D.R. Harris Sampler Pack, 8 x 10g

D.R. Harris Sampler Pack, 8 x 10g

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Take every shave cream from D.R. Harris for a test drive. This kit contains 8 mini pots of shave cream - a total of 80g. Made in England.

D.R. Harris do not make samples, so we put these packs together ourselves. They are not an official D.R. Harris product. Pack contains: Arlington Shaving Cream 10g, Marlborough Shaving Cream 10g, Windsor Shaving Cream 10g, Eucalyptus Shaving Cream 10g, Almond Shaving Cream 10g, Rose Shaving Cream 10g, Lavender Shaving Cream 10g, Sandalwood Shaving Cream 10g.



Suitable for all skin types.


Scoop out an almond sized amount and use a shaving brush to work up a lather. Apply to beard and wait 2 minutes to allow hair to soften. Cream may also be applied directly to the face and worked into a lather using your fingers. Shave and rinse.

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Fantastic way to try out difrerent creams Review by: Michael 26/07/2019
Bought this pack to try out D>R Harris creams for the first time and so glad I did. Whilst a couple of the scents are not as masculine as I would usually use, the creams lather up well and this pack is a great way to sort out which ones to buy in full size next time.Fantastic idea by Men's Biz to put this sample pack together. Well done!!!
Great selection Review by: AliYaser 28/08/2017
Brought these samples, really conveniently packaged. I have using the Rose shave cream and used a small amount of cream which builds a lot of lather. It's great!!
Good Product Samples .... Review by: John 27/08/2017
If you are not sure of which product you wish to use, this is a great opportunity to test out the full range of the Harris product. You can then make a decision on which best suits your requirements and then make the purchase. A good idea and a really good product range.
Helpful Review by: Melvin 20/07/2017
Good for sampling. Can get a few shaves out of each sample too.
Great way of trying Review by: Nima 22/02/2017
This was a great way of trying the whole range of D.R. HARRIS shaving creams and compare them. I now know which ones I like the most.
Great product Review by: Phill 25/01/2017
Great way to try the D.R.Harris range which, I've found, is an excellent product.
Nice Selection Review by: Nathan 14/09/2016
The pack is a good way to trial to DR Harris range. Very good idea.
A great way to sample the full D.R. Harris range Review by: James 15/08/2016
What a great way to sample the entire range, haven't been able to decide on a favourite yet, as I am slowly picking my way through them. What a great idea @ mensbiz for making their own samplers. Wish you did it for all brands :)
Convenient, classic, affordable! Review by: Dr Chop 11/05/2016
What an amazing selection of scents, from the classic barber's chair aroma to a modern-day hipster's scent! Love the convenient size & classy packaging. A must for a barber on the run like myself!
GREAT WAY TO KNOW D.R.HARRIS Review by: Mitch 9/03/2016
I have only been shaving with a brush and cream/soap for a few months now, but am loving the products out there. I have always wet shaved with just my hand and gel in a pressured can, but have recently been told that it is really harmful for the skin and a brush works much better. So to understand what type of scents products were out there, this Harris sample pack was a great way to start! Not all of the scents were for me, but the with the size of the containers, it doesn't really matter if I don't use the whole pot. They are also great little travel packs (just buy a full size container of the cream I like and re-fill it myself!) Great stuff from Men's Biz. Keep it up!
Great Concept - Nice work, Men's Biz! Review by: TomG 4/03/2016
I have been shaving for the last few years with D.R. Harris soaps, so this was a no-brainer for me to sample their range of shaving creams. I am working my way through the range, and the small sample pots work great, especially if you shave in the shower.
Good Selection Review by: Dave 10/12/2015
Great selection of creams if you're not sure what to get. The Arlington and Marlborough would have to be my favorite scents from the pack.

I'll be ordering a larger versions of these for sure
Excellent decision maker Review by: Alex 16/11/2015
D.R. Harris' creams are great, all of them. But if you want a quick way to figure out which one smells right for you...then this is it! And don't knock the Rose, even my shaving brush loved it so much it turned pink!
First class Review by: Matthew 13/11/2015
Very happy with variety and selection. A must try!
Best way to sample Harris' entire range. Review by: Alex 24/06/2015
I used to be a fan of Trumper, but Harris creams take shaving to a new level. After using these samples, Harris is IMO makes the BEST shaving cream on the market. Mensbiz have done an excellent job creating these samples and this is an excellent way to sample the entire range, plus you will easily get at least 6 shaves from each pot. I also find that the fragrance is more refined with Harris. Arlington is a refined lemon woody smell, Marlborough is a light wood, Windsor is hardcore wood/smokey wood, Almond smells like Marzipan, Rose and Lavender are self explanatory... While Eucalyptus is something unique indeed, something best used in the morning, as it has a fairly strong menthol effect on the skin. Having said that, it is still quite gentle and soothing at the same time. If your on the fence about Harris, give the sample pack a try, you will not regret it.
The best shaving creams I've tried, all excellent products. Review by: John 15/06/2014
Thank you Men's Biz for your customary prompt delivery. This is a good way to sample a range of products without having to purchase a full sized container before having tried it. So far I have tried one of each product per day to get a feel of the one I like most and will purchase when all the samples are used up. As all of the D.R.Harris shaving creams I have tried so far are excellent, the decision is quite hard, so a second run through will be needed, at the moment the Eucalyptus is a nose in front. It's good to have a business such as yours where I can rely on prompt service and quality products, without having to go through a supermarket
Some of the best creams I've tried Review by: Moran 14/04/2014
I have been sampling many different shave creams lately so can tell you that the D R Harris range really surprised me. Very good creams. Good lather and a really nice moisturised feel post shave. I'd rate them up there with the Trumpers and the Acqua Di Palma for a lot less money. You can't lose with these sample packs. A great way to try out a good quality cream
A different shave everyday. Review by: Karl 25/12/2013
Best decision I have had when it comes to choosing a cream.

I am yet to try them all but I like the choice in the variety. It makes every shave different and each cream feels different.

This is the best way to find out what cream I want to purchase for later.

I might even try the Taylor of Old Bond Street sampler pack as well.

For the size and amount you get it is worth the little extra money you would pay for just one cream.
Best way to sample the entire collection! Review by: Anthony 8/12/2013
What better way to sample the entire D.R. Harris collection than this collection.

For a fraction of the cost you can try out the entire range and decide what is / isn't for you before taking the plunge.

I think the entire range is fantastic and it's well worth the price.

Thanks Mensbiz for offering this sampler pack!
Great introduction into the range variations. Review by: John 16/10/2013
I have been using D R Harris for several years but only purchase the Arlington each time. This gives you a great opportunity to try others in the range. Great idea. Sample size gives you about one week of shaving for each.
Do yourself a favour and try this sampler.. Review by: Lach 21/09/2013
Some of the best shaving cream I have used, great lather, performance, scent(s), everything. You won't be disappointed with this sampler.
Shaving Goodness Review by: Paul 18/09/2013
The Rose and Purple are my favourites and really are buitiful. Was supprised how little you need. The Marbourough I wasnt too keen on - most likely I could only visualise (olfactory wise) cigarettes so I am sure that put me off it. Weird I know. Almond is alright. Worth a try and is great as a little "sample" pack for any guests who come over. Instant class for those who dont want to share their Mitchells Wool Fat soap! Oh yeah.
great way to test out the range without having to pick and choose. Review by: William 10/06/2013
I'm new to wet shaving and have previously only used a cheap shave cream I got from woolies, these are excellent little products. I can easily see myself getting at least 6-8 shaves out of each tub. I will be buying the sampler again just to have some small tubs on hand for when I travel. I'm getting an excellent lather out of each one, the almond and rose have the best lather so far. I have sensitive skin and am yet to have any bad reactions to any of the creams. Would highly recommend.


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