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The Men's Biz Deluxe Wet Shaving Kit contains our most luxurious, most highly praised offerings: a Merkur HD (34C) Razor, the most complete range of blade samples, a Silver Tip Shaving Brush and a fantastic shaving cream from Geo. F. Trumper. If you're the kind of guy that prefers quality over quantity and believe in buying good quality stuff that lasts, this is the kit for you.

You can choose any shave cream from the Geo. F. Trumper range (Almond, Coconut Oil, GFT, Limes, Rose, Sandalwood or Violet). You can also select either a Black or Ivory Shavemac Shave Brush. Please make your selection from the drop-down menu to the right.

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Great Kit!

Review by Caveman
Overall Rating
After creeping around the wetshave forums I decided to bite the bullet and splash out on this kit right off the bat.

It is great value and has everything you need. I got an alum block as well but I dont use it anymore.

Could not be happier with the quality and value
Posted on 26/10/2011
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Excellent kit for the newbie

Review by Mark All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
Excellent package to the newbie to DE shaving. Have always been a cartridge shaver and decided to try out De shaving and this kit has all I needed to get started and some lovely free samples of other products.

If your keen to try it out and experience a better shave then give this kit a shot.
Posted on 9/01/2012
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Don't mess around, just buy it.

Review by Mathew All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
Before I get to the actual kit itself, let me start by saying if you are looking at bits and pieces trying to figure out what you should get - don't do that. Just get this. It contains the best (Or near enough to make no difference) DE razor and brush right off the bat. I almost made the mistake of purchasing other pieces separately. I say almost because I did that exactly, immediately regretted the decision and promptly returned the unopened box the day it showed up (Which was the day after placing my order) - MensBiz customer service gets 5 out of 5 from me. Besides that, this kit is excellent. I had been toying around with cheaper safety razors and a few different blades, sticking with aerosol Gillette foam, and finally decided to go all in. A hefty razor, perfect brush, manly shaving cream and probably a years' supply of blades from all across the globe. I'll just add that you really need to grab a stand for the brush too - hanging these bristles down is crucial for keeping your brush in shape. Last but not least, you even save money by getting this kit! Each item on it's own, added together combines into a price far exceeding this single price tag.
Posted on 19/05/2014
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Best deal going!

Review by Nathan All my reviews  (11)
Overall Rating
Everything you get in this pack is quality (especially the brush).

This is the pack to get if you're starting you DE shaving experience.

You wont be disappointed
Posted on 9/08/2013
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Great starter kit

Review by Max All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
If you're going to start doing something differently, you may as well get the proper equipment. This pack has made me start enjoying shaving again, I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone. If you're buying this as a beginner, don't forget to grave a pre shave cream as well, otherwise your first few shaves could be needlessly uncomfortable.
Posted on 8/07/2013
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Awesome product for anyone who wants to splurge

Review by Khuong All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
This was my first DE kit so i can't exactly compare it to any other gear. It took my about a dozen shaves to get my technique to a decent level where I wasn't cutting my face up.
This package is good value, it comes with a sampler blade kit which is great, the brush is very luxurious (fair bit softer than boar) and the razor is solid (although I'm finding it a little to small for my hands/face).

I think it could have included some sort of stand for the 200 dollar price mark, even just some sort of 10-20 dollar brush stand or similar. Overall it's somewhere between 4-5 stars, not quite 5 yet though.
Posted on 26/06/2013
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Excellent Kit

Review by Joshua All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
Im really happy with the purchase, shaving is interesting again, it feels more like a ritual than something that has to be done on a daily basis. The brush, cream and razor all add up to everything you need for shaving at home.

I would recommend those that travel to purchase a travel bag. Perhaps MensBiz can do a travel kit? Im thinking a small cream, skin food, brush protector and swish leather wet bag to keep everything in.
Posted on 24/05/2013
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Excellent Quality Starter Kit

Review by kyle All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
Doesn't break the bank and still get to test quality equipment. Spend the extra money and do it right the first time!
Posted on 9/05/2013
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Great kit to start on.

Review by Ky All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
I love everything in this kit. It is a great set of products especially now that it has the 38C razor. I'd recommend this over the other kits as I'm sure you'll end up upgrading anyway. The brush is excellent, far better than any I've ever used. It has taken me a few shaves to really get the hang of it and now I can do a better shave then the typical cartridge in only 2 passes.

Only thing I can recommend is to pick up a shave stand to keep your brush in top condition and an aftershave product.
Posted on 31/03/2013
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Everything you need!

Review by Matthew All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
This kit is fantastic. For a few years I have used a trimmer and sported hipster stubble due to irritation issues with supermarket razors. Now that is all a thing of the past. Make sure you try all the different types of blades so you can see what works best on you. I chose the sandalwood shave cream and it gave me an excellent shave on my sensitive skin, even with two passes.
Posted on 27/03/2013
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Great for newcomers

Review by Deluxe
Overall Rating
Great products, great variety, perfect starter kit.
Posted on 28/08/2012
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Top piece of kit

Review by Stubble buster
Overall Rating
The last time I used a DE razor was in 1978 (aged 14) when I 'borrowed' my dad's Gillette and proceeded to hack up my face. Fast forward 34 years when a friend convinced me to try it again. After a bit of study at Google University I came across your site and decided to lash out on the deluxe kit.

I've just finished my third shave and the results so far are way better than anything I've achieved with goo in a can and a Mach 3. Results should only get better with more practice. Love the Shavemac brush and the Trumpers Sandalwood shaving cream. Thanks for the Trumpers skin food sample, it's absolutely brilliant and I'll be ordering a couple of bottles this week. Looking forward to trying out all of the different blades in the sample pack.

Highly recommended for beginners and I recommend that you also buy an Alum block to run over your face post shave.
Posted on 30/07/2012
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You're going to upgrade to this gear eventually, so why not buy it straight up?

Review by David
Overall Rating
OK, so you are probably wondering if you're even going to like wetshaving and whether it is worth shelling out 200 bucks straight up. Well, chances are you will like wetshaving (everyone i've introduced to it has) and if you buy lesser gear, you will probably find yourself coming back for one of these kits sooner or later (upgrading is inevitable). I say buy one of these now and start getting great shaves tomorrow.
Posted on 4/07/2012
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Great starter pack

Review by Adam All my reviews  (2)
Overall Rating
This is a great pack for anyone to start shaving with. Great shaver & brush and enough shave cream and blades to last you for ages. The multiple brands of blades is a great way to find out what you like to use the most.
Posted on 5/01/2012
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Review by James All my reviews  (3)
Overall Rating
This was one of the best decisions of my life. The brush is beyond words. The razor (mine was the barber pole while they ran out of the HD), it exquisite. Nice and heavy, very simple little thing which has changed a daily chore into a pleasure.

I'm slowly working my way through the blades, which is ideal. I chose the Sandalwood shave cream, it smells so masculine I feel like James Bond each time I shave.

Great purchase!
Posted on 27/11/2011
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Great Kit, I am sold on DE shaving now

Review by Joel All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
After reading countless forums on shaving and suffering from shaving rash from cartridges I bought in to DE shaving with this kit.

It comes with nearly everything you need (I bought a bowl and stand separately) The Merkur lives up to its hype, the brush is silky smooth and the sandalwood shaving cream makes you smell like a gentleman from yesteryear.
A brilliant kit - definitely worth grabbing when moving into DE shaving!
Posted on 30/04/2014
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Excellent Beginners Kit!

Review by Henry All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
First time wet shaving and am very impressed! Close shave without any cuts of nicks, very safe! The brush was soft and luxurious on the face, with the added warmth, smell and feel of the shaving cream lather on your face. Very good introductory pack, with enough blades to last me a year!

My only suggestion would be to add a cream or soap sampler pack, although I just bought a sampler separately, and maybe an option of a stand.

Overall very impressed!

Posted on 3/03/2014
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Good wet shaving start kit, indeed!

Review by Joris All my reviews  (1)
Overall Rating
After trying several times with DE razor and wet shaving, I would certainly recommend other people to use it.

I'm still a newbie to use DE razor, but I've already started enjoying its feeling. As it says, shaving is an art.

Great value for the package.
Posted on 19/12/2012
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If you're considering it, buy it now!

Review by Mitch All my reviews  (2)
Overall Rating
I have the coconut cream, ivory brush, and gold plated razor (Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor 34G, gold plated). Mensbiz customer service was the best I've got anywhere, I emailed to request swapping the stainless steel for the gold plated razor and it was smooth, she rang me at a convenient time and only added on the price difference. Even added together the razor sampler packs of the razor and this kit! So many samples, I think 10x5 razors.

Anyway, the razor is brilliant, I'd definitely recommend the gold. It cuts well, bit more difficult than I had anticipated - double edge shaving that is.

The cream's scent is subtle, but pleasing. It lathers well.

The brush feels great, but the hairs are a bit frizzy especially around the edge.

Bottom line: you will not regret it. Seems that should be the test when deciding if you buy stuff. I waited 2 years, don't let it happen to you.
Posted on 16/07/2014
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