Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor HD (34C)
Merkur Solingen Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor HD (34C)
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The Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor (also known as the Merkur HD or the Merkur Hefty Classic) is one of the most popular razors in the Merkur line. The thick handle and fixed blade exposure make this the ideal first razor for a beginner. The Heavy Duty is similar to the Classic, but comes with a slightly thicker, heavier handle and a more sophisticated 2-piece construction. Stylish chrome finish. Also available in gold. Made in Solingen, Germany and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

Includes one free Merkur Super Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade to get you started. Replacement blades sold separately.

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Double Edge Razor, Double Edge Safety Razor, DE Razor, Sensitive Skin, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, Wet Shaving.


If you're new to wetshaving or you're contemplating buying you're first double edge razor, we strongly recommend adding a Double Edge Blade Sampler Pack to your order.


Regular Price: $64.95

Sale Price $59.00

+Free Delivery
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Love it! Review by: Gigi 8/02/2018
I bought this brand because it is made in solingen, they have been making metals since the medieval days. Very happy with my purchase.
Great for beginners, great for experts Review by: Josh 2/01/2018
I started off with this razor 7 years ago after reading an endless amount of review saying it is the best.

Over the past 7 years I've tried many other razors, some for extended periods of time hoping i'll adapt to them, but none have been as enjoyable to shave with as my 34C.

Believe the hype, get this razor, you will not regret it.
Really nice razor Review by: James 1/01/2018
If you're like me and wanted something a little better feeling than a plasticy cheaper DE razor, this is a great place to start looking - this one feels like the real deal, and it's pretty reasonably priced!
Great razor Review by: Glen 31/12/2017
I purchased this based on reviews and they weren't wrong. Feels great in the hand, decent weight behind it and coupled with feather blades its my go to daily razor.
I likes it so much i purchased another as a gift for a mates 30th.
Great for beginners Review by: Brian 19/11/2017
I was surprised at how easy this was to use as a first time safety razor user. The handle is on the short side which is what I wanted and will be just right for travel.
Fantastic razor for DE beginners Review by: ALECZANDER 26/10/2017
It takes some time getting used to it (especially if you're very new to DE razors like me), but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it! Shaving no longer feels like a chore to me when I have to do it. Perfect size for travelling. Heavy handle puts just the right amount of pressure on your face. Just let it glide and work its magic.
Great razor at great price Review by: Paul 30/09/2017
I have a Feather AS-D2 that I use every day. I recently bought the 34C as my travel razor (since I couldn’t justify the price of another Feather just for travel).

I’m very impressed with the HD. The shave is excellent and the razor feels very good to hold. It would be good if the handle were slightly longer but that’s only because I have big hands.

I’ve knocked one star off the rating as you need to pay a bit of attention to making sure the blade aligns properly, it can load slightly out of alignment. It’s well made but it’s tough to compare anything to the AS-D2.

Still the, 34C is a great razor that I happily recommend.
Redefining Review by: Danny boy 17/08/2017
It's everything you read it was, a slow, close beautiful shave. Affordable to boot.

Unless you're in a rush this will redefine your shaving experience, I assure you.
Quality razor Review by: Dave 7/08/2017
First time DE shaver so choice was made primarily on reviews. I am very happy with the quality of the razor and am certain it's going to last me out. Weigh and balance feels good and had no trouble using it with only minor changes to technique. Only issue with it is I think the handle is a little short. I've got big hands so that could be a factor in why it sometimes feels awkward. Maybe consider the 38c if you have large hands.
Great, comfortable shave Review by: Ricardo 16/07/2017
First time I've used a safety razor. Took a few goes to get the technique, but now get the best shave I've ever had - no nicks, cuts, pulling.
Perfect for newbies and veterans! Review by: Andrew 9/07/2017
Excellent razor, perfect weight and very forgiving for beginners. I highly recommended this product for anyone new to wet shaving, or if you are looking for a great, comfortable razor!
You will love this razor. Review by: Jason Neuendorff 12/06/2017
The 34C is great for a first-time user of a safety razor. One can also feel the German-made quality. Love this product. I will never use a disposable razor again.
Great razor Review by: Mark 9/06/2017
I bought one as my first double edge razor. I don't have anything else to compare it to but for a first timer I have found it to be comfortable and very easy to use and gives a great shave. Changing blades is easy and it's also very quick and easy to keep clean.
Ordering online from Men's Biz was excellent too. My gear came in a few days.
Still going strong after 2 years! Review by: Mathew 8/06/2017
This was my first purchase and experience with DE shaving. Since purchasing this razor it has changed my shaving habits for the better. Making shaving fun. I honestly can not go back. This DE razor has made shaving fun in the sense that I can experiment (cost effectively) with different blades. Going further, by going the DE route it has also opened up my interest in exploring different shaving cremes also endorsed and sold by Men's Biz.To date I have experimented with creme samples and blade packs. Going back to this product, my initial decision was based on other reviews- so paying this review forward as other's help me to arrive at the same conclusion. Thanks again.
First DE Razor Review by: Jeremy 12/04/2017
This is my first DE Razor, and without being able to compare this to anything at all I've been very pleased with it. The quality of the razor itself is great, it feels really solid and is weighted well, which means I really have to apply no pressure at all when shaving, as the razor does most the work!

I've found it a great introduction razor, I haven't really run into any issues with transitioning from using Cartridges to this, which I'm sure is a good testament to the razor.

Definitely recommend to anyone looking at transitioning to using a DE Razor.
MADE THE SWITCH Review by: Jason 19/03/2017
I've made the switch as I was sick of the skin on my face always reacting badly to using disposable razors. Did a lot of research and settled on this one and boy am I glad I did. Inserting blades is easy, it has a great weight to it and best of all, I've had no problems with my skin. Especially if you are starting out with wet shaving, I would definitely recommend this razor.
User Friendly Review by: Hayden 19/02/2017
I have made the switch to safety razors because of this razor very smooth action and easy to use easier to clean also in comparison to disposable razors.
ONE OF THE BEST Review by: Christopher 15/02/2017
Great shave and is the perfect weight and size, highly recommended!
I love it too Review by: Robert 25/01/2017
Just like everyone else, I love this razor. Had been using Schick twin blade disposables and electric shaver for over 30 years, always found it hard to get a nice close shave with 1-2 day's growth. I have fairly sensitive skin and not a thick beard, whatever I tried seemed to tug on the beard and give me razor burn and/or not a very close shave. So I put the Merkur 34C on my Christmas present list and decided to give DE shaving a go. Took a few shaves to get the hang of it due to the different multi-pass technique required (well, maybe my technique was even wrong for the Schick and electric), but now I have it down pat and it's working great. Shaving has become an absolute joy - I never thought I'd say that. Perfect result every time, no nicks or cuts and no razor burn or ingrown hairs. Am working my way through the sampler pack of different blades that I also got from Men's Biz - only on the third out of five so far (started on least sharp, working up to sharpest), as the blades get sharper, the shaves are getting better for me, or maybe I'm just honing my technique better. Two passes works for me, WTG and then ATG, slow and gentle, giving the blade time to cut without pulling. So, speaking as a beginner (odd to realise that, in my mid-fifties I'm a beginner!), I can say that the Merkur 34C is a great razor and everything I could ever imagine I'd need or want for shaving. It's a thing of beauty and it feels perfectly weighted in my hand, very easy to handle. I daresay many of the other DE razors on the market are also good, but now that I've found perfection, I've no reason to look any further. I now look forward to shaving! If you haven't got a DE razor, do yourself a favour and order one today, and you can't go past a 34C. Great service from Men's Biz too - delivered to Sydney in 24 hours.
Amazing razor at a great price Review by: Sean 11/11/2016
This razor is my holy grail of razors. The shorter handle suits the way I hold the razor while shaving, and the added weight from the handle's thickness makes it easy to use the right amount of pressure, you just let gravity do the work. I only wish I spent the money on one of these earlier, rather than suffering with a poor quality cheap DE razor.
Great product Review by: Brady 4/10/2016
I wish someone had told me about DE razors when I first started shaving. At 21 I grew a full beard, and since my purchase I have hon back to shaving every day. I also bought a few sample packs at the same time as I didn't know much about any of this and so far am utterly stoked with the results. My only criticism is that the handle could be a bit longer as I have fairly large hands and it can be a bit fiddly, but other than that it is a great razor.
Great Product Review by: John 27/09/2016
Wish I had of gone back to a double blade razor years ago much better shave than all those multi blade razors.
Beginning of an obsession Review by: Greg 19/09/2016
This razor makes shaving a pleasure. I spent years trying to cater to my sensitive/reactive skin, and the 34c has been my holy grail. I now look forward to shaving, and for me that's a big deal.
Good choice Review by: Maj 4/09/2016
This razor gets a lot of positive reviews and rightly so. I decided to upgrade and give this razor a go. The weight and quality of the razor is as expected. This razor fits nicely into my hand. If you have large hands than you may have difficulty keeping hold of the razor. Overall a good solid razor and a keeper I look forward to many years of use. The sample Jack Black soothing gel is awesome I will definitely be purchasing some of that.
Great razor Review by: roger 25/08/2016
This is my first safety razor and i won't go back! it was recommended by a friend ad i have to say that i love it. Has a nice weight and fits well in the hand.
Lives Up To Reviews Review by: Greg 22/08/2016
This razor came with Mens Biz standard wet shave kit, as this is only my second DE razor and replaces a very cheap wing style, I am not sure how to compare . So I will offer this it shaves me so very well hardly ever any burn, feels safe and comfortable in the hand, the quality of manufacture is superb, and would have every confidence in recommending this anyone, I find it hard to believe anyone being disappointed with this razor.
Excellent Review by: Leigh 15/08/2016
I ordered this razor along with some D.R Harris Windsor soap, a Vulfix brush, and the sample razor pack. Everything was delivered in 3 days and is all amazing. Being my first safety razor it's a bit of a learning curve but the results have been great so far and even starting at the 'bluntest' (and that's a loose term) of the sample razors the shaves have been super close and it just glides across my face.

Leigh, Sydney.
Great Gift! Review by: Andrew 18/05/2016
I got this shaver for this past Christmas. I'm so glad that I was convinced to make the change.
I shave once every 2 days I now hardly get an ingrown hair or 'razor rash' and is definitely a closer shave. Definitely much better for smooching my girl.
5/5 would 100% back anyone (and do) to make the switch!
Andrew, South Yarra.
Awesome DE Razor Review by: Theo 2/05/2016
I finally made the switch from the cartridge to the DE razor, and I’m glad I did. Not only is it more cost effective, but I get a much better shave and feel much better afterwards. Merkur HD 34C is easy to use and its nice and heavy so you don't have to apply any pressure just let the razor do the work. Handle is short which it fits perfect in my hands. I have a fairly coarse beard that grows fast. Now, I feel like my shave is cleaner for about a day longer. I’m fully converted to DE shaving and I should have done this 20 years ago.
This is how a man should shave.. Review by: JP 26/04/2016
Ahhh, those Germans sure understand quality! This was my first foray into the double-edge razor market after dumping the standard razor cartridges, and I'm so glad I did!

Man up and ditch those commercial razors!
That only thing that needs to change is nothing Review by: Jakeb 22/03/2016
The 34c is my second DE razor
My first shave with it came as a bit of a shock. I loaded it up with a feather blade and went away. I can't feel this razor I though to my self. Is it even cutting. I felt my face and to my amazement it was indeed reducing my facial growth.

Several shaves on and a range of bladed later I've come to really enjoy this razor so much so that I've tried going A day without shaving and I just can't because it's so smooth and gentle on my face while effectively reducing facial growth with each pass

I use proraso White and Mitchels wool fat shave soaps
Feather and personna blue blades
Nice Precision Tool Review by: Gerald 11/03/2016
Really nice Razor however with the same head as the 1904 and only around 10gm heavier and the same handle length I wonder is it really worth an extra $25.00 just to have a slightly heavier 2 piece?
Excellent Razor Review by: T. 9/03/2016
Great shave and looks and feels good in the hand.
Style and substance Review by: David 29/02/2016
As a covert from cartridges, I have found this razor to be all that it is touted to be. The shave I get from it is excellent. It feels well balanced in my hand and is beautifully crafted. This has taken shaving from a chore to a enjoyable morning ritual. Thanks.
Brilliant Review by: Bryce 17/02/2016
This razor is excellent. Built like a tank, still looks like new and i've never had any issues with it. Shaves like a dream, particularly with Astra blades on my face. Highly recommended!
Pure and Simple Review by: Michael 6/01/2016
What can I say about this razor? The craftsmanship is second to none from the German's. I upgraded my classic long handle as I wanted it shorter with more weight and heft. The razor is well balanced in the hands with a good knurled grip machined from the factory. I've coupled up this razor with a 200 pack of Feathers blades and have not looked back. Has not missed a beat, no nicks, no cuts!
This Razor is a Holy Grail Review by: Jason 8/12/2015
I'm completely gobsmack first time ever in my life that this Safety Razor Merkur 34C is the world best razor for a beginner like me, because I've decided after 20 years to change over from cartridge razor to safety razor and it a lot cheaper in the very long term future trust me it will save you lots of money.

Any way first time ever with a 34C along with a Personna platinum blades also using a Cella shaving soap and a Men's Biz Super Badger Shaving Brush, and off I went giving myself a great shave. It was the best shave I've ever had in my life and I didn't cut myself thanks goodness, than suddenly when I finish shaving and so on when I looked at my face it turn out to be smooth as a baby bare bum.

Guys it time to throw away all the cartridge razor, electric shaver and shaving foam cream, and start using Safety Razors it going to save you money in the very long term trust me.
Simply Brilliant Review by: David 2/12/2015
I thought I might purchase this razor to add to my collection which consists of Gillette Fat Boy, Slim, Edwin and Jaeger, Gillette Rocket etc. After using it for a few days, this razor has become one of my very favorites. It has great heft and has a genuine feel of quality in the hand. I have big hands but this is easy to hold and maneuver. I would highly recommend this for an every day razor. Goes great with Harris Sandalwood shave soap!
Love the DE Razor Review by: Kwanie 1/12/2015
Feels really solid, great finish to it as well. Absolutely recommended buy!
Great first DE Razor Review by: Paul 26/11/2015
Read about DE wet shaving and the 34C in numerous online forums. I actually look forward to my morning shave as it has become a bit of me time rather than a rush. Great service form Men's Biz - delivered to Sydney in 24 hours. Brilliant.
Buy both Review by: William 11/11/2015
I bought the 34C and the small Solingen padded leather case to go with it. Just brilliant, a perfect combination.
Excellent Review by: Peter 28/10/2015
This is an excellent razor. I've used the 34C for a year and recently bought another to give as a gift.
EASY TO USE, GREAT SHAVE, LOOKS GREAT Review by: Angelo 8/09/2015
After 20 years of wet shaving with disposable razors I came across, decided to try a DE and on the basis of reviews here & on other sites I ended up with the 34C.

And I wish I'd bought one years ago...

If you're thinking of buying your first DE and are a bit concerned about nicks and cuts - don't be. I haven't cut myself once in the 4 weeks I've owned this DE and I've used it on a daily basis from the start. It's easy to learn to use a fixed head. Furthermore, the 34C isn't just a "beginners" razor - it gives a good close shave and can be aggressive depending on the blade you use, so you'll get years of use out of this one. Great product. Looks small when you first open the box, but has some weight to it and feels solid.
Best shave EVER Review by: Justin 17/01/2015
This is my first DE razor. I've used it twice and no nicks or cuts,the best shave I've ever had. I have been using the Merkur blade that came with it,my next purchase will be the sample pack so I may even find a better shave with a different blade. Mensbiz is going to be the only place I get anything for shaving as the service and delivery is second to none. I can't praise either one any higher. Goodbye Gillette fusion Hello Merkur34c.
Beautiful Review by: Adrian S 26/12/2014
First time offender for me as a DE safety razor. What a beautiful shave. I can't believe I have been missing this type of shave for the last ~17 years. The closeness is something unique to a DE safety razor. I am really looking forward to a long relationship with this razor. I do suggest a good after shave moisturiser.
Brilliant Razor Review by: Greg 24/11/2014
This is an excellent German made razor. I really love using it and it is of the best quality. Do not hesitate buying one of these at it will last your lifetime.
SPECTACULAR Review by: Peter J 4/11/2014
My first HD razor, my first HD shave.
Having a very thick growth i was absolutely blown away how easy this razor was to use and how close the shave was. With Feather Blades i have just had my closest shave ever with no nicks or cuts. Seriously easy to use will never use an expensive disposables agin.
Thanks Men's Biz.
love this Review by: David 3/10/2014
It took me a little while to learn to use properly, but even the learning period was much better than using cartridge razors.

And you don't need all the other brush/cream/bowl stuff... this is a great place to start with a safety razor.

It'll last for ever and it's nice to hold something high quality.

For the first time in my life I look forward to shaving.
Perfect. Review by: Stevles 20/08/2014
Okay so I'll start by saying that I haven't tried DE razors before this. This was my first choice after reading countless reviews.
Turns out, the reviews were damn accurate.
Best razor for beginners and there really is no need to buy anything else, ever.
Perfect design from the weight, balance, length. Everything about it is perfect. The one and only problem I had with this is the blade that comes with it. My face looked like it had been put through a blender. Sure I was new to the razor, but I was very careful and I believe the blades are just absolutely god awful. I mean, I shaved maybe twice with that blade before switching to Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharpedge and I haven't cut myself once since then.
But yeah the over all design of the Merkur 34C is perfect.
Great for beginners, intermediates, experts. It is all you will ever need. Well, that and blades to go with it. Buy a sample pack, a brush, soaps and a bowl to go with it.
outstanding Review by: Gavin 1/08/2014
this razor is an outstanding shaving tool...i dont like the phrase good beginners razor but i can say, if you are just starting out or uyou have de shaved for years, You only need one razor..this one...will you want another shiney de razor ofcourse you will lol....will you need another de razor...a resounding NO...just do yourself a favor & buy a merker HD


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