seemd fairly blunt when brand new. Wont bother with them again
super blunt Review by: Daniel 18/10/2011
I read all the reviews about these being too blunt but just guessed the reviewers were just being a bit picky, that is until I tried these blades. WOW are they blunt, I have a pretty thick rough beard so I will only do 1 shave per blade even with the best and sharpest blade. I found these to be so blunt its not funny, shaving with them was the same as shaving with one of those 5 blades you've used a few times. I can best sum it up by say, I could feel it working, and that is not somthing you want, you want the blade to just glide over you face. Thank's to the sample pack of blades I got I know I won't being buying these again!
Reasonable blade Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
I managed an average eight shaves per blade (light beard) and rated them 4 out of 5 on average. Pretty good for the price.
Average at best Review by: Stonie 3/10/2011
Derby really are nothing special... middle of the road... pedestrian... vanilla...
Maybe give them a try for a comparison.. these might suit some people but I really cant see how, Since they are blunt and rough compared to most other blades.
I have a reasonably thick beard, maybe suits lighter beards? I really don't know but can't recommend these blades in my experience.
Ok, but not great Review by: Anthony 30/09/2011
I received a pack of Derby blades as part of the sampler pack. Of the 5 brands supplied I'd date them as equal worst. They have a tendency to drag and caused some irritation instead of cutting cleanly. I used 3 of the 5 blades supplied and threw the other 2 away. Not recommended, but it might depend on what razor you use.
They're a win for me Review by: Grumpy Typewriter 10/09/2011
They're a win for me. I like them, they suit my face with no irritation and without making a blood bath out of my face. I started with the sample pack, chucked a few more in the mix and these were one of the ones which came out on top.
Decent, not a favourite Review by: James 21/07/2011
Not sharp enough for me, I found them blunt and irritating, unless I was willing to settle for sub-optimal results. That said, they do *work*, and are miles better than going back to cartridges. If they were in the supermarket and I needed blades I'd buy them, but they're probably about 5th choice for me - for *my* face, razor, technique, and prep. YMMV.
Yeah but no... Review by: Brent Pearce 21/07/2011
Got these as part of the sample pack and were easily the worst performing. The seemed to irritate my face and was left with a fair bit of 'collateral damage' on my face afterwards. Overall shave was Ok but I felt like I was rolling the dice everytime, buy these if that is your thing...
The Only Soap for Me Review by: Pete 9/05/2011
I got my shaving soap in January this year. I can safely say that after almost 5 months I'll never be going back to shaving cream in a can. Smells good, lathers good and makes shaving so easy. I recommend this soap to all my friends even if they don't use a DE razor.
gentle, but they aren't aggressive Review by: Craig 8/03/2011
These blades wont make your face hurt, they are gentle, but they aren't aggressive enough to get a really close shave, at least in my experience anyway. The personas gave me a much more pleasant shaving experience in the end.
Rather good Review by: Logan 8/03/2011
These are the first blades tried in my DE journey, and they gave great results. They did seem to pull/grab the hair a little for me, but gave an acceptably smooth result with a little patience.
I didn't like these at all! Review by: Bryan 8/03/2011
I received a pack of Derby blades as part of the "sampler pack" but I wasn't very impressed. It wasn't that they were blunt - they cut the whiskers well enough but for some reason they really hung on to/dragged across my skin which resulted in a terrible rash each time I used one. I endured two blades then threw the rest of the pack away.
A much more mild shave... Review by: Aussie 8/03/2011
With all blades, I think it is important to find the right shaving edge for the individuals face. Some prefer very sharp, while others prefer a smoother shave of a mild razor.

This is a much milder blade, but can be impressive on the right face.
On par with Feather...IMO Review by: Dumendra 8/03/2011
So far, I cant complain about these blades. They have given me an 'as good as' shave as the feather.

Give them a try for yourself! :)
A Good Blade Review by: Ian 8/03/2011
Many people will use this blade as their "reference" blade and is probably the first blade many people use. For me they're not that good, they leave me with a few weepers ( especially ATG ). Don't forget you have to try different blades as different blades work in different ways for different people in different razors. Different enough ???
This might just be your blade so definitely worth a try. Highly regarded blade by many.
Dragging Review by: Ben 8/03/2011
Blades will always differ person to person, but these were a little blunt for me and dragged the hair (admittedly I have thick hair), so I wont be buying these again
Excellent. Review by: Michael 8/03/2011
I recently went back to using double edge blades prompted by the ridiculously high prices of the Fusion and Mach3 cartridges. I am so glad I did! Not only are these blades a mere fraction of the price, they give a much better shave!


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