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Founded in 2003, Montale is an exotic French fragrance house where the tradition of opulent and generous Middle Eastern perfumery is seen through a decidedly European prism. The most memorable scents from Montale allows the spirit of the rare oud note to sing, making its exotic and unmistakable presence known gently and persistently. With a high concentration of rare oils, these long-lasting fragrances are contained in attractive aluminium bottles to preserve the integrity of their unique character.

Situated at the nexus of these two cultures, Montale fragrances are an approachable exotic luxury, making them perfect for those new to both niche perfumery and wanting to explore the many facets of oud-based perfumes. Black Aoud captures this mindset. It is a modern cult classic with a sense of drama, like an exotic elixir with the old leathery feel of labdanum, deep oud wood, incense and fresh spices and rose. There's also the instantly likeable Intense Cafe, which bottles the fantasy of freshly brewed coffee.

  • Complex Middle Eastern style fragrances with a discernible approachable quality.
  • Montale Perfumes is known as the French ambassador of oud.
  • Perfumer Pierre Montale began making scents for royalty in Saudi Arabia.
  • Both Black Aoud and Intense Cafe are modern cult classics, and should not be missed. But also look out for Arabians, a very well put together leather-lavender fragrance.
  • The aluminium bottles are the ideal vessel for storing fragrance, protecting them from UV damage.




  • The 'French ambassador of oud'.
  • Middle Eastern style fragrances.
  • Powerful and bold luxury fragrances.
  • Must try fragrance? Black Aoud.

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