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An Italian barbershop staple, and the oldest manufacturers of barbershop products in Italy, Proraso products are rich in natural vegetable extracts, while free of colourants, parabens, silicones and animal ingredients. All dermatologically tested, the classic green, white, and red assortment of shaving creams, soaps, pre-shaves, and post shave balms ensure every man and his facial hair are catered for.

The tingle of eucalyptus and menthol in the green range makes for a refreshing experience on the skin. The red range is rich in shea butter and provides exceptional cushioning and softening properties for the skin, and the zesty aroma of the white range is designed for sensitive skin types. Additionally, Proraso's range of scented beard oils, from wood and spice to azure lime, tame even the coarsest of beards, leaving it shiny and subtly fragrant.

  • An iconic Italian barbershop product founded in 1908.
  • Offers a full and complete shaving experience: different men means different products.
  • Try the original green range of shaving products: it's like a refreshing slap from the Godfather himself. The pre-shave cream is Proraso's longest serving, and most revered product.




  • Uncomplicated and unfussy shaving products
  • An affordable Italian barbershop staple
  • Makers of traditional Italian style soft soaps
  • Made in Italy

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  1. Proraso

    Moustache Brush and Comb Set

  2. Proraso

    Pro Disposable Blade Shavette Razor

    Special Price $89.00 Regular Price $99.95
  3. Proraso

    After Shave Atomiser

    Special Price $69.00 Regular Price $79.95
  4. Proraso

    Military Brush: Nylon & Boar

  5. Proraso

    Shave Travel Kit

  6. Proraso

    Greatest Hits Gift Pack

    Special Price $55.00 Regular Price $62.85
  7. Proraso

    Pre-Shave Cream: Blue, 100ml

  8. Proraso

    Post Shave Powder Dispenser, 600ml

  9. Proraso

    Post Shave Powder, 100g

  10. Proraso

    Pre-Shave Cream: White, 100ml

  11. Proraso

    Styptic Razor Repair Gel, 10ml

  12. Proraso

    Pre-Shave Cream: Green, 300ml

  13. Proraso

    After Shave Lotion: Green, 100ml

  14. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Sensitive, 100ml

  15. Proraso

    Pre-Shave Cream: Green, 100ml

  16. Proraso

    Shaving Cream Tube: Green, 150ml

  17. Proraso

    Shaving Soap Bowl: Green, 150ml

  18. Proraso

    Shaving Soap Bowl: White, 150ml

  19. Proraso

    Shaving Cream Tube: Green, 500ml

  20. Proraso

    After Shave Lotion: Red, 400ml

  21. Proraso

    After Shave Lotion: Green, 400ml

  22. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Blue, 300ml

  23. Proraso

    Shaving Cream: Azur Lime, 275ml

  24. Proraso

    Shaving Cream: Cypress & Vetyver, 275ml

  25. Proraso

    Shaving Cream: Wood and Spice, 275ml

  26. Proraso

    Beard Oil: Refreshing, 30ml

  27. Proraso

    Beard Wash: Refreshing, 200ml

  28. Proraso

    Beard Balm: Refreshing, 100ml

  29. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Cypress & Vetyver, 100ml

  30. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Azur Lime, 100ml

  31. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Wood and Spice, 100ml

  32. Proraso

    Beard Wash: Cypress & Vetyver, 200ml

  33. Proraso

    Beard Wash: Azur Lime, 200ml

  34. Proraso

    Beard Wash: Wood and Spice, 200ml

  35. Proraso

    Beard Oil: Cypress & Vetyver, 30ml

  36. Proraso

    Beard Oil: Azur Lime, 30ml

  37. Proraso

    Beard Balm: Cypress & Vetyver, 100ml

  38. Proraso

    Beard Balm: Azur Lime, 100ml

  39. Proraso

    Beard Exfoliating Paste: Mint and Rosemary, 100ml

  40. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: White, 300ml

  41. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Red, 300ml

  42. Proraso

    Shaving Foam: Green, 300ml

  43. Proraso

    After Shave Lotion: Red, 100ml

  44. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Refresh, 100ml

  45. Proraso

    Shaving Cream Tube: White, 150ml

  46. Proraso

    Pre-Shave Cream: Red, 100ml

  47. Proraso

    Hot Oil Beard Treatment: Wood and Spice, 4 x 17ml

  48. Proraso

    Beard Balm: Wood and Spice, 100ml

  49. Proraso

    Moustache Wax: Wood and Spice, 15ml

  50. Proraso

    Beard Oil: Wood and Spice, 30ml

  51. Proraso

    Shaving Cream Tube: Blue, 150ml

  52. Proraso

    After Shave Balm: Protect, 100ml

  53. Proraso

    Shaving Soap Bowl: Red, 150ml

  54. Proraso

    Shaving Cream Tube: Red, 150ml

  55. Proraso

    Post Shave Alum, 100g


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