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Supply is a reactionary American brand responding to sub-par products that constantly underperform and breakdown. Founded by husband-and-wife team Patrick and Jennifer, Supply make shaving implements and products from bottom-up, from design, development, and craft with the finest materials. Obsessively dedicated to quality, durability, and functionality: if it's not hard working, long lasting, and ruggedly handsome - they don’t make it.

Supply's most noteworthy product is The Single Edge 2.0, a customisable single-edged razor with all the benefits of a double edge: including a closer, smoother, irritation-less shave, less plastic waste, and affordability in the long run. Suitable for all skill levels and all skin types, this razor is a highly attractive and ultra-sleek device made from die-cast zinc alloy with a durable and handsome coating.


  • Founded in 2015
  • Highly praised and award-winning single-edge razor.
  • Made in the USA

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    The Single Edge 2.0 Alloy Razor: Classic Matte

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    Single Edge Razor Stand: Classic Matte

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    The Single Edge Travel Case: Bourbon

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    Single Edge Blades (8-pack)


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