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Dovo Solingen Extra Wide Russian Leather Strop
Dovo Solingen Extra Wide Russian Leather Strop
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The Dovo Extra Wide Russian Leather Strop is the the widest strop on the market. Its width enables you to strop in a simple forward and back motion - without having to use an "X" pattern like you do with narrower strops. Made from the finest Russian Type Leather (which is only used in the very best strops), it measures a whopping 80mm in width and 570mm in length. Also features stitched and riveted construction for durability and a nickel plated swivelling loop for hanging. It's a beautiful strop and it comes ready to use. Made in Germany by Dovo Solingen and covered by a 2 Year Australian Warranty.

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Stropping Area: cm ( inches) x cm ( inches). Overall: 8cm (3.2 inches) x 57cm (22.5 inches).


All makes of Straight Razor/Cut Throat Razor/Cut-throat Razor/Open Razor.

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Worth it Review by: Esquire 17/02/2016
Having to shave every working day, I decided to spend up and invest in this strop. I am glad I did!
Definately worth your coin if you care about your straight razor and getting a good shave.
Exceptional Strop Review by: Bobski 17/09/2015
Being used to a heavy draw black latigo strop, I really did have enough of it. I felt it rounded the edge much more than this Dovo 80,mm wide softer and more comfortable to use. Be aware however, that you still need to move the blade around the leather to avoid 'wearing a path', call it the 'occasional X stroke' This is a lovely strop, but is not a panacea for poor technique. This is a lovely strop to use, be aware though, that nothing is 'nick proof'. Enjoy this lovely smooth light draw strop. Cheers Bob
Worth the High Price Review by: Charles 21/07/2015
I was very close to purchasing the cheaper Dovo strops but was swayed by this one's width. After actually using it I am 100% happy I spent a little more on getting this one. As a beginner, not only do I have to learn the complicated 'X' pattern stropping, but it is also of such high quality that I do not doubt that it will last until I am very competent at stropping and require equipment of this calibre.
Hands down the best strop ive used Review by: Jonas 15/10/2013
As others have said this strop is of the highest quality and is excellent to use. A little on the expensive side but well worth it.
Great product Review by: david 30/08/2013
Very good product and very easy to use. Worth the money alone in not having to x pattern when stroping. Highly recomend
Beginner! Review by: Fothers 13/03/2013
I've found this great to use, particularly due to its width which makes it super-easy (and fast) to work with. Money well spent.
Quality Item Review by: Brad 8/03/2011
I am very happy with my purchase, the leather is of the highest quality and the width of the strop makes it a breeze to use.
If you can afford it, this is the strop to buy. Review by: Josh 8/03/2011
Wide, soft, extraordinary leather and great attention to detail. Will last a lifetime.
Superb Review by: Michael 8/03/2011
I own multiple strops, but this is hands down the best. 3 inch means no need for X pattern stroping, which makes it a great strop from amatuer to pro.


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  • From Will Green at 13/12/2016 8:50 AM
    • I'm new to straight razors, so apologies for what might be a silly question. Which side of this strop do you sharpen the razor on - the black side or the creM coloured side?
    • Strop on the light cream coloured side.
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