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The award-winning men-u skin and hair care line combines the finest ingredients with the latest manufacturing technology. Along with innovative packaging, their unique range addresses the specific characteristics of men, resulting in noticeable improvements.

Made with travelling in mind, the high performance, ultra-concentrated range of products deliver top performance and a large number of applications - up to 4 months from a single bottle. Each men-u product has a pump to provide accurate dosage of the ultra concentrated formulas and deliver maximum results with minimal wastage. The inbuilt locking mechanism also prevents accidental spills while travelling. Men-u packaging is fully recyclable and neither the products nor the ingredients have not been tested on animals.

men-u's Matt Moisturiser is a highly popular product made with oily, problematic skin in mind. Its mattifying formula controls oil production, reduces shine, and fights free radical damage. In addition, their Healthy Face Wash harnesses powerful tea tree oil, which acts as a natural astringent that cleanses and clarifies the skin. Their 'buddy' products - 15mL tubes - are the perfect travel products and is a great way to sample the range.




  • Ultra concentrated, no nonsense grooming products
  • High performance active ingredients
  • Award winning
  • Made in the UK

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  1. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme Refill, 100ml

  2. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Matt Moisturiser Refill, 100ml

  3. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Healthy Facial Wash Refill, 100ml

  4. men-u

    Matt Skin Refresh Gel, 100ml

  5. men-u

    Create and Shape, 100ml

  6. men-u

    Clay, 100ml

  7. men-u

    Muscle Fibre Paste, 100ml

  8. men-u

    Facial Moisturiser Lift Buddy, 15ml

  9. men-u

    Healthy Facial Wash Buddy, 15ml

  10. men-u

    Daily Moisturising Conditioner, 100ml

  11. men-u

    Daily Refresh Shampoo, 100ml

  12. men-u

    Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo, 100ml

  13. men-u

    Stripes Toiletry Bag: Blue, White, Black

  14. men-u

    Shave Creme Buddy, 15ml

  15. men-u

    SLIC (Smooth Leave-In Conditioner), 100ml

  16. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Facial Moisturiser Lift, 100ml

  17. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Healthy Facial Wash, 100ml

  18. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Shave Creme, 100ml

  19. men-u

    Ultra Concentrate Matt Moisturiser, 100ml

  20. men-u

    Stripes Toiletry Bag: Blue, White, Yellow

  21. men-u

    Spray Fix, 100ml

  22. men-u

    Liquifflex, 100ml

  23. men-u

    Shave Facial Trio, 3 x 100ml

    Special Price $64.95 Regular Price $88.85
  24. men-u

    Matt Pack, 3 x 15ml

    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $21.95
  25. men-u

    D-TOX Deep Clean Clay Mask Buddy, 15ml

  26. men-u

    Matt Skin Refresh Gel Buddy, 15ml

  27. men-u

    Matt Moisturiser Buddy, 15ml

  28. men-u

    Matt Refresh & Moisturise Set, 3 x 15ml

    Special Price $14.95 Regular Price $19.95
  29. men-u

    3 Minute D-TOX, 100ml


29 Items

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