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From the German firm Maurer and Wirtz, Tabac Original was created in 1959, and is a classic men's shaving range with a sharp, masculine fragrance - it is incomparable, and bears an unmistakable aroma. Tabac - in a word: trustworthy. It works. Tabac has a vintage mood about it, definitely masculine, definitely of a different time, but nonetheless a solidly crafted piece of work. It encapsulates the fascination of male fragrances to create scents that resemble expensive floral soap and subtle sweet dust, achieved with a generous dosage of bright aldehydes and pure lavender wrapped in a barbershop-flavoured herb-citrus-moss accord. This is fractured with tobacco and spice, which overall gives the scent a confident quality without descending into vulgarity or loudness. A firm piece of perfuming history, it is obligatory.


  • A well-loved aftershave, now expanded to a diverse range of toilettries.
  • Tabac Original: a spicy, vintage floral reminiscent of barbershops of yesteryear.
  • Made in Germany.

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  1. Tabac

    Original After Shave Lotion Splash, 50ml

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  2. Tabac

    Original Eau De Toilette Spray, 100ml

  3. Tabac

    Original Deodorant Stick, 75ml

  4. Tabac

    Original Luxury Hand & Body Soap, 100g

  5. Tabac

    Original Shaving Cream Tube, 100ml

  6. Tabac

    Original After Shave Lotion Splash, 100ml

  7. Tabac

    Original Shaving Soap with Bowl, 125g

  8. Tabac

    Original Eau De Cologne Splash, 100ml

  9. Tabac

    Original Shaving Foam, 200ml

  10. Tabac

    Original Deodorant Spray, 200ml

  11. Tabac

    Original Anti-Perspirant Spray, 200ml

  12. Tabac

    Original Pre Electric Shave Lotion, 100ml

  13. Tabac

    Original After Shave Balm, 75ml


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