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Shapton Glass Sharpening Stones are the finest ceramic water stones on the market. Made in Japan, Shapton sharpening stones are designed to last 4-5 times longer, require less flattening and cut faster than any other ceramic waterstone on the market.

Shapton's precision ground base allows you to use all of the media right down to the glass (which typically cracks and breaks with other waterstones as they become thin). Unlike similar hones, Shapton Glass Stones are made from a very dense media and do not need to be soaked in water prior to use - simply wet the surface and get to work immediately.


  • Highly regarded fine ceramic water sharpening stones
  • Perfect for sharpening straight razors
  • Made in Japan

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  1. Shapton

    Glass Stone Pond

  2. Shapton

    Glass Stone High Carbon (HC): 8000 Grit

  3. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 1000 Grit

  4. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 500 Grit

  5. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 30000 Grit

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  6. Shapton

    Glass Diamond Lapping Plate

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    Glass Stone: HR 2000 Grit

  8. Shapton

    Glass Stone High Carbon (HC): 4000 Grit

  9. Shapton

    Glass Stone Holder

  10. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 16000 Grit

  11. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 8000 Grit

  12. Shapton

    Glass Stone: HR 4000 Grit


12 Items

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