D.R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave, 100ml

D.R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave, 100ml

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D. R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave is a masculine and dramatic fragrance derived from the natural essence of Sandalwood (not the synthetic version that is most commercially available). A very particular scent. Made in England.



Suitable for all skin types.


Apply to the face and neck after shaving.


Alcohol Denat., Glycerin, Parfum, Linalool, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli) Oil, Coumarin, Water, Limonene, Cetrimonium Chloride, Geraniol, Citronellol, Eugenol, Citral.


Wet Shaving, Preventing Razor Burn, Preventing Ingrown Hairs, Preventing Razor Bumps, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin.

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Wonderful fragrance Review by: Ben 17/10/2019
A strong but not overpowering aftershave with a fresh, masculine fragrance. Absolutely love the classic old fashioned bottle too. Would highly recommend.
Great stuff! Review by: Anthony 5/08/2019
Very pleased with this product. Great masculine smell, old school smelling but also exudes real class. Post shave my skin feels superb and this is really worth the price in my opinion.
Excellent Product Review by: Gary 4/12/2017
I recently purchased this aftershave, and am extremely pleased with it, as it does not burn the skin, as some others do, has a lovely perfume, and I would buy again.
Would make a great gift.
Brilliant stuff Review by: Wayne 4/10/2017
First time with this aftershave and its seriously good stuff..wonderful face feel, fantastic scent particularly on the dry down.for an aftershave the scent lasts considerably long but that's ok as it's a wonderful scent
One of the best aftershave lotions Review by: Mayur 22/12/2016
I bought this after reading the reviews on this website. This is an excellent product and exactly as described. The sandalwood oil uplifts your senses and the scent lingers for a long time. It also acts as a moisturizer. As compared to the other products, this last longer and you only need few drops and its very potent.
I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a good quality aftershave.
Love this Review by: Kurve67 7/12/2016
Smells nicer than any commercial aftershave I paid twice as much for over the years. Silly me.
Love it Review by: Mark 20/11/2016
Let me make this clear from the start, i am no after shave or scent guru. I am a new player as far as after shaves go although i have been shaving for 35 years,(straight razors for last 2). So it was with some trepidation i bought this aftershave, purely based on recommendations from this site and others. I have to say i love this after shave. The scent is definitely sandalwood, but not punch in the face sandalwood as others i have tested, and settles down to a warm smooth scent that lingers in the background for hours.
Stable Review by: Ken 3/07/2016
This is a repurchase after an unfortunate accident whilst travelling. Small leakage affected my stock but geez made all of my clothes smell great for the trip!!!!
Reviewed this before simply the best Sandlewood on the market.
Classy Product Review by: TomG 11/05/2016
An aftershave lotion that ticks all the boxes. Refreshes and soothes the face, with a sandalwood fragrance that I like. It is not as sweet as some others, but is just right for me. Has good longevity, and works brilliantly in combination with the DR Harris Marlborough cologne.
Lingering Scent Review by: Joel 25/01/2016
As an aftershave, it leaves my face soft and smooth after the alcohol bite. As a scent, it comes on strong but quickly mellows, and hangs around for most of the day. This is one of my regulars and have ordered multiple times.
Perfection in a bottle Review by: Kieran 28/06/2015
If sandalwood isn't in your rotation then you need this one. RIGHT NOW!
The smell is distinctly different to anything else. Nice and earthy but with that zesty refreshing fragrance.
As the review says, very particular scent. Women will love it when you wear this around them.
I cannot suggest this enough!
Sexy Sandalwood Review by: Anthony 10/02/2015
Just received this today, The bottle is great looking, the smell is to die for. Possibly one of the best sandalwood scents I have had the pleasure of smelling. My wife loves it already and all my kids have also commented, with my ten year old boy wanting to try it as well. As per usual Mensbiz were on the money with delivery, packaging was great, this company is fast becoming my goto online company. Thanks Mensbiz, one day I will actually visit your walk up store.
Real Sandalwood Smell Review by: Andy 25/11/2014
I was sceptical, given the price, but pleasantly suprised and confident this will last me a while - a little goes a long way.

It has a nice 'old-timey' scent, and instead of a sweet chemical-like Sandalwood, this smells really woody and great. I wasn't disappointed, and can't wait to try some of the other scents in the range.
Very nice Sandalwood scent! Review by: Anthony 14/10/2013
Out of all the Sandalwood scents, I thought I would give D R Harris a go!

I'm so glad I did! Although the scent is quite "Strong" when sniffing directly from the bottle, once applying, you get that nice sandalwood scent.

The dry down is also quite nice, and the sandalwood scent lightens up, but is still great smelling.

Although its a bit pricey, its worth it! The scent is just wonderful to those of us who love a good sandalwood scent! This is not to be mistaken for a TOBS Sandalwood scent. This is very much a true reproduction of the real thing!

Highly recommend this!
Lovely product masculine scent Review by: victor 11/02/2013
I find most Men's Aftershaves either give me an instant Headache or make me feel nauseous after a while. This Sandalwood product is a little Gem, one that I can splash on and enjoy. Not too overpowering but also long lasting. Buy it, I seriously doubt you will be disappointed.
A+ Review by: Anthony 19/04/2012
I was after a scent that would set me apart from most of the men I know. I wanted something with base notes of sandalwood but everything i sampled had strong notes of vanilla or some other aspect that gave it a "sweet quality". But thanks to a very helpful staff member at mensbiz.com I ended up purchasing this little gem. Love it so much i sometimes splash on a little after showing at night just to enjoy its raw yet gentle scent. Absolutely Wonderful product great price and great longevity.
Sandalwood supreme Review by: Ken 15/03/2012
I bought this because my wife loves the scent of Sandalwood. Happy wife - happy life :-).
I have tried a few others but either the scent was wrong or it evaporated before I left the bathroom. D.R. Harris is simply the best sandalwood I could find. If you've found better let me know.
A small amount goes a long way. Just a few drops and massage it into your face. You get a slight warming effect before it settles down to an aroma that my wife comments on all the time. It leaves my skin moist and does not strip the oils away.
I love this stuff.
A word about MensBiz - I don't think you can really go wrong on any purchase. They seem to have done a lot of the hard work and weeded out the inferior products and left us with the quality stuff. Happy shopper
Nice Review by: Christopher 14/03/2012
When I first opened this bottle, I must admit I didn't find it very appealing. It seemed to have a very strong bitter chemical quality to it.

Since then however, I have grown to really like it, and I haven't detected the bitterness since the first time I opened the bottle. I don't know if it is because I got used to the smell, or if it was something that "burnt off" on contact with air.

Now, all I smell is a delicious creamy, not too sweet sandalwood.
The Finest Aftershave I've used. Review by: Roger 17/10/2011
$50 for an Aftershave eh? It would need to be good. And a bit special. It is.

If you've tried Musgo Real Classic, you’ve got the same deal going on here; this is quite moisturising, has a slight oily feel, so you use it more far more frugally than most aftershaves as it will spread far. I applied from a generous sampler bottle and put on way too much, so it felt tacky to begin with. When I used less, this wasn't an issue. If you put it on a damp face, you can avoid that and get more from your 100ml. Unlike Musgo, which can stay tacky or dry to a film-like feel, Harris absorbs far better, even if you don’t dilute it much.

As an AS it works very well. I’m used to cooling splashes like Speick and Floid, so Harris feels like it has more burn. But it definitely soothes, tones, and provides some moisturising, which is what I’d expect from any decent AS.

The scent has real staying power , so it double as a cologne. This is probably one reason Harris doesn't offer a cologne version, and $50 for one this good is decent value I think. Going on it smells strongly aniseedy with a bit of wood. When it dries, the scents are reversed. You're left with a wonderful, slightly sweet, woody musk that reeks of quality. It's potent, but subtle and stays quite close to the skin. This lasts til well after lunch on me before it tails off, but a whiff is always there; no other AS I have does that.

The scent is exceptional, and what I’d imagine 'true' Sandalwood to be. It’s far woodier than TOBS or Trumpers, which are distinctly vanilla over wood, and very nice in their own right. I find Harris Sandalwood strongly reminiscent of the laughably expensive Diptyque Tam Dao sandalwood ($165/100ml), which is exceptionally dry and woody. Tam Dao might have more complexity, but the sandalwood notes appear the same to me.

If you like a more 'pure' sandalwood scent, you’ve got an excellent cologne, AS and moisturiser in one, which adds to the value for money. I'm going to find it hard to resist a full bottle of this. Probably impossible.


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