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The Speick range of men's grooming products champions sustainability first and foremost. Responding to the dangers of environmental damage by creating a range of natural products that care for the health of both the user and the planet. Speick products satisfy some of the highest organic and natural ingredient certifications, winning the German Sustainability Award in 2013.

Their range of grooming products utilise the inconspicuous Speick plant, from which the products derive their name, grows high up in the Austrian Alps. In autumn, local farmers gather a carefully monitored number of these little plants by hand, in a harvest known as the "Speick Sting". Speick is a traditional, medicinal plant and its fresh, herbal extracts are ideal for even the most sensitive skin.

The active ingredients in the Speick Men and Men Active range provide long-lasting moisture, protect against environmental stress factors and restore the skin's balance, generous with natural plant extracts.


  • Utilises sustainable and organic botanical ingredients
  • Energising and refreshing formulas
  • Made in Germany

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  1. Speick

    Men Intensive Cream, 50ml

  2. Men's Biz

    Speick Men Fragrance Samples: 1ml

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  3. Speick

    Men Shower Gel, 250ml

  4. Speick

    Men Eau de Toilette, 50ml

  5. Speick

    Men Sensitive After Shave Balm, 100ml

  6. Speick

    Men After Shave Lotion, 100ml

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    Men Shaving Soap Stick, 50g

  8. Speick

    Men Shaving Cream, 75ml

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    Men Deodorant Stick, 40ml

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    Original Soap, 100g

  11. Speick

    Men Active Shampoo, 150ml

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    Men Active Deodorant Stick, 40ml

  13. Speick

    Men Active Shaving Soap, 150g

  14. Speick

    Men Active Shaving Cream, 75ml

  15. Speick

    Men Active After Shave Lotion, 100ml

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    Men Active Hair & Body Shower Gel, 200ml

  17. Speick

    Men Active Deodorant Spray, 75ml

  18. Speick

    Men Active Roll-On Deodorant, 50ml

  19. Speick

    Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion, 100ml


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