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The ultimate brand for those who shave their head, if you shave your head regularly, you need a HeadBlade head shaver, which champions functionality and ease-of-use above all else. Unlike a conventional razor, the HeadBlade ATX makes your hand (and fingers) the handle, giving you much more control over what you're doing, winning it numerous design awards. When combined with HeadSlick Shave Cream, a smooth and effortless head shave is the result.




  • A complete range of shaving gear made for head-shavers
  • Easy to use and apply
  • HeadLube products offer effective moisturisers for the scalp
  • American made

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  1. HeadBlade

    HeadSlick Shave Cream, 237ml

  2. HeadBlade

    ATX Head Shaver Kit

  3. HeadBlade

    HB6 Refill Blades (4)

  4. HeadBlade

    ATX All Terrain Razor

  5. HeadBlade

    HB4 Refill Blades (4)

  6. HeadBlade

    HeadLube Lotion: Glossy, 150ml

  7. HeadBlade

    HeadLube Lotion: Matte, 150ml


7 Items

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