Clear Sleeve for Shavette Razor

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This clear sleeve enables you to use any brand of Double Edge Blade in your DOVO Shavette Razor. All of the DOVO shavette razors have one of these included when you buy one - this is just for those who have lost or broken it. The clear sleeve replaces the older red sleeves, and will fit any shavette that previously held a red sleeve.


  • Replacement double edge razor blade sleeve.
  • For DOVO shavette razors.
  • Made in Germany.



Snap a Double Edge Blade in half. Open the sleeve and position the blade so that the holes line up with the notches in the sleeve (if positioned correctly, the blade should protrude slightly). Squeeze the sleeve closed making sure the blade does not move out of position. Carefully slide the sleeve into the shank of the DOVO Shavette Razor.