Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)

Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades (100)

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Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors and are known for their sharpness and durability. Widely used by barbers in Europe, these stainless steel blades come individually wrapped and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. You get 20 packs of 5 blades, which is a total of 100 blades. Also available in smaller 5 blade packs, which is a great way to try before you buy. Made in Russia.

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Suitable for all skin types.


Remove blade from dispenser and insert into your favourite double edge razor.


Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, Traditional Shaving, Wet Shaving, Ingrown Hairs, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin, Sensitive Skin.


Regular Price: $30.00

Sale Price $15.00

+Free Delivery
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Really happy! Review by: Cameron 16/12/2019
I use these with a shavette. This pack will last me for about four years, so I’m now spending less than four dollars a year on shaving.

And I couldn’t believe how speedy the delivery was. I live in a regional city, yet the order arrived less than 24 hours after I submitted it.

I can’t fault the product or the service!
My favourete Review by: Brian 12/11/2019
After using a range of DE bladess from the Men's Biz Deluxe sampler pack, I have settled on these as my favourite. Excellent value.
A good blade for sensitive skin Review by: Peter A 23/04/2019
Over the year since moving to DE Shaving, I have tried a number of blades. All that I can suggest for the newbie is to start with a SAMPLE PACK. Don't waste your money buying in bulk unless you're happy with the blade. For me, the balance between a sharp by super-smooth blade is paramount. Feathers are too aggressive, Personna Lab Blues overrated, with Derbys a waste of space and raw materials (blunt as blunt can get - ridiculous!).

My beard characteristics: light to moderate growth, with sensitive skin. I do 3 passes and get an insane BBS shave every time!

I try to shave no more than once-twice a week (just too busy). I can NEVER go back to the plastic crap.

My preferred blade is Wilkinson Sword (Gillette, Germany). Second is the Astra Superior Platinum (Gillette, Russia), with a close 3rd the Shark Super Stainless and Super Chrome (both underrated blades IMHO).

The Astras are a good, honest blade and for the bulk price of 15cents per blade, value for money.

Definitely worth a trial!

Happy shaving!
In your face Gillette! Review by: Eric 20/02/2019
These razor blades stay sharp for over a week for me. Great value. Will never go back to Gillette's outrageous offering.
Just right Review by: Thomas 30/12/2018
Being new to the DE razor world I didn't know which brand would work for me. Some were too sharp and left me with nicks, most too blunt causing discomfort in my thicker areas, but the Astra SP seemed just the right balance and left me with no irritation. And the price for the x100 pack, can't go wrong.
Favourite blades Review by: J 7/11/2018
May not be as sharp as a feather blade, but these do the job. I get a smooth shave with no irritation. My skin is left feeling great after two passes and I can honestly get a BBS with these blades. The price is ridiculous too.
Best blades available Review by: Michael 23/10/2018
Don't shop around, just get these. Not too sharp, but sharp enough. Easy to handle. Just perfect.
Pretty good Review by: Evan 6/10/2018
these blades are pretty good and are great value but using them in a Muhle 41, Muhle blades are a lot smoother and last a fair bit longer. I am more likely to give Merkurs a go next time as the smoother blades seem to go better with an aggressive razor (like the Muhle 41)
Great shave, great value Review by: Liam 2/08/2018
Very happy with these after switching from Wilkinson Sword blades on my Muhle R89 razor.
Very good shave Review by: Andrew 19/06/2018
These blades work very well for me, they cut very well without irritation. Fantastic value. Tremendous service from Men's Biz as always too.
Not for me Review by: PW 13/06/2018
These didn’t work for me personally, found them too blunt just didn’t work for my skin. I would spend a little more and get Merker’s or feathers.
works well with certain DE razors Review by: Richard 28/05/2018
I've been experimenting with multiple DE razors, The blade is only good for mild or efficient double edge razor. because the blade is not sharp enough it is more likely to tugs while pairing it with an aggressive razor usually against the grain.
This causes acne ,nicks and irritation for me so i went to feathers and most of my problems are gone and quality of the shave is drastically improved and it saved me some time so really your getting what you paid for.
Excellent quality and great price Review by: Biscuits 13/03/2018
My hairdresser gave me a sample of these and i loved them. I wanted to keep the beard neat so found this site and the blades for an awesome price. The glide easily and get the closest shave I have ever had with zero irritation. Now can shave 2-3 times a week using this box and not have to worry about running out anytime soon.
Extremly fast delivery. Purchased Sunday, Arrived Tuesday.

Highly recommended over stainless steel or feather
Excellent forgiving blades Review by: Adam 24/02/2018
Tremendously good price for 100 blades. I've been DE shaving for about 4 years now and tried lots of difference blades in my Merkur HD. The hair on my neck grows in swirly patterns and it's very hard to get a good close shave without excessive irritation. These blades seem less sharp than the Feathers and Red Personnas (my previous favourites) but glide smooothly and let me shave last pass against the grain with minimal irritation. Best blades I've tried!
best quality for affordable razor blades Review by: cowboy 11/02/2018
Best quality for razor blades , if the 100 Pk of blades are on special then jump on it and but them . I use to use disposable razors till I looked around and found this wonderful website with decent priced shavers and replaceable . I've used these blades for a couple of years now and I haven't looked back .
Astra Superior Review by: Marcin 6/11/2017
I'm amazed by these blades. I get seven shaves on one side then I turn them over and get another seven days. You'll notice the numerical markings on them. Also I've learnt not to press too hard because the results are not pretty.
Awesome value for sharp yet forgiving blades Review by: MarkD 31/10/2017
These are just the right blend of sharpness and forgiveness. Perfect for spring and summer when I find myself shaving more often (around three times a week). I usually go with the Feather when it's been more than four or five days, but otherwise this is my go-to.
Really smooth shave, little to no beard rash, no weepers. Great for my sensitive skin.
My wife also uses them for her legs and she loves them.
My Favourite Blade Review by: Andrew 26/10/2017
My favourite blade - sharp, forgiving and comfortable. I get 5 great shaves with these. At the price you really can't go wrong!
MY GO-TO BLADES Review by: Andrew 3/10/2017
My go to blade. These give me a consistently smooth shave every time - less beard rash, fewer weepers. I've tried them in a couple of razors (Merkur open and closed comb variants, and my grandfathers old razor) with more than satisfactory results.

A very reasonably priced blade that punches above its weight! Give them a go - even if they're not your favourite, your hip pocket won't take a hit for trying them !
Decent blades at really good price Review by: Tim 11/07/2017
I have some serious issues with sensitive and easily cut skin. I had previously settled on Persona Red blades as the only ones that didn't cut me to shreds while giving a good shave.
I tried the Astra because the price was great, and I'm quite happy with them. I can get a few irregular shaves from each blade, with no extra issues on my skin. The shave I get is the same as I have had previously.
Overall, I am quite satisfied with these blades. Maybe not as good as the Persona, but the value is significantly better.
Seriously good blades Review by: Giovanni 27/06/2017
The blades offer great value, they are far sharper, smother and more durable than blades that cost double or more. These blades are the most economical ones I have found.
Great deal, especuially when on sale. Review by: Tolga 20/06/2017
With Astra blades you know what to expect. They're reliable, good quality and you'll get multiple shaves from the blades. If the 100 pack is on sale-- buy them! It is such a cost effective purchase
My favourite of the blades Review by: Sean 16/04/2017
I find the Astra blades provide the best shave without being too aggressive on the skin. The only downside is they tend to go blunt faster than some of the other brands.
Better than I expected Review by: Keith 15/03/2017
Based on price , I didn't expect much. I generally use the personna red, but due to unavailability I decided to use Astra to get me through to the Personna was back in stock.
Having used them and with the low price I will continue using these blades.
Sharp enough to get three plus shaves out of them.
I recommend trying these blades.
GREAT BLADES Review by: Sam 9/03/2017
Sharp, fantastic value and provides a great shave. Great shipping time too, only had to wait a few days.
God Value Review by: drwevil 16/02/2017
These blades are great value, very sharp and consistent but a little harsh in my current shave weapon....In other razors the are the bee's knees....
They will always be my backup blade.
THE BEST BLADES Review by: Chris 15/02/2017
These blades a great. I have tried many different blades and I have found these to be the best. Very smooth and great value!
My favourite blade Review by: Brod 8/02/2017
By far my favourite blade, with the smoothest and most comfortable shave I've found. I haven't changed blades since first trying these.
Value and smooth. Review by: Toby 24/01/2017
Great value and works best for me. Try a sample pack to work out your favourite and order a year's supply. Very smooth.
cant beat for the price Review by: Ben 13/01/2017
not as sharp as feather but more forgiving just bought 200 at $31/200 compared to $39/100 for the feathers. sometimes the blades have a sticky residue on them from the plastic however they generally provide a quality shave at a price that nothing else seems to come close to. seem to dull in a linear way rather than the feathers which provide sharp performance then drop off fast
High quality, good value blades. Review by: Liam 23/12/2016
I've tried several different blades, and continue to come back to these Astras. Glad to see them available in a 100 pack at a reasonable price.
My choice of razor blade. Review by: Gavin 21/07/2016
These blades are really good value and I've bought them multiple times. I haven't actually tried any other brands because I see no reason to change!
Best Value for Money Review by: Matthew 17/05/2016
Great blades if you're not fussy. No major differences between Astra and the 'premium' brands and for a great price they're a great fall back to have on hand.
Blade with the sweet spot . Review by: Simon 15/04/2016
These are my favourite blades . They somehow manage to straddle the fine line between sharpness and smoothness .Great value pack too .
Great value blades Review by: Matt 13/03/2016
Only blade I've tried, I have no reason to try any others. Great value and a great shave, especially for beginners in the traditional shaving arena.
Great blade at a great price! Review by: Adrian 7/02/2016
I've tried 6 or 7 different blades and these by far provide the best balance between sharpness and price.
Almost as sharp the Feathers and with no skin irritation they are perfect.
At the special price of $19.95 you can't go wrong. Thanks Mensbiz
Unbelievable Blade Review by: Sean 5/02/2016
Amazing to use, lucked out on my 3rd blade when first starting out in a blade sample pack and haven't changed since. Really smooth never had a nick and doesn't burn (used a derby blade where my face felt like it was burning after the first pass) great blade for sensitive skin.

I use a new blade every shave and at the price these Astra's are at its cheap as chips. After a year I'm still on my first 100 pack but still bought another 100, well why not. Just cant fault them.
5/5 Would buy again Review by: Ambert 31/12/2015
These blades are amazingly smooth and very easy to use
Cannot fault them Review by: Anton 31/12/2015
Very smooth and very sharp. Overall a very nice blade at an even better price. these are now my go to blade for daily use.
bang for buck Review by: Ian 5/12/2015
I have tried a lot of different blades and these provide the best bang for your buck around.
My Go-To Blade Review by: Brendan 26/11/2015
I settled on Astra blades after trying all the blades in my razor sampler pack. They provide a smooth, forgiving shave, and unlike Derbys, are sharp enough to cut through two or even three days growth if I've had a especially lazy weekend.
Sharp but Smooth Review by: Rha 17/08/2015
Really like these blades, was using BIC Chrome also but these are a touch sharper and smoother. Have tried Feather also but find them to sharp and not at all forgiving.
Great value and performance Review by: Chris 4/01/2015
I bought the Astra Superiors after trying a range of blades in the Starter Pack. Once I'd settled into a proper shaving routine, these really stood out as the best of the bunch. I can get six good smooth shaves out of each blade using a double pass, although I don't do the top lip or chin. Highly recommended.
Easy on the face and hip-pocket Review by: Ben 30/11/2014
I first utilised these Russian gems during my initial trial period. Alas, I had a lather like peeling paint - so the shave was less than pleasurable. As I exited my shave den, I pondered my future in the DE game. I was suffering from a Darth Maul-like rash and noteworthy blood loss.
I revisted these blades when I conquered the lather business. Using the Italian Cella, I discovered the performance of this soap was akin to the great Roman Gladiator Russell Crowe at the height of his powers. The Astra's swept across my skin like a ballroom dancer across freshly polished french floorboards. At the current price, you can't go wrong.
For me, these blades work the best Review by: wyckerman 5/08/2014
After working my way through a sampler pack, I found that these blades paired with a Webber razor head give me the best shave I have ever had. I get minimal to no irritation after two or three passes, even on my usually troublesome neck. As always, your experience may differ, but for me these blades, combined with a stick of Arko shaving soap and some alum afterwards provide me with the best shave.
Clean shave Review by: Andrey 3/06/2014
Shaves super clean and super smooth. Love it!
A smooth blade Review by: Peter 2/05/2014
After trying many blades (including all from the men's biz sample pack, + several others) these worked best for me in a murker 1904.

I get two SMOOTH shaves from a single Astra blade (can stretch it to 3, or even 4, however that's pushing it.) I find that for me after two x three pass shaves they get a little dull. Attempting to go against the grain with a blunt blade can be nasty!

And at 20c a blade, they're decent value too.
Sharp and smooth Review by: Philip 4/04/2014
I have my Merkur 34c razor which I have used for three weeks. So far have tried three blades (Astra, Feather and Merkur) and the Astra provides the smoothest, close shave with no irritation. I found the feather blade very sharp which resulted in considerable razor burn.
These Astra blades provide great performance and value.
Smooth Review by: Nudge 18/03/2014
After receiving the 5 x 5 sample pack with my Merkur 38C I settled on the Astras (and Feathers) for everyday shaving. They're smoother than the Feathers and a bit more forgiving also. I'd average 3 shaves with the Astras, so at 22 cents for each one it's also a relative bargain.
Nice Blades!! Great Quality and Value Review by: Anthony 28/12/2013
These blades are in my top 10 as being one of the best to use.

I like them only a bit more than the Astra Stainless, however, they provide a nice irritation free shave (for me anyway).

At the current price these are an absolute steal! I also find that these last me 3 - 4 shaves off the same blade which is fantastic value for money!

If you're on the fence about these, give them a shot, you won't be disappointed!


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