Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (5)

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (5)

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Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors and are known for their sharpness and durability. Widely used by barbers in Europe, these stainless steel blades come individually wrapped and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Each pack contains a total of 5 blades. Also available in larger 100 blade packs, which work out much cheaper. Made in Russia.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.

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Ok Review by: Julius 28/09/2018
These were sharper than Merkur for sure, but not as sharp or smooth than Personna in my experience.
SHARP AND CONSISTENT Review by: MIKE 14/06/2017
These blades are supremely thin and sharp. I use them on my head and they're ideal, although they can cause a few nicks if you're too keen. But great all-round.
Solid Blades Review by: Mitchell 26/04/2017
These blades are great. Well priced and well made.
Not as good as I hoped Review by: Graham 21/09/2016
For my beard type and skin, these are too rough and I look like I shaved with a cheese grater. I have a much better shave with Wilkinson Sword Classic or PolSilver - so if your experience is similar, maybe try those instead.
Excellent Review by: David 16/08/2016
First blade I tried. Have since tried Merkur, feather and Derby but keep coming back to these. Next up is a box of 100 to last me for the Ne t few years!
Affordable product Review by: Alex 4/05/2016
Great blade, doesn't last that many shaves but the price point is right!
Cheap and Friendly Review by: Gerald 19/03/2016
As used in my 34c these blades do the job albeit needing at least 3 to 4 passes to get BBS,will give them a further test in my 1904 and 33c and do another review.
They are cheap enough to only use four times each and friendly enough not to cause any nicks .
Excellent blade Review by: Peter 1/03/2016
This blade is sharp, forgiving, and cheap. I'm still deciding which brand is my favourite but at the moment this is in my top five (out of about 20)
Top DE blade Review by: Michael 6/10/2015
The Astras are my go to blade. I tried Feathers, Derbys and the truly dreadful Wilkinsons and a few others. The result: I bought a hundred Astras and have never regretted it for a minute. These are the best. Of course, YMMV; different hair and skin types may respond better to other brands. My advice: try a sample pack plus a few others
Top Notch Review by: jafc34 28/06/2015
I am new (6 months) to shaving this way and I got the Astra's as part of a sample pack with my Muhle R89. I find them to be very smooth and provide a very clean and sharp shave with no nicks or irritation and they come and at excellent price point
Smooth yet forgiving Review by: Willy 3/04/2015
A really good blade - not as sharp as Feathers but they are pretty smooth and won't tear your face to shreds. One of the most economical blades to buy too.
Not for a tough beard Review by: Craig 14/01/2015
Was keen to try as they are cheap in bulk and certainly have their die hard fans.

Was disappointed though. In all fairness I have a very tough, coarse beard that destroys blades - then again my beard is a good tester to find the toughest out there.

The shave had a 'blunt' feeling and required a lot of extra effort to clean up. It also felt bad on my skin and left it as such.

For a light beard these may be just what is needed. If you have a coarse and heavy beard, look for something sharper.
Sharp, not smooth. Review by: Steven 23/08/2014
Typically I find blades have to be two things: sharp and smooth.
With only sharpness comes a lot of cuts, scrapes and razor burn. These blades meet that criteria. I don't know what it is about them but no matter how delicate I was these things simply refused to play nice.
Comparable to a dominatrix, the nicer you are the more violent this baby will be.
Maybe it's the way I shave, but I find Gillette sharp edge to be my perfect balance between sharpness and smoothness. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone except maybe someone I really hate.
Buyer beware.
Rough as guts Review by: Astrobruce 24/03/2014
These blades left me looking like I'd been in a car crash
excellent blades Review by: p 7/03/2014
these are right up there with feathers in terms of sharpness and they give a really pleasant shave. i agree with others that its unfortunate about the glue on the wrapping paper. but it doesn't affect the shave.
Great, very sharp Review by: Ben 1/01/2014
my preferred razor, very sharp and always give you a smooth shave without any rash
Good value & gets the job done Review by: Rich 23/09/2013
Having tried a few of the more popular blades I have now started my first pack of Astras. Will certainly be keeping these in supply, they may not be my perfect blade but I have no nicks or soreness from them & get 4 really good shaves out of each blade. At such a reasonable price, this makes them great value too.
Not the sharpest blade in the drawer Review by: Michael 27/08/2013
OK but others last longer.
Excellent Review by: RAL 16/08/2013
No complaints at all. Sharp blade that smoothly gets the job done. No nicks or cuts. Cheaper price than merkur/feather but efindefinitely not a 'cheap' blade.
Excellent Review by: RAL 16/08/2013
No complaints at all. Sharp blade that smoothly gets the job done. No nicks or cuts. Cheaper price than merkur/feather but definitely not a 'cheap' blade.
Good, although I prefer the Personnas so far... Review by: Jum 30/07/2013
I've been steadily working my way through the sample pack provided with my Merkur 34C. So far the Personnas have been the smoothest shave, however these are definitely sharper. I gave myself a few nicks with these even though I was being extra careful. I might add that parts of my face resemble Max Headroom in case that helps give you something for comparison...
Good Allrounder Review by: Stephen 26/06/2013
The Astra is a very good blade that gives a reasonably smooth decent shave.
Though my preference is for other brands of blade I like having these on hand for a bit of variety.
They are a forgiving blade and should be on the list for those who are starting out DE shaving, and.... for the price, you really can't beat them for value.
My Go To Blade Review by: Paul 25/06/2013
Nice and sharp, will last me 4 shaves at 3 passes each no worries and Super cheap in Bulk. An Astra fan through and through.
Badly packaged Review by: Kai 18/03/2013
Only tried as part of the DE blade sampler. Didn't get to to the point of actually using the blade - all of the blades I opened had glue beyond the edges of the razor, which I have to assume would interfere with the shave to some degree. I gave up and wrote the Astras off. Admittedly, I'm probably a little more pedantic about the glue on blades (I despise any glue, although I can live with a small amount) than most guys.
Smooth shave value for money Review by: Attila 1/03/2013
Smooth shave with a sharp but forgiving blade unlike the Feathers which quickly remind you to take care when shaving. I get about 5 shaves from one blade which is very economical having regard to the cost per blade. I like to rotate my use of razor blades which I do with Feather, Personna, Astra and Mercur as each blade has its own characteristics. I do not like the Derby blades as quality is inconsistent resulting in pulling of the beard and nicks.
Sharp & smoooooth Review by: Robert 5/12/2012
Got the sampler pack & these are my favs at this point. (Just over the Feathers.)
I find they have the best combination of sharpness & smoothness out of any of the blades so I bought 2x 100 on the current special.
The only problem I've had is that the batch that I got has about 20% of the blades have excess glue on them going right to the edge which messes up the platinum coating. (Having said that I've had quite a few dud Feather blades also.)
On a good blade they are good for two to three 3-pass shaves on a fairly heavy beard.
Yuck! Review by: Ternach 27/08/2012
Used one blade only. very dull blade leaving bad shaving rash. won't use this brand again. So far Murker and Feather blades are the best.
Not for me Review by: Justin 19/11/2011
This might just be due to my facial hair, or not shaving often enough, but I didn't find these blades to be all that smooth. Even straight out of the pack, they tend to grab the hair as I slide the blade across my face. Personna's are a superior blade IMHO.
Average blade, but short life Review by: gobland 18/10/2011
I rated these about as good as the Derby, but where I could get eight shaves per blade with them, the Astra only last me five uses before starting to pull uncomfortably at the longer whiskers. Still good value, however.
My favourite blades Review by: Anthony 30/09/2011
I received these as part of the sample pack. I've now used up all the sample pack blades and have just ordered 100 Astra blades, as they were my clear favourite. Sharp, but forgiving - I've never nicked myself with Astras. They keep their edge for several days and always give a comfortable, close shave. The Personna and Merkur blades are just about as good, but the Astras beat them and are a good price. The Feather blades are too sharp for my shaving style (nicks every time) and the Derby blades are poor in comparison (I threw away the last 2 Derby blades - couldn't stand them).
The sweet spot. Review by: Stonie 27/09/2011
For me these blades are in a sweet spot. very smooth without being overly sharp. Far more forgiving than feather blades and at a price point that makes sense. The only negative is that they dull quickly for me. Give these a go! (used with badger and TOBS).
My top choice! Review by: DEgary 15/09/2011
It's important to try different blades - Everybody's face and beard are different. As are razors. Different blades will perform differently in different razors.
For me however, these Astras have been the best so far.
While some of the blades available are sharper, they were not as comfortable, and in my view some lose their edge quickly.
The Astras are sharp enough, but very comfortable and lasting.
I'd recommend these to beginners.
My previous favourite were the Derbys, but they weren't as consistently good as the Astras.
(Every so often I'd find a dud derby - but at approx 25c each I didn't really care!)
A great blade Review by: Chris 8/03/2011
Superb results and the only blade I've found that is still good after the 4th shave - in fact day 4 is as good as day 1. Given their economical pricing and great results these have become my preferred blade.
Fantastic Review by: Phil of Perth 8/03/2011
What a difference! These are great blades. As a lot of the reviews have said before they don't seem as sharp as the Feathers but don't really need to be. They are notch or two above the Derbys in sharpness but for my skin (somewhat sensitive) they are amazingly comfortable. Going from Merkurs to these was a relief. I am using an Edwin Jagger razor which seems to love this blade.
Hmm... Review by: Dumendra 8/03/2011
Since first starting to shave with a DE razor, I have used feather, derby & astra. So far for me personally, Astra has been the worst, blades seem to either be not as sharp, or lose their sharpness quickly.
Good blades. Need to try them for yourself. Review by: Josh 8/03/2011
In terms of sharpness, I'd put them between Derby and Feather. But the only way to know if they'll work for you is to try them yourself.
Produce a great shave. Review by: Matthew 8/03/2011
Produce a great shave, very smooth and comfortable. I have sensitive skin and don't have any irritation from these blades.
Great blades Review by: Logan 8/03/2011
So far so good with these blades. They seem to be in between Derby Extras and Feathers in terms of sharpness. Gave a smoother result than the Derby without any nicks or cuts. I would definitely recommend these for DE newcomers to try.
Impressed! Review by: Mark 8/03/2011
I was really impressed with how gentle these razors were on my skin. Even better than the Merkur.
Good value Review by: PeterB 8/03/2011
Similar to the Treat blades for me. Medium sharpness, forgiving blade and great value too. I like the Personna's better now but well worth trying these, u may really like them.
A much more mild shave... Review by: Aussie 8/03/2011
With all blades, I think it is important to find the right shaving edge for the individuals face. Some prefer very sharp, while others prefer a smoother shave of a mild razor.

A nice mild shaver, but can provide great results on the right face.


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