Cella Shaving Soap with Almond Oil, 150ml

Cella Shaving Soap with Almond Oil, 150ml

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Cella Crema Da Barba is a soft Italian shave soap with a mild almond scent. Handmade to a traditional family formula since 1899, this tallow-based soap explodes into a rich, slick, moisturising lather and is best used with a shaving brush. Made in Italy.

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Suitable for most skin types.


Use a shaving brush to work up a lather. Apply to beard and wait 2 minutes to allow hair to soften. Shave and rinse.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Tallow, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua (Water), Potassium Carbonate, Parfum (Fragrance).


Daily Shaving, Preventing Razor Burn, Preventing Ingrown Hairs, Preventing Razor Bumps, No Nick Shaving, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.


Ideally shave straight after a shower or hold a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes to soften the hairs.

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It’s Ok ... but there’s better. Review by: Andrew 31/05/2018
It’s a good shaving soap. Nice and easy to lather. However, there’s better products and despite using pre shave products it’s just not as smooth as other soap lathers. It’s priced well and a good product. Smells great ... there’s just better soaps for a smooth shave. Drys my skin put as well.
Lathers yo great Review by: Pete 7/05/2018
I was supposed to buy a different product to help assist shaving but I am happy that I purchased this instead as it feels great and lathers up very well! Nice scent too
Dries my skin out Review by: James 30/11/2017
For some reason this cream dries my skin out more than any of my other creams. It's a shame because I wanted to like this cream. It does lather well, the smell is not too strong, and the container has a cool design.
Nice Review by: Az 21/09/2017
Great value for money,lathers effortlessly and pleasant scent.
Great soap, especially for the price Review by: Jeff 10/05/2017
Lathers effortlessly into a rich and creamy lather, and leaves the face feeling smooth and moisturised.
The smell is on the sweet side (especially if you smell the puck), but it's quite pleasant in a lather. Even if you're not a fan of the scent, it doesn't last too long on the skin, especially if you use aftershave or cologne.
Definitely would recommend, as it is great value for money.
GREAT SOAP Review by: Jason 19/03/2017
I'll admit, I bought this after watching someone on Youtube using it and thought the container looked great. I'm not that keen on almond scent, but I don't find the scent overpowering in this. It lathers up beautifully with my horse hair brush and it gives a nice glide for you razor. This soap would be a great addition to anyone's collection.
VERY GOOD Review by: Chris 15/02/2017
An awesome shaving soap and great value. Highly recommended!
Awesome Review by: Kurve67 7/12/2016
Lathers up a storm. Helps cover up my horrendous technique!
The Benchmark Review by: Mr. G 9/11/2016
Cella is incredible considering the price.

Performance is unmatched and I've tried dozens of well known established brands. My new everyday and the benchmark soap for me.

Highlight is the slickness & smell of the product and this is coming form someone who uses feather blades in a Murkur Futur, the most aggressive DE shave combos out there.

PS, this soap is extraordinary when made into a super lather with a good shave cream.
HELL YEAH Review by: Chris 17/09/2016
Cella is, simply put, an amazing little hockey puck of almond awesome. Here's three simple reasons why:

1. Lathers well. Really well. In the presence of more than three water molecules, this stuff explodes outwards like a claymore mine stuffed with a rich almond-y foam and not, you know, murderous ball bearings.

2. Produces a thick, protective lather. So far this is the only shaving soap that provides a layer thick and cushiony enough to allow one of those godlessly sharp Feather blades to cut through just my facial hair, rather than the usual neck-collarbone-ribcage-pelvis trajectory those damn things keep trying to burrow through.

3. Doesn't have a ridiculous name like "The Right Honourable His Grace The Admiral Phineus Q. Flabblebottom's Olde Tyme Lemon Lime Bay Rum and Kale Facial Depillatorium Creme". It's just 'Cella'. Put it on your face and scrape that damn hair off and get on with your life!
Undercooked Review by: Jon from Sydney 12/08/2016
My little red tub of croap I puchased earlier this year from the Sydney store was a dissapointment. It was not "cooked" enough to allow the ingredients to combine to form a croap. Rather it consisted of yellow goo and little white round balls below the skin of the surface.
Lathers easily Review by: Ro 2/07/2016
Like the almond smell, and lathers up easily. Leaves a nice smooth feel on my face after shaving.
Awesome. Review by: MattJ 8/06/2016
Initially I was neither here nor there with regard to the scent, but I grew to really like it and its something I look forward to now. The soap itself is really excellent, its got everything you want, cushion, glide, and leaves the skin feeling great. Top soap.
Lathers well Review by: Hugh 4/06/2016
Easy to use, pleasant smelling and protective. And it relatively cheap. A real winner.
A slick winner! Review by: Michael 26/04/2016
Just receive this the other week, as I wanted something different to the Proraso white version. This stuff is really good, slight almond smell and yes it has a marzipan smell. Not too strong and over bearing. It lathers up quite well and slick. The bowl itself could be a bit larger as it is hard to load up on the brush. Overall excellent!
Classic Italian Review by: Damian 7/04/2016
Cella is a fantastic product. As soon as you open the tub you can tell that the original recipe has not changed. It hits you with a soothing marzipan scent.The lather it creates is simply superb and provides excellent protection and glide, even on numerous passes.

What really sells cella for me is the post shave feel. The almond oil provides excellent protection during the shave which leads to a soft, moisturized face for the entire day.
Love this stuff, my new 'regular' Review by: Andrew 7/03/2016
Highly recommend this stuff, especially for Proraso fans who want a change up - my regular has been Proraso Sandalwood for nearly three years, early days yet but I think Cella may have bumped it out of this position.

Both excellent soaps, the Cella lathers up slightly thicker/glossier than the Proraso. The smell is really nice and not overpowering. 5 stars!
My "GoTo" Shaving Soap! Review by: Mark 4/01/2016
Cella Crema Da Barba is such a beautiful refreshing and utilitarian shaving soap. It ticks all the right boxes for me. Scent, consistency, (right to the last dab at the bottom of the pot) and lather all in one very inexpensive soap. Every morning I indulge myself with this great Italian Shaving soap, and then great Italian Coffee!! Bot of which have some of the most attractive aromas in the world! There seems to be some things Italians excel at. Cella, I love it!!
yes 5 stars Review by: Gregory 3/12/2015
5 stars for value and performance .All the hype is true .. lathers furiously,gives a fab shave,and that intense almond aroma is an event every time the well designed pot is opened,and costs about the same as 2 beers.A brilliant back up for when the high end potions ( and the dollars ) are getting low.
Excellent Soap Review by: Brendan 26/11/2015
This was my first foray into shaving soaps, and it is a beauty. Cella loads quickly into a rich, cushiony lather with a pleasant cherry-almond scent that reminds me of almond croissants. (Minus the pastry.) Highly recommended.
Brilliant! Review by: Persistenceofloss 2/04/2015
Simply brilliant shave cream. Lathers thick and fast. The smell is strong almond (like Trumpers) with a hint of lolly sweet. Even after using this on a daily basis, it has not budged, so I expect this will last a good year at this rate. A hint for getting the most from this, lather directly in the pot itself for a good 20-30 seconds with a hot brush, then lather directly onto the face. Also a brilliant product for those new to straight/DE shaving, if you cut yourself with Cella, then your technique is wrong.
Great Italian shaving soap Review by: Philip 30/03/2015
I agree with previous reviewers. Great performing soap at a reasonable price. Post shave feeling on the face is very smooth.
AMAZING Review by: PJ 24/03/2015
An excellent soap that provides an amazing thick creamy lather that has a scent which I can't stop smelling! Excellent BBS shaves using Cella. Highly recommended.
Cella Bella Review by: John 30/12/2014
I used Cella for the first time this morning and it is already on of my favourites. I have used TOBS and Trumpers, both of which I like but the explosion of " whipped cream" lather from Cella was remarkable as was the protection. I am new to wet shaving and this was my fourth shave. For the first time there was no nicks. This could be my technique improving however I felt it was partly due to the Cella soap. I loaded up my brush from the puck and lathered up on my face. The scent is very marzipan but not overpowering and disappears quickly after a face wash. While I think I have an addiction to shave creams and soaps Cella will be used more often than the others. I started using real creams and soaps while still using a cartridge razor. The first load up with Cella has hardly made a dent in the puck so it will last a long time. Great value for a quality product.
Classica Italia Review by: Ben 1/12/2014
Arguably the greatest thing out of Italia since Benito Mussolini, this low priced, high performing Soap is one for the ages. Its 'non ti preoccupare' forgiveness with aqua/soap ratio was first class, resulting in a lather not unlike a Swiss Meringue that has been gently kissed with a blowtorch.
The scent was classic Marzipan, which arouses the Olfactory glands like no other, especially prior to my 5am Bircher.
dat lather Review by: Henry 1/04/2014
lathers like a champ, and smells really good, pretty much exactly like marzipan.
Affordable performer Review by: Glock 11/02/2014
Can't be criticised in my view. The marzipan scent brings back memories of 'Granma's' Xmas cakes. Lathers easily and well here in Shanghai.
Great price, no fuss Review by: Tristen 10/03/2012
I must say the predominant reason for trying this was the tremendous amount of positive reviews. Now I find myself contributing the same! It seems many reviewers are newbies into DE shaving but this is by no means a product for beginners. The small, sturdy tub seals well so great if you choose it in a travel pack, and inside it comes full to the brim with product. The first thing I noticed after removing the lid was the AMAZING smell! I have never smelt a product like this before, and to add to the insane liknesses, it does smell much like chewable lollies, perhaps as someone has already commented "Starbursts". Although my wife's quick smell of it was quite the opposite, likening it to cough syrup medicine. Luckily she doesn't have to shave her beard too often.

The soap is soft enough to be pliable, yet hard enough to work up a great lather in the bowl with your badger brush without the soap disappearing. Subsequently, it seems I will be enjoying the smell and my wife annoyed by the smell for some time to come. It creates a thick and luxurious lather and I have no trouble with it whether you worry about the water hardness in your end of the world. Really it comes down to a good brush, badger hair all the way and truly the best solution if you are wanting to have a result with DE shaving. The shorter the ingredients list the better also, in my opinion which this one ticks all the boxes. Hey, if they have been doing this since 1899, then surely they have it right. Price is amazing too, truly hard to find a negative about this product. Whether you are dubious about this being a favourite, I urge anyone to at least give it a try first and allow yourself to be impressed. Any addictions to smelling it to get your fix and through the day might make you seem like a weirdo, so goodluck with that.
Gives a great shave Review by: Chris 10/03/2012
My skin loved it, my nose not so much. Maybe it's just me, but I hardly got any almond scent out of it at all. Amazing shave though.
A very nice shaving soap Review by: Hugh 9/03/2012
I really enjoy using this soap. It is quick and easy to build a good lather, and I'm a fan of the marzipan scent. It is also great value.
Excellent Italian shaving cream/soap Review by: Gus 16/02/2012
This product comes in a very functional and well presented screw top container. It's not quite a soap but also not quite a cream. It's a classic almond scent. I mainly use a Simpson's Wee Scot and have absolutely no difficulty in creating an excellent lather with this product. Cella is also very kind to my skin and leaves my face feeling pampered after every shave. Cella will always have a place in my shaving kit. It's a high quality product that is provided at a very low price. Fantastic value.
A great product - must have soap Review by: Mark1966 1/02/2012
There is not much that hasn't been said about Cella. It is one of the all-time classic soft Italian soaps and deservedly so.
Almost a hybrid between a soap and cream this soft tallow based soap lathers easily and well providing a smooth glide and great protection. The almond/marzipan smell is sooooo Italian and takes me back to my trip to Rome but is not to everybody's taste. If that is the case the good news is that it doesn't last that long and you can finish off with an aftershave of your choice.

The bottom line is that this is a great product at a good price (especially the 1kg) and available in Australia so no expensive shipping! Everybody should try Cella at least once, although if you do I doubt you will only try it once!
A little bit goes a long way Review by: Brad 15/01/2012
I've been really impress with this product. Previously I'duse the cream out of the cannisters but this stuff is amazing. A little bit goes a really long way. It smells great, creates a rich lather and works perfect.

Would recommend and buy again.
Highly recommended Review by: Ben 8/01/2012
This italian-made red puck is my new go-to. After being satisfied with Taylor of Old Bond Street products for the last three years, I was pinching pennies so I decided to try Cella. The fragrance is quite strong, yet very pleasant and unique. I usually prefer products with a light scent, but this simply smells so good. An almond-sized amount produces enough creamy lather for three passes, so I expect this to last 12 months minimum. I highly recommend this for beginners too.
Not the best in hardwater Review by: Anon 20/12/2011
First up this was with my selection with the kit for my first foray into DE shaving. I neglected to read the bit that said 'soap'.

I though the lather was good until I used my GFT sample cream which produced such a dense thick smooth lather, much better than the cella. Adelaide has notoriously hard water which may not be allowing this soap to live up to its potential. It's not a bad product, but there may be better choices if you live in an area with hard water.
Love that smell! Review by: Daniel 15/10/2011
this was my first soap for my first shave. I love it. The smell is the best! performs brilliantly. can't say much more, just buy this, its the one and only.
awesome product Review by: Wylie 12/10/2011
this stuff is just great. instantly explodes into a rich, thick lather. performs way better than products 3 and 4 times the cost. recommend to all.
Believe the hype, Cella is fantastic. Review by: Ant 9/10/2011
I was a Proraso convert and always order my shaving supplies here. This time I decided to try this because of all the praise that it gets amongst the shave geeks in the forums. And I must say that as usual, the geeks were right.

I think this rivals Tabac in terms of a rich, cushioned lather and it beats my beloved Proraso in every way.

My advice is to buy two of these (one for yourself and one for the other people in your household that will inevitably pinch it off you).
Perfection Review by: Mark in Adelaide 9/10/2011
Cella creates a thick, gooey lather with a strong almond smell. I keep passing over other top-shelf soaps to use the Cella. A classic product.
Ah Cella Review by: Sean 29/09/2011
I've been using Cella for going on six months now and it is still in my regular rotation, being that it offers great protection, lathers exceptionally easily and is long lasting.

Cella does have a singular aroma (almond/marzipan for some people, red Starburst flavour for me) but its a fantastic all around soap.

I do find that Cella needs quite a bit more work to rinse out of the brush at the end of the shave, particularly for the silvertip brush (as opposed to the boar which rinses readily), but its certainly not a significant issue.

For a no-brainer addition to the shave den at a fantastic price, you can hardly go past Cella.
Awsome explosion of goodness Review by: Fylp 28/09/2011
I have used a traditional tube shave cream I get from Coles over the past few years and new realised there was anything better. I felt like a wanker spending this on shave soap, but OMG just had the best shave of my life. Only dabbed in my brush and could have shaved 4 faces easily. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Beginners will love how easy this is to lather Review by: Matt 26/09/2011
I'd heard online this stuff was good so I ordered some (very reasonably priced with fast delivery). I was not disappointed.

I loaded up the brush and put a drop of water in the shaving mug and BOOM! It exploded into a fluffy, frothy mass of lathery deliciousness. Just an amazingly rich and creamy and dense protective lather. Yes there was that whiff of almondy/marzipan but I found that disappeared after a rinse entirely.


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