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Originally established in order to restore the rich perfuming history of Oman, Amouage oozes absolute luxury and refinement. Situated at cultural crossroads, the brand harnesses both Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients and Continental techniques. The results are concentrated and powerful, with an overdose of exquisite raw materials that are handled masterfully. This ensures the notes are balanced and develop through well-defined stages.

No expense is spared - from inception to creation, Amouage fragrances are hand packed and housed in heavy crystal glass embellished with precious metals and Swarovski crystals. Then stored in a wooden box lined with velvet - the perfect storage vessel bringing to mind a cigar humidor. 

  • Amouage fragrances are diverse and inventive, yet are all marked by a powerful and concentrated composition. A little goes a long way.
  • The Amouage mentality of fusing cultural horizons is best encountered in Jubilation XXV. A scent of celebration, this scent champions Middle Eastern notes of oud, incense, and exotic spices, then fractured with honey and blackberry. These notes are all harnessed by the classically trained French master perfumer, Bertrand Duchaufour.
  • Also note Journey Man, which utilises the cackling note of tingling Sichuan pepper, smouldering with an elegant cigar note, tempered with the smooth counterpoint of honey. Interlude Man is the oud and incense lover’s dream, and injects these notes with the unctuous and herbal green of oregano. And finally, Epic Man is the aromatic fragrance reinvented. Inspired by the Silk Road, spice notes are charred over an agarwood-fuelled flame. 


  • Creme de la creme luxury perfumery.
  • No expense spared.
  • Must try fragrances? Jubilation XXV and Interlude Man.
  • Made in Oman and the UK.

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    Meander Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Enclave Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Interlude 53 Man Parfum Spray, 100ml

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    Imitation Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Interlude Black Iris Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Gold Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Lyric Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Beloved Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Portrayal Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Interlude Man Gift Set

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    Memoir Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Reflection Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Jubilation XXV EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Journey Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Interlude Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Honour Man EDP Spray, 100ml

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    Epic Man EDP Spray, 100ml


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