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Tauerville Flash

Designed to complement Andy Tauer’s main line of fragrances, Tauer Perfumes, Tauerville Flash Series is an outlet for serious perfumes at a great price, where creativity and joyful expression is key. The inimitable Tauer DNA is present, defined by smaller batches, a bit of fun, and a singular focus on notes as opposed to grand narratives.

Take Rose Flash, the confectioner's rose. The usual sober rose is sketched in neon colours, enlivened with spices and amber to give it a sweet and chewy feel in beautiful long lasting extrait de parfum concentration. Or Vanilla Flash, which is a vanilla that you can actually wear, balanced with a mature dose of cool, refreshing and slightly smoky tobacco.

  • Highly regarded independent Swiss niche perfumery.

  • A well-priced offshoot brand intended to complement Tauer Perfumes.

  • Fragrances that focus on singular notes and accords that pack a punch, without losing a giddy sense of fun.

  • Check out Vanilla Flash, a very worthwhile signature scent.




  • Exclusive within Australia at Men’s Biz.
  • Convenient travel sized 30mL bottles.
  • Independent Swiss Niche Perfumery.
  • Must have fragrance? Vanilla Flash.

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    Fruitchouli Flash EDP Spray, 30ml

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