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Fragrance at its most maximal, Nasomatto (Crazy Nose in Italian) emphasises one's raw experience with scent, crafting fragrant works with bold features and notes. The nose of the house, Alessandro Gualtieri, is a highly idiosyncratic perfumer with a dramatic edge, revealed through the fragrance's intense extrait de parfum concentration and their sheer raw quality.

Black Afgano is undoubtedly Nasomatto's most famous scent, capturing the intoxicating and addictive qualities of narcotic hashish, tobacco, coffee and oud. Black Afghano has an intense gravity that makes for memorable wearing. Duro achieves this to similar effect, with a dry and long-lasting woody length to the work. The later Baraonda has become an instant classic for whisky connoisseurs, with its fruity Scotch note supported with caramel, apple, and musk notes.

  • Maximal perfumery from the crazy nose himself, Alessando Gualtieri.
  • Concentrated perfumes with serious lasting power: a little goes a very long way.
  • With Black Afgano and Baraonda as noteworthy cult favourites, don't miss out on the sparkling industrial glow of Silver Musk, the happy accident that is Blamage, or the intensely creamy and carnal intensity of Narcotic Venus, generous in its dosage of tuberose and jasmine.
  • Attractive and very covetable bottles are made to be displayed.


  • Unapologetic and maximal perfumery.
  • Concentrated extrait de parfum format.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Must try fragrances? Black Afgano and Baraonda.

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