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A Swiss wonder, Andy Tauer is a chemist turned self-taught perfumer. Completely independent and representing the epitome of niche perfumery, Tauer emphasises this fact with a generosity of ingredients and unfettered creative expression in his style. Unconstrained by market demands and free to utilise an abundance of high quality natural ingredients, he creates memorable, distinctive, and long lasting works. 

The characteristic style of Andy Tauer’s perfumery is luxurious, richly dosed, and luminous, with an intention to create evocative works that live and develop on the skin with clear and distinct stages: fragrant sculptures. 

Pay particular attention to L’Air du Désert Marocain, a modern cult classic revered universally for its power to arouse the senses and capture the smell of dry Maghreb desert air, hot sand, and exotic spice markets.

  • Highly regarded and award-winning independent Swiss niche perfumery.
  • Most noted for L’Air du Désert Marocain, an exemplary Woody Oriental fragrance. But also pay attention to Andy’s various rose fragrance, who sublimates them into masterpieces.
  • Each fragrance comes packaged with a hand signed card from the perfumer.
  • Look out for Tauer’s ‘Perfume in a Soap’, vegan glycerine soaps of ultra-high perfume content.





  • Exclusive within Australia at Men’s Biz.
  • Award Winning.
  • Independent Swiss Niche Perfumery.
  • Also check out Tauerville, a diffusion line of fragrances. 
  • Must have fragrance? The customer favourite L’Air du Désert Marocain.

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  1. Tauer

    Cologne du Maghreb EDC Spray, 50ml

  2. Men's Biz

    Tauer Fragrance Samples: 1ml

    As low as $4.00
  3. Tauer

    Phtaloblue EDP Spray, 50ml

  4. Tauer

    L'Air des Alpes Suisses EDP Spray, 50ml

  5. Tauer

    L'Oudh EDP Spray, 50ml

  6. Tauer

    Attar AT Perfume Oil, 5ml

  7. Tauer

    Vetiver Dance EDT Spray, 50ml

  8. Tauer

    Data Miner Soap, 100g

  9. Tauer

    Majestic Tuberose Soap, 100g

  10. Tauer

    Mandarines Ambrées Soap, 100g

  11. Tauer

    Au Coeur du Desert Parfum Spray, 50ml

  12. Tauer

    Le Maroc Pour Elle EDP Spray, 50ml

  13. Tauer

    L'Air Du Desert Marocain EDT Intense Spray, 50ml

  14. Tauer

    Lonestar Memories EDT Spray, 50ml

  15. Tauer

    Incense Extreme EDP Spray, 50ml

  16. Tauer

    Incense Rose EDP Spray, 50ml

  17. Tauer

    Orange Star EDP Spray, 50ml

  18. Tauer

    PHI-Une Rose De Kandahar EDP Spray, 50ml

  19. Tauer

    Gardenia Sotto La Luna EDP Spray, 50ml

  20. Tauer

    Tuberose Sotto La Luna EDP Spray, 50ml

  21. Tauer

    Solar Engineer Soap, 100g


21 Items

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